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2012 Gender and Development Annual Report in response to the mandate of the Magna Carta of Women (R.A. 9710) in adopting Gender Mainstreaming as a strategy in the implementation of the law, RFU 12 had undertaken GAD initiatives were rural women in the agriculture & fishery sectors were involved in the planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of the DA’s PAPs, likewise, strength

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Randi Winther - skuespiller & sanger Medlem af Dansk Skuespillerforbund, Dansk Musikerforbund og Skuespillerforeningen af 1879 www.myspace.com/randiwinther Hårfarve: Mørkebrun TEATERVIRKSOMHED Forestilling Instruktør REVY & CABARET Produktion Instruktør Producent / lokalitet Revymuséet og Allégade 10, Frederiksberg Fra alle os til alle jer (to

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Antti Heikkilä: DIABETEKSEN HOITO RUOKAVALIOLLA REFERENSSIT Copyright © Rasalas Kustannus 2008 Kaikki oikeudet pidätetään JOHDANTO Kostexperter stoppas efter risk för jäv http://www.dn.se/DNet/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=147&a=751422 Valtion ravitsemusneuvottelukunnan jäsenet http://wwwb.mmm.fi/ravitsemusneuvottelukunta/Jasenet_ SU.htm Mark Twain's maxims, quotations, and

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Product Name Composition Moxitriz-CV (Alu-Alu) Amoxycillin 500 mg & Clavulanic Acid 125 mg Tab. Moxitriz-CV Dry Syp Amoxycillin 200 mg & Clavulanic Acid 28.5 mg dry syp. Moxitriz-D Amoxycillin 250 mg & Dicloxacillin 250 mg Caps. Moxitriz-500* Trizfur-250 Trizfur-500* Trizfix-O* (Alu-Alu) Cefixime 200 mg & Ofloxacin 200 mg Tab. Trizfix


Research on Tobacco and (contd.) Addiction Bill W., principal author of Alcoholics Anonymous , planned to write another book titled After Sobriety, What ? Unfortunately, that project was cut short • Between 80 and 95% of addicts smoke cigarettes , a Bill’s Question: After sobriety based on freedom from alcohol/drugs comes the issue of addressing tobacco addic

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Safety and Efficacy of Lamotrigine for Adult Bipolar Disorder Patients Lawrence D. Ginsberg, MD Red Oak Psychiatry Associates, Houston, Texas Figure 2. Patient Response and Relapse on Lamotrigine Figure 4. After Lamotrigine Treatment CGI-I Scores ABSTRACT Were Mainly 1 and 2 81.3% Response Objective „ Of the 587 subjects reviewed in this study, 72.2% were female, an

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HPR I Substance Abuse Regional Access Team Meeting Minutes February 9, 2011 Attending were: Nancy Haden, NWCSB; Christy Cacciapaglia, Alan Cale, WSH; Mary Montgomery, Jim Clark, Mary Schlimm, Region Ten; Tracy Koblish, HRCSB; Debra McPhee, RACSB; Jackie Dare, Jan Lizotte, RRCSB; and Paul Regan, HPR I. Review Agenda / Approve Minutes: No agenda change. The Minutes fro


MEDICEAN (GB) (Chesnut 1997) CONCILIATORY (GB) (Grey mare 2007) CONDOLEEZZA (USA) (Grey 2000) 5Sx5S Natalma, 5Sx4D Chambord, 4Sx5D Northern Dancer, 5Sx5D Red God CONCILIATORY (GB), won 3 races (7f. - 8f.) at 3 and 4 years, 2011 and £25,696 and placed once; also placed once in Germany at 4 years, 1st Dam CONDOLEEZZA (USA), won 1 race at 3 years and £7,983 and placed 5 times

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II CONVOCATORIA DE PROYECTOS DE INVESTIGACIÓN Red Universitaria de Investigación sobre Cooperación para el Desarrollo PROYECTO Estudio de la viabilidad comercial de plantas medicinales en zonas rurales altas del Valle del Mantaro (Perú) MEMORIA CIENTÍFICO – TÉCNICA Investigador Principal María Puelles Gallo Viabilidad comercial de plantas medicinales e


Post Operative Care Every operation has a healing process that is similar to the way in which the body responds to injuries. As such, the corner-stone of this period is analgesia, rest, ice, and gentle movement. Analgesia Pain can be modified through a number of pathways, and medications are tailored accordingly. Oxycontin 10mg twice per day by mouth – this is a very powerfu

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São Paulo, 11 de novembro de 2010. Circular nº. 34 Ref.: “1º Festival de Teatro Cia. Olympo e Colégio Renovação” Senhores Pais É com muita satisfação que a Cia. Olympo e o Colégio Renovação convidam todos vocês para o "1º Festival de Teatro Cia. Olympo e Colégio Renovação”. Programe-se para prestigiar nossas peças! 1. Dias 19/11 e 26


WELCOME TO OUR PRACTICE Patient Information Sex: Male Female Marital Status: Married Single Divorced Separated Responsible Party (if someone other than patient) Spouse and/or Parent Information Responsible Party is also a Policy Holder for Patient Primary Insurance Information Responsible Party (if someone other than patient) Spouse and/or Parent Information Responsible Party

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Les traitements médicamenteux de la douleur neuropathique Les traitements médicamenteux de la douleur neuropathique sont destinés à réduire, voir éradiquer, les divers symptômes douloureux. Outre leur efficacité antalgique, selon leurs propriétés pharmacologiques, ils peuvent également être prescrits afin de prendre en charge les comorbidités fréquemment associées à la doule


LEST YOU MISS! Resource Centre By Roy Want American Scientist . Vol. 290 (1), 2004 pp56-65. Business world. Vol. 24 (15), 2004 (Special issue). 3. Mobile madness: 50+ cell phones in the ultimate test ]4. Sheep in shining armor: let your PC join an army of several million others and save the world-while you sleep By Steven Johnson Discover . Vol. 25 (8), 2004 pp26-27. 5. Einstein


Bestätigung über den Erhalt einer Belehrungsanweisung zur Verhinderung von unbeabsichtigtem Doping beim Start bei nationalen Wettkämpfen im BVDG-Mastersport (Stand 1. September 2011) Es ist sorgfältig zu prüfen, ob die rezeptpflichtigen oder rezeptfreien Medikamente bzw. Mittel, die eingenommen werden, nicht auf der Dopingliste stehen. Hierzu steht eine Liste von zulässigen un

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Basic Information Contact Information Mail: Multidisciplinary Science Building 203 E-Mail: RJCharn2@aol.com Internet: http://www.richardcharnigo.net Employment Professor July University of Kentucky Department of Biostatistics (College of Public Health) Department of Statistics (College of Arts and Sciences) University of Kentucky Department of Biostatistics (College o

Princípios do processo eletrônico

El Juez y la Conectividad – el nuevo principio de la José Eduardo de Resende Chaves Júnior1 Aunque haya virado cliché enaltecer el potencial colectivo de la red, en el Poder Judicial eso todavía es un gran tabú, pues la decisión judicial, mismo cuando proferida de forma colegiada, es fruto todavía de un proceso de convicción profundamente monocrático. Sin perquirir sobre las compleja

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Published in Heirloom Farm and Garden Magazine , Garden State Heirloom Seed Society, June 2002 Organic Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs Herbalist and Market Gardener, Dragonfly Botanicals The use of herbal remedies is currently undergoing a renaissance in the United States. Unlike the vast majority of the world, where the medicinal use of plants has been widespread uninterruptedly for centur

malaria update 2012

Malaria update 2012 Gunnar Holmgren, Infectious diseases clinic, Ryhov Hospital, Jönköping, Sweden May 2012 About 3.3 billion people are at risk of malaria globally, 350 million have the parasite in their body and 250 million will be ill with malaria in 2011 with almost 1 million dying as a result. Some new research suggests that 1.24 million died of malaria in 2010 with 85% of the dea

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PRAYING MEN ARE GOD´S MIGHTIEST LEADERS by, E.M.BOUNDS Praying Men Are God’s Mightiest Leaders Prayer is the mightiest agent to advance God’s work. Only praying hearts and hands can do God’s work. Prayer succeeds when all else fails. Prayer has won great victories and rescued, with notable triumph, God’s saints when every other hope was gone. Men who know how to pray are the gr


Religious Religious The Chairman’s Action Report Coalition Coalition April 23, 2009 INTERNATIONAL RFC SHIPS MORE SUPPLIES TO IRAQI CHRISTIAN REFUGEES – This month the RFC sent a new shipment of medical supplies to Amman, Jordan for use in clinics that assist Iraqi Christian refugees. The shipment went to our ministry associates in Jordan for distribution to

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Lok Adalat On NREGS in Boden, Naupada District, Orissa A *Lok Adalat on NREGS* was organised at Boden on March 20 and 21 by the District Level Legal Services Committee *(DLLSC)* in the presence of the Judicial Magistrate First Class *(JMFC),* Khariar Court. It is the 3rdDistrict Level Lok Adalat in a series of three conducted in the jurisdiction of Khariar JMFC court by the DLLSC. The DLLSC of


RB18L15/RB18L40 18V LITHIUM-ION BATTERY PACK ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS DESCRIPTION 1. Latches2. Charge level indicator3. Charge level indicator button Important! It is essential that you read the instructions in this manual before operating this machine. Save all warnings and instructions for future OPERATION reference. Use the battery pack for Ryobi One+ 18V cordless The term

Guidelines for the pharmacological treatment of anxiety disorders, obsessive–compulsive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder in primary care

International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice, 2012; 16: 77–84 REVIEW ARTICLE Guidelines for the pharmacological treatment of anxiety disorders, obsessive – compulsive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder in primary care BORWIN BANDELOW 1 , LEO SHER 2 , ROBERTAS BUNEVICIUS 3 , ERIC HOLLANDER 2 , SIEGFRIED KASPER 4 , JOSEPH ZOHAR 5 , HANS-J Ü RGEN M Ö LLER 6

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Journal of the Accident and Medical Practitioners Association (JAMPA) 2006; Vol 3. (No. 2) © Accident and Medical Practitioners Association, New Zealand ___________________________________________________________________________ Conference Report: Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Conference Nice, September 2005 Stephen Adams, MBChB, DipAnaes (UK), FAMPA Goodfellow Unit, U


Echinococcus granulosus - Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)Home : Material Safety Data Sheets - Infectious Substances : MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET - INFECTIOUS SUBSTANCES SECTION I - INFECTIOUS AGENT NAME: Echinococcus granulosus SYNONYM OR CROSS REFERENCE : Echinococcosis, Unilocular echinococcosis, Cystic hydatid disease (CHD) CHARACTERISTIC


Monday, 16th of November 2009 Workshop - Photogrammetry - Documentation from Photos Workshop - Digital documentation in archaeology Workshop - "Newbies"N. HIRTL / P. DORNINGER, Austria Terrestrial Laser Scanning for accurate restoration documentationKatharina HOLZINGER / Christian SAFRAN / Martin EBNER / Andreas HOLZINGER, Austria Geo-Tagging in Archaeology: Practical Experiences wit


www.royalberkshireveinclinic.co.uk Specialist treatment of leg and facial veins using surgery, sclerotherapy and Veinwave Timothy R Magee MD FRCS Consultant Surgeon 72 Berkeley Avenue 0118 9745320 info@royalberkshireveinclinic.co.uk Deep vein Thrombosis Including Flight advice Information for patients, December 2006 Deep Vein Thrombosis People hav


Written by Ian Maber Educational Consultant for PolyVision EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) June 2009 • Introducing the IWB (again!) In a world of technological advancements the adoption of IWB’s into the classroom is becoming an integral part of the everyday work of an educationalist/teacher. Advisors and consultants who fully understand the education market will always agre


Rehabilitation Institute of Texas RIT Patient Initial Visit Information Sheet Patient Name: ____________________________ Age: _______ Gender: M FReferring Physician: _______________________ Primary Care Physician: ___________________ Reason for the visit: _______________________________________________________________ 1. When did your present problem start? _____________________


A PATIENT GUIDE TO EYE SURGERY RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH SURGERY CATARACT SURGERY There is a one in 1000 or less than one percent chance that a cataract surgery patient will experience complications that lead to blindness after surgery. VITRECTOMY SURGERY For patients with healthy eyes, the risk of becoming blind after undergoing retinal surgery is less than one percent. There is al

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LES ADOLESCENTS ET LES ASSUÉTUDES Préfet des Etudes, A.R. Fragnée-LiègeMaître de Conférences-Université de Liègel’évidence. Par contre, entre la négation pure et simple du problème à coup de répression, d’exclusion et de refusd’inscription et un laxisme aveugle tendant à ne gommerL’importance croissante que connaissent le commerce que la partie la plus visible de l’ic


Evaluation and Treatment of Women with Hirsutism MELISSA H. HUNTER, M.D., and PETER J. CAREK, M.D. Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina Hirsutism is a common disorder, often resulting from conditions that are not life- threatening. It may signal more serious clinical pathology, and clinical evaluation should differentiate benign causes from tumors or other conditio

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Wired to Win? - Use of Caffeinated Drinks Alex M. McDonald, MD Many athletes use caffeine before and during competition with the goal to boost physical performance. Energy Drinks, coffee and other products claiming to pack a punch are heavily marketed toward athletes and non-athletes as performance enhancers. Often these ads and promotions are linked to athletics and extreme sports. As men


Revista No. 52La mastitis mal de tetas. Sabe que por ahí andan unos microbios buscando raspones, rayones y granos en la ubre de lasvacas para hacer el mal. Se les hace agua la boca . cuando ven una teta sucia y mal ordeñada Si le encuentran una herida, atacan balazo y viene la infección. Si nadie descubre a estos microbios o no le da importancia, viene la mastitis."Y la mastitis no da l

Republique francaise

PRÉFET DE LA REGION BRETAGNE DIRECTION REGIONALE DES AFFAIRES CULTURELLES ARRÊTÉ portant attribution de licence d'entrepreneur de spectacles Le Préfet de la région Bretagne Préfet d'Ille-et-Vilaine Vu le traité sur l’Union Européenne et les traités instituant les communautés européennes ;Vu le code du commerce ;Vu le code de la sécurité sociale ;Vu le code du trav


TREATMENT REVIEW Diagnostic and Therapeutic Utility of B-Type Natriuretic Peptide in Patients With Renal Insufficiency and Decompensated Heart Failure Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, FACC, FACP, FCCP FAHA,* Kuncheria Joseph, MD,† Vandana S. Mathur, MD‡*Divisions of Cardiology, Nutrition and Preventive Medicine, William Beaumont Hospital, RoyalOak, MI, †Bon Secours Hospital, Venice, FL,

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DONNA E. STEWART, MD, FRCPC REFEREED PUBLICATIONS Stewart DE . Treatment patterns in Canadian women with urinary incontinence: A need to improve case identification. Journal of Women’s Health (in press). Chiarelli A, Stotland N, Sloan P, Stewart DE , Mai V, Howlett R. Influence of physician and patient characteristics on adherence to breast cancer screening recommendations. Eur

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MICHAEL JOHN WARING 8 November 1939 in Lancaster, England. British citizen Education: 1949-58: University of Cambridge, Downing College (Scholar) Natural Sciences Tripos, Part I: First Class Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II (Biochemistry): First Class Research student (MRC) in Chemical Microbiology, Department of Biochemistry. Degrees: B.A. (1961) Ph.D. (1964) M.A. (1965)


Srividya Kona, Ajay Bansal, and Gopal GuptaUSDL defines OWL surrogates or proxies in the form of classes, which haveproperties with values in the OWL WordNet ontology. The following are thedefinitions of USDL classes portType, Operation, Message, Concept and Con-dition using RDFS and OWL representation. Their respective subclasses andproperties are also defined. Web-services consist of portType


ICEL. AGR. SCI. 12, 1998 : 61–72 Infections by atypical strains of the bacterium Aeromonas salmonicida Institute for Experimental Pathology, University of Iceland, Keldur, IS-112 Reykjavík Infections due to atypical strains of the Gram-negative bacterium Aeromonas salmonicida cause atypicalfurunculosis and related diseases of both feral and cultivated fish stocks in freshwater a

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Published by The Raynaud’s Association, Inc. © Raynaud’s Association 2004 Raynaud’s persons said to have primary Raynaud’s New Medical Phenomenon & turally normal but seem to have a height- Advisory Board ened response to environmental stress. In Digital Ulcers this “haystack” of a very common com-plaint lies the “needle” of secondary Ray- By Lynn Wund

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SISTEMA NACIONAL DE VIGILANCIA EN SALUD PÚBLICA DATOS BÁSICOS 1. INFORMACIÓN GENERAL REG-R02.003.0000-001 V:02 AÑO 2012 1.1 Código de la UPGD Razón social de la unidad primaria generadora del dato 1.2 Nombre del evento Código del evento 1.3 Fecha de Notificación (dd/mm/aaaa) 2. IDENTIFICACIÓN DEL PACIENTE 2.1 Tipo de Documento 2.2 Número de Identificac

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BOARDS OF EDUCATION DISTRICT NO. 1 - ROXANA COMMUNITY UNIT Dennis (Jim) Smith, President, 506 Reller, Roxana 62084James E. Taylor, Vice President, 100 Hilltop, East Alton 62024Karen McKinzie, Secretary Pro Tem, 51 Dugger, East Alton, 62024Beth Dudley, Secretary, 450 W. Rosewood, East Alton 62024Justin Sandbach, 545 Sotier Place, Wood River 62095Terri Yerkes, 123 Sullivan Ave, East Alton

Counterfeit and adulterated prescription drugs | attention-de.

Counterfeit and Adulterated Prescription Drugs | Attention-Deficit/Hype. http://www.pharmacytimes.com/issues/articles/2003-09_697.asp?mode=. Pharmacy Times - Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Normal Version Counterfeit and Adulterated Prescription Drugs Several years ago, I attended the annual conference of the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI) in

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RT-BPO-50 Page: 1 of 5 Revised: 02.25.10 Product Name: RT-BPO-50 Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) Rating HEALTH -1 PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Dibenzoyl peroxide, BPO-50 with phthalate Product and/or Components Entered on EPA’s TSCA Inventory: This product is in U.S. commerce, and is listed in the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Inventory of C


Patient Advisor® DRUG NAME: PROTONIX (pantoprazole sodium) 40 mg delayed release tablets MANUFACTURER: Wyeth-Ayerst INDICATIONS FOR USE: For the Short-Term Treatment of Erosive Esophagitis Associated with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). In order to assist you with your patient counseling we recommend the use of the following Patient Advisory Label(s) when you disp


Jugendherbergen Tel Aviv / Jaffa: Mishkenot Ruth Daniel: shlomi@iyha.org.il Am See Genezareth Jerusalem Im Süden Israels Sonstige tel-hai@iyha.org.il (nordost - Kiryat Shmona) „Bnei Dan“ in Tel Aviv in der Nähe des Yarkon Parks. Adresse : Bnei Dan 36, Tel Aviv 62260 Lage: Bnei Dan Str. 36, Tel Aviv. Tel.: 03-5441748, Fax: 03-5441030Email: telaviv@iyha.org.ilFür landesw


531 Integration of capecitabine (X) into adjuvant therapy comprising docetaxel (T) followed by 5-FU, epirubicin, and cyclophosphamide (CEF): Efficacy in patients with triple-negative breast cancer (BC). H. Joensuu, P. Kel okumpu-Lehtinen, R. Huovinen, A. Jukkola-Vuorinen, M. Tanner, R. Kokko, J. Ahlgren, P. Bono, P. Auvinen, H. Lindman; Helsinki University Central Hospital, Helsin

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M e r c y H o s p i t a l C a n c e r C e n t e r Mission Statement Mercy Hospital Cancer Center Consistent with the Mission of Mercy Health Partners, the Cancer Center mission is to promote comprehensive, quality, multidisciplinary care (including research, prevention, screening, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and hospice) for patients with cancer and

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Replagal (agalsidase alfa) Prescribing 0/7 male patients tested positive for IgG information: Please consult the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) before Presentation: patient receiving Replagal. Extensive renal solution for IV infusion. 1ml of concentrate agalsidase alfa. Indication: Long-term enzyme replacement therapy in patients with a confirmed diagnosis of Fabry

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richmond practice vaccination registration form Please complete this confidential registration form prior to your first consultation. Thank you. your details Address: ……………………………………………… Surname: …………………………………. ………………………………………………………. First Name: …………………………


Bath Soak (30 mins) + Jade & Ginseng Sugar Scrub Treat your five senses & the sixth will follow. Our (30 mins) + Couple’s Massage (60 mins) signature body ritual begins with a soothing bath soak to relax the body & mind, muscles & joints. A massage of your choice follows, including a Harmonizing Scalp Massage with organic Mediterranean Myrtle, Juniper, & organic Jojoba

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Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association Certification Information for: Certified Assistant Refrigeration Operator (CARO) Certified Industrial Refrigeration Operator (CIRO) Information Handbook and Application Form Valid for examinations offered January 1, 2014 through March 31, 2014 ©2013 Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association Certification Exam Applicati

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Allgemein beeideter und gerichtlich zertifizierter Sachverständiger Herrn Dr. Erhard Hackl Rechtsanwalt Hofgasse 7 4020 Linz S C H Ä T Z U N G S G U T A C H T E N Nußbaummüller GmbH F O R T F Ü H R U N G S W E R T E Fax: 07230-8800, Tel: 0664-4014947, www.koller-consulting.at Bankverbindung: Raiffeisenkasse Altenberg, Kto.-Nr.: 623827, BLZ: 34111 Walther Koller Allgemein


PREDICTING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF HYDROXYUREA IN INDIVIDUAL SICKLE CELL ANEMIA PATIENTS Homayoun Valafar, Faramarz Valafar, Alan Darvill and Peter Albersheim, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Georgia, 220 Riverbend Road, Athens, GA 30602 Abdullah Kutlar, Kristy F. Woods, and John Hardin, Department of Medicin


Pharmascience Inc. ( appelante ) ( défenderesse ) Sanofi-Aventis Canada Inc. et Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH ( intimées ) ( demanderesses ) Le ministre de la Santé et Schering Corporation ( intimés ) ( défendeurs ) RÉPERTORIÉ : AVENTIS PHARMA INC. c. PHARMASCIENCE INC. (C.A.F.)Cour d’appel fédérale, juges Sexton, Sharlow et Malone, J.C.A.—Montréal, 6 et 7 juin; Ottaw

La desobediencia a la ley en la teorÍa polÍtica feminista

Revista Telemática de Filosofía del Derecho, nº 11, 2007/2008, pp. 195-205 LA DESOBEDIENCIA A LA LEY EN LA TEORÍA POLÍTICA FEMINISTA* por Carlos S. Olmo Bau ** ABSTRACT Este artículo tiene como objetivo indagar en las This article has as objective to investigate in the aportaciones de la teoría política feminista a los contributions of the feminist political theory to the

Európakiállítás eredmények

Európakiállítás Eredmények Leeuwarden Hollandia, 2011. szeptember 1-4. Magyar eredmények EGY szuka, Ultimate Joy's Fake the Funk bull terrier T.: C. C. A. Maton, t.: Rebman György EGY szuka, Fajtagyőztes, Morgótelki Bella drótszőrű magyar vizsla T.: Fele Tibor, t.: Hámori Tibor EGY szuka, Luxatori Zeline rövid szőrű magyar vizsla T+t.: Hámori Tibor EGY kan, Fajtagyőztes, Bonett B

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Pharmacokinetic Interaction Between Norgestimate/Ethinyl Estradiol and EVG/COBI/FTC/TDF Single Tablet RegimenPolina German, Maggie Wang, David Warren and Brian Kearney Presented at the 12th Int. Workshop on Clin. Pharmacology of HIV Therapy, 13-15 April 2011, Miami, Fl, USA Introduction Elvitegravir (EVG) is an HIV-1 integrase inhibitor Cobicistat (COBI) is a potent, mechanism-based inhibito

Taking small steps towards targets perspectives for clinical practice in diabetes, cardiometabolic disorders and beyond

Taking small steps towards targets – perspectives forclinical practice in diabetes, cardiometabolic disordersand beyondA. Golay,1 E. Brock,2 R. Gabriel,3 T. Konrad,4 N. Lalic,5 M. Laville,6 G. Mingrone,7 J. Petrie,8T.-M. Phan,9 K. H. Pietil€ainen,10,11 C.-H. Anderwald12,13,14Big changes are hard. When trying to achieve guideline targets in diabetes andLiterature review of the effects of cha


NEWS RELEASE News Release Grant Thornton 5K Run in Colour for Kelowna General Hospital For Immediate Release | August 21, 2013 Be a kid at heart again and join Kelowna's first Run in Colour! KELOWNA, BC - August 21,2013 - Kelowna's inaugural Grant Thornton 5K Run in Colour on behalf of Kelowna General Hospital Foundation (KGH Foundation) takes place on September 21 start


hiv building BUILDING BLOCKS: Comprehensive Care Guidelines for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in the Americas SUMMARY REPORT June 2000 PAHO/WHO in collaboration with UNAIDS and IAPAC Acknowledgements The text of this document was prepared by the Regional Program on AIDS/STI, Pan AmericanHealth Organization (PAHO), Regional Office of the World Health Organization. It is


CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: Surname: ____________________________ First Name: __________________________ Date of Birth: _________________________ Home Address: ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Postal Address: ____________________________________________________________ Home Ph: ____________________

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INCONTINÊNCIA URINÁRIA EM IDOSOS A incontinência urinária pode ser conceituada como a condiçãoem que há perda involuntária de urina, e o objetivo deste estudo foi o deidentificar o percentual de incontinência urinária entre os idososassistidos pela Estratégia Saúde da Família e os fatores de comorbidaderelacionados. Trata-se de uma pesquisa descritiva, do tipo transversal,com abor


The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders: Diagnostic criteria for research World Health Organization F10-F19 Mental and behavioural disorders due to psychoactive substance use F10.- Mental and behavioural disorders due to use of alcohol F11.- Mental and behavioural disorders due to use of opioids F12.- Mental and behavioural disorders due to use of cannabinoids F

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FACHINFORMATION (Zusammenfassung der Produkteigenschaften) 1. BEZEICHNUNG Ringerlactat nach Hartmann “Baxter” Viaflo – Infusionslösung 2. ZUSAMMENSETZUNG (arzneilich wirksame Bestandteile nach Art und Menge) Natriumchlorid 6,00 ca. 278 mosmol/l pH: 5,0 – 7,0 Hilfsstoffe siehe Pkt. 6.1 3. DARREICHUNGSFORM Infusionslösung Klare Lösung, frei von sichtbaren Par

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INDIAN JOURNAL OF DENTAL ADVANCEMENTS J o u r n a l h o m e p a g e : w w w. n a c d . i nHarinath Reddy S1, Satyanarayana D2, Vidya Sagar S3, Surykanth M4 Department of Periodontics ABSTRACT: Kamineni Institute of Dental Sciences Chronic inflammatory periodontal disease is caused by host Narketpally, Nalgonda Dist. immune responses to periodontal microorganisms. The past dec

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AVL & Dispatch Software Administrative Management Features Windows® OS Graphical • NEXEDGE® Digital Messaging & AVL2 Interface • Analog Conventional & LTR® Trunked • 30 Status Icons & Emergency Icon6• Historical Logging & File Playback • Screen View & Navigation Functions• Microsoft® MapPoint® 2006 European • Mobile Icon Tags (na


ROGUE LIMITED PRIVACY STATEMENT Please note that any references made to Rogue Limited automatically include Rogue Run within the same binding terms. Introduction If any information is to be retained by Rogue Limited, all of its services will keep this confidential to the sponsor/participants or other and not share anything with third parties. No information will be shared unless specified


los materiales impresos proponen. Y si el trabajo puede iniciarse supo-niendo que la tradicionalización de un romance de ciego ha de estu-diarse comparando un original con las versiones recogidas de la tradi-ción oral para documentar estados múltiples de cambio diacrónico, nadade esto obliga a asumir que la moral predicada, “el mensaje que coneste tipo de ‘fábulas’ se trata de transmiti

Timing of antiepileptic drug withdrawal and long-term seizure outcome after paediatric epilepsy surgery (timetostop): a retrospective observational study

Articles Timing of antiepileptic drug withdrawal and long-term seizure outcome after paediatric epilepsy surgery (TimeToStop): a retrospective observational study Kim Boshuisen, Alexis Arzimanoglou, J Helen Cross, Cuno S P M Uiterwaal, Tilman Polster, Onno van Nieuwenhuizen, Kees P J Braun, for the TimeToStop study group* Lancet Neurol 2012; 11: 784–91 Background Postoperative


REV. OBSTET. GINECOL. - HOSP. SANTIAGO ORIENTE DR. LUIS TISNÉ BROUSSE. 2006; VOL 1 (2): 113-117 CASOS CLÍNICOS Síndrome de Eisenmenger y embarazo: dos casos clínicos recientes y revisión de la literatura Angélica Díaz R1, Paulina Parra W2, Polentzi Uriarte G de C3, Jaime Corvalán A1, Jorge Varas C1, Carlos Gómez E4, Francisco Peñaloza L 5 El avance de la medicina ha permitido u

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PROGRAF W8400 Specification Printer Type: Bubble Jet on Demand/FINE, End User Replaceable (BC-1350), 6-Color Print Head* Print Speed (up to): Wide Size: Plain Paper (Standard Mode), 117 Square Feet Per Hour** Wide Size: Heavyweight Coated Paper (Standard Mode), 118 Square Feet Per Hour** Wide Size: Glossy Photo Paper (Standard Mode), 91 Square Feet Per Hour** Number of Nozzles: N


United States District Court - Western District of Louisiana Welcome to "News & Notes" the place where you will find general information we hope will be of benefit to all. We will, from time to time, put the answers to the most asked questions here, clarify earlier communications, and let you know general information you might not otherwise know. So, you migh

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- Les groupes et artistes (sélection IRMA) de Midi-Pyrénées 2005/2006 - ACETATE ZERO c/o Arbouse Recordings Le Bourg 12630 MONTROZIER Téléphone : 05 65 47 76 20 - Email : info@arbouserecordings.com - Web : www.arbouserecordings.com Stéphane RECROSIO (Musicien) Genre musical : Post-pop rock • Manager : Arbouse Recordings • Tourneur : Arbouse Recordings • Editeur : Arb


THE BUSINESS LAW RESOURCE FOR LATIN AMERICACapital Markets 20 – MexicoPablo Perezalonsoritch Mueller, SC. which laws, regulations and administrative rulings govern the offering 4. How is financial fraud and price manipulation in capital markets and trading of securities and how are they proposed, adopted and The Securities Market Law provides that the persons who, directly or The main l

Far forest

PUNCHING WELL ABOVE ITS WEIGHT by Beth Whitaker Far Forest is too small a place to feature on most road atlases. Located in the heart of rural Worcestershire, on the edge of the Wyre Forest, you can drive through it without blinking. And so a casual observer could really wonder where all the customers for the local Far Forest Stores are coming from. On the outside, the shop does not look any


OVER-THE-COUNTER PRODUCTS CONTAINING ASPIRIN AND NON-STEROIDAL ANTI- INFLAMMATORY DRUGS (NSAIDS) These products may affect the ability of the platelets in your blood to clot, and may “mask” a fever. Many over-the-counter medications contain aspirin or aspirin-like ingredients. Before you use any over-the-counter medication, please check with your physician or nurse to be sure it is saf


I am 42 years-old and have been bipolar since I was 18. That was when I had my first manic experience. I was put in the state hospital and given the usual medications. I got out, but never took the medications because I was recovered and didn't consider myself sick . When I had this breakdown I was a freshman in a very good college and because of my illness I had to leave school. The next si


PRESS RELEASE 22 August 2013 STYLE IN THE CITY AS EYE-CATCHING RENAULT TWIZY HITS THE STREETS Renault’s stylish two-seater compact electric vehicle made its long awaited debut in Ireland today and is now available to order from dealerships. Twizy will certainly turn heads on our streets and roads with its eye-catching looks and combined with economical running costs, it’s the id

(normas de refer\312ncias bibliogr\301ficas)

http://www.bu.ufsc.br/ccsm/vancouver.html COMO ELABORAR REFERÊNCIAS BIBLIOGRÁFICAS, SEGUNDO O ESTILO DE VANCOUVER Traduzido e adaptado por Maria Gorete M. Savi (Coordenadora) e Eliane Aparecida Neto (Estagiária do Curso de Biblioteconomia da UFSC) – BSCCSM / UFSC, em 10-09-2009. (A edição anterior - 27/07/2006 - teve a participação da estagiária do Curso de Biblioteconomia d

Ecole organisation 2011-12

COMMUNE DE REISDORF de l’organisation scolaire de la commune REISDORF Année scolaire 2011– 2012 1. Rentrée des classes La rentrée des classes de l’école primaire ainsi que de l’école préscolaire est mercredi le 15 septembre 2011. 2. Répartition des classes a) Ecole préscolaire / précoce (cycle 1) Siège: Précoce : Précoce, 3, place de l’églis

Seven simple brain promoting nutritional tips

Seven Simple Brain Promoting Nutritional Tips Here is the seven step plan to get your diet under control and to use food as brain medicine. Given that your brain is about 80% water, the first rule of brain nutrition is adequate water to hydrate your brain. Even slight dehydration can raise stress hormones which can damage your brain over time. Drink at least 84 ounces of water a day. It is bes

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NHG/LVG-Handleiding Pandemische Griepvaccinatie De organisatie en uitvoering van de pandemische influenzavaccinatie in de huisartspraktijk Utrecht, september 2009 Boomsma LJ, Drenthen AJM, Dayan M. ‘Preventie: maatwerk’ is een initiatief van het Landelijke Vereniging van Georganiseerde E-mail info@nhg.org, Website www.snpg.nl INHOUD 1. Gezondheidsinst


PROTOCOLO PERITONITE INFECÇÕES DE TUNEL E DO LOCAL DE SAÍDA DO CATETER (LSC) Serviço de Nefrologia da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Marília/Instituto do Rim de Marília Baseado no Guidelines da ISPD (International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis) 2005. 1. Prevenção das infecções relacionadas à diálise peritoneal.3 2. Infecções de túnel e do local de saída de catet


15-1-2003 — Arrêté n° 188, mode de calcul du prix de vente au public des médicaments Arrêté interministériel n° 188/MSHP/DPM en date du 15 janvier 2003, fixant le mode de calcul du prix de vente au public des médicaments, produits et objets compris dans le monopole pharmaceutique Le Ministre de l’Économie et des Finances ; Le Ministre de la Santé, de l’Hygiène et de la

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You are going to read a magazine article about a new literary phenomenon. Romance Fiction Trend: Amish Love Stories 1 . Put aside that titillating vampire lit. Author Beverly Lewis has come up with a new magic formula for producing best-selling romance novels: humility, plainness and no sex. Lewis' G-rated books, set among the Old Order Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, have sold mo

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Naiomi Chardon Saad Experience Rebexa Group, Inc., San Juan, P.R. Co-Founder and Commercial Director, 2006 to present Assisted in the development of a business plan for an all encompassing consulting firm that would become a one stop shop for compliance services in the region, to better manage the highly diverse needs of regulatory affairs for the Central American market. The


Format Dynamics :: CleanPrint :: http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/2012010. Battle over generic Pfizer, for example, has been pouring millions of dollars into marketing its drugs leaves cholesterol-lowering Lipitor since the drug's patent protection expired in November — doctors, drug the latest example of how pharmaceutical giants try to keep brand names in the co


F E A T U R E S E L K E F L E C K E N S T E I N A N D H A N S G . D R E X L E R *F r o m t h e G e r m a n C o l l e c t i o n o f M i c r o o r g a n i s m s a n d C e l l C u l t u r e sD e p a r t m e n t o f H u m a n a n d A n i m a l C e l l C u l t u r e s , B r a u n s c h w e i g , G e r m a n y* Corresponding author: Email: HDR@GBF_Braunschweig.de Mycoplasma contamination remains a


Email: sebastian.schrittwieser@tuwien.ac.atAbstract—Recently, several research papers in the area ofcertainly are not as fundamental to humankind such as, forinformation security were published that may or may not beexample, stem cell research or other issues in natural science,considered unethical. Looking at these borderline cases is relevantwe still feel the need to address these ethica


Université Hassan II Mohammedia Casablanca Faculté des Sciences Ben M’sik Laboratoire de Chimie Organique Catalyse et Environnement (LCOCE) Laboratoire de Recherches Subatomiques & Applications (LRSA) A. Laboratoire de Chimie Organique Catalyse et Environnement (LCOCE) I. Présentations des équipes constituants le laboratoire de recherche

Microsoft word - tvdl_resna_paperyg11242010

MEASURING VIBRATION EXPOSURE TO WHEELCHAIR USERS IN THE COMMUNITY. Yasmin Garcia BSa,b, Jonathan Pearlman PhDa,b, Steve Hayashi BSa,b, Juan J. Vazquez MSa,b, Rory A. Cooper PhDa,b, aHuman Engineering Research Laboratories, Department of Veterans Affairs, Pittsburgh, PA; bDepartment of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA; cDepartment of Physi


Rapid Analysis of Residual Solvents in Pharmaceuticals Innovation ! Using Static Headspace Sampling and Stop-Flow GCby Christopher English, Environmental Innovations Chemist, Rebecca Wittrig, Ph.D., HPLC ProductMarketing Manager, and Frank Dorman, Ph.D., Director of Technical Development• Resolve 35 residual solvents in 18 minutes. • Simplify inventory—use one pair of chromatogra



Ec 2012 synopsis malaise dt2

Prévalence des malaises chez les diabétiques de type II en soins primaires Faculté de Médecine de ROUEN – Mars 2012 Département Universitaire de Médecine Générale Introduction Le diabète de type 2 est une pathologie de plus en plus rencontrée en soins primaires. Sa prévalence est estimée à 3,8% de la population générale en France (1). Elle fait partie des facteurs

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J. Med. Chem. 2004, 47, 4975-4978 Interaction between an Amantadine Analogue and the Transmembrane Portion of the Influenza A M2 Protein in Liposomes Probed by 1H NMR Spectroscopy of the Ligand Antonios Kolocouris,† Raino K. Hansen,‡ and R. William Broadhurst*,§ Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, University of Athens, Panepistimioupolis, Zografou,Athens 15




Institute of International Relations and .S. Wars Japan’s Passive Support for U.S. Wars: Examining the Case for Humanitarian Intervention in Libya and Syria Abstract This paper examines Japanese Foreign Policy in regards to claims that it is both passive and unfailingly supportive of US Foreign Policy even when the latter’s military actions clash with Japan’s professed commi

What you need to know about doxycycline for prevention of anthrax

What You Need to Know about Doxycycline for Prevention of Anthrax You are being given a medicine called doxycycline (sounds like DOCKS-ee-SY-cleen) because you may have breathed in anthrax germs. These germs can be deadly. Taking this drug reduces your chance of getting sick and dying. Until officials know for sure who breathed in the germs, it is important to start taking this


"Tegon" glows bright green under ultraviolet light in a feat that could eventually help scientists track diseases. A genetically modified female beagle named Tegon glows bright fluorescent green under ultraviolet light, according to a paper published in the journal Genesis. In the scientific record books, Tegon joins a red fluorescent puppy named Ruppy and Mr. Green Genes the cat as al


UNA MIRADA AL TALLER EXPERIMENTAL EN ADICCIONES TEA Antonio Bustamante LedóRafael Coronas BurgosEl siguiente artículo plantea un acercamiento a los resultados de más de diez años deinvestigación sobre el fenómeno de las adicciones. De esta manera se presentan dossecciones en este escrito, una parte teórica sobre el fenómeno de las adicciones y otrarelativa al resultado teórico-metodol

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ESTERÓIDES ANABÓLICOS E OUTROS ERGOGÊNICOS Não tenho dúvida de que muitos adquiriram este guia com o objetivo principal de aprender um pouco mais a respeito do uso de esteróides anabólicos. Se este for o seu caso, não se esqueça de que o culturismo é uma atividade muito interativa, de forma que de quase nada adianta ter um bom conhecimento sobre esteróides anabólicos, mas trei

Acts 2008

Report 17 Abortion Study Committee Report of the Abortion Study Committee The Beginning of life, Oral Contraceptives and Preventing Pregnancy after Rape A. Mandate Synod 2005 made two declarations: 1. Since human life begins at conception, wilful abortion is contrary to the sixth commandment, the only possible exception being cases where the life of the mother is in jeopardy, an


Only the Westlaw citation is currently available. In re ZYPREXA PRODUCTS LIABILITY LITIGATION. This Document Relates to All Actions. MDL No. 1596. ORDER REGARDING DAVID EGILMAN, M.D., M.P.H. *1 Upon consideration of the moving party's request for an Order to Show Cause, the response of David Egilman, M.D., M.P.H., and having heard oral argument, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that: 1. Dr. Egilm


June 2013 Liturgical Ministers Schedule June 2, 2013 Greeters: Lectors: Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: J e n n i e B r o o k e r C l i ff o r d R e y n o l d s E v e r l i n a R e y n o l d s June 9, 2013 Greeters: Lectors: Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Cheryl Barnwell Ushers: Anita Bryant-Best

0215pvm revised.qxp

0215PVM revised.qxp 1/27/2005 11:28 AM Page 532 Compendium of measures to control Chlamydophila psittaci (formerly Chlamydia psittaci) infection among humans (psittacosis) and pet birds, 2005 Kathleen A. Smith, DVM, MPH; Kristy K. Bradley, DVM, MPH, DACVPM; Mary G. Stobierski, DVM, MPH, DACVPM; Leslie A. Tengelsen, PhD, DVMwith no identified leisure time or occupational risk canPsi


Tour & Mar Rosso "I Tesori d'Oriente e le lunghe spiagge di Taba" Quote individuali per 15 giorni e 14 notti - Trattamento Come da programma - 5 stelle SERVIZI HOTEL: Posizione: L'hotel si trova a circa 24 chilometri a sud di Taba, direttamente sul mare, a breve distanza da Taba Heights e dal centro commerciale di Taba Heights. Dista circa 45 chilometri dall'aer


0022-3565/02/3012-631–637$7.00THE JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICSCopyright © 2002 by The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental TherapeuticsNongenomic Regulation of the Kinetics of Exocytosisby EstrogensJOS ´E D. MACHADO, CARMEN ALONSO, ARACELI MORALES, JOS ´E F. G ´ Unidad de Farmacologı´a (J.D.M., C.A., J.F.G., R.B.) and Laboratorio de Neurobiologı

allport nurseries made-up

Tel: (01886) 832288/832000 Fax: (01886) 833517 Tel: (01886) 832288/832000 Fax: (01886) 833517 CELL GROWN WILD FLOWERS, MARGINALS & REEDS Availability The following varieties which are listed will give you a selection of Nature Plant Varieties which are available throughout the season. Some wild flower species have erratic germination, causing these species to be ready at diff

Coffee, adora2a, and cyp1a2: the caffeine connection in parkinsons disease

European Journal of Neurology 2011, 18: 756–765Coffee, ADORA2A, and CYP1A2: the caffeine connection inParkinsonÕs diseaseR. A. Popata, S. K. Van Den Eedenb, C. M. Tannerc, F. Kameld, D. M. Umbache, K. Marderf,g,R. Mayeuxf,g, B. Ritzh, G. W. Rossi,j, H. Petrovitchi,j, B. Topola, V. McGuirea, S. Costellok,A. D. Manthripragadah, A. Southwickl, R. M. Myersl,* and L. M. NelsonaaDivision of Epidemi

Nga pae o te maramatanga internship programme: report part a

Understandings and social practices of medications for Zimbabwean households in New Zealand Stanley Kamutingondo, Shiloh Groot, Darrin Hodgetts and Linda Waimarie Nikora Abstract: Medications are a central part of health care. How medications are understood and used by people in everyday life remains unclear. This study looks at understanding and social practices of medications in


Le Olimpiadi del Viagra Sembra, dalle analisi dei controlli antidoping effettuati alle Olimpiadi di Pechino, che moltissimi atleti (uomini e donne) facciano uso di Viagra : il farmaco che è stato scoperto e messo in commercio nel 1992 ed è consigliato per aiutare le persone anziane (uomini) ad essere ancora attivi sessualmente, cioè ad avere erezioni ancora efficienti con le benefiche c

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New Contraceptives and Other Advances in Reproductive Health Emergency Contraception Plan B and Preven are two emergency contraceptive pill products (also called “dedicated products”)currently available to women with a doctor’s prescription. While the ingredients in these productsdiffer, both Plan B and Preven should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. Thesooner t


EDJ 2003/136113 Irrazonable interpretación de precepto sobre requisitos para notificar actos administrativos RESUMENEl TC entiende vulnerado el derecho a la tutela judicial efectiva del recurrente, en su vertiente de acceso a lajurisdicción, por sentencia que confirmó la sanción de suspensión de funciones durante un año impuesta por elMinisterio de Educación y Cultura. Tal resolución in

Microsoft word - advice to athletes on use of supplements in sport version –

Advice to athletes on the use of supplements in sport POSITION STATEMENT of UK Sport, the British Olympic What is the difference between a medicine and a Association (BOA), the British Paralympic Association (BPA), supplement? National Sports Medicine Institute (NSMI), and the Home Country Sports Councils (HCSC) Athletes should be aware that any product that claims to restore,

El futuro de la enseñanza de las ciencias

INTERVENCIÓN EN LA COMISIÓN DE EDUCACIÓN DEL SENADO Tema: El futuro de la enseñanza de las ciencias Interviniente: Enrique Ramos Jara Madrid 14 de Marzo de 2002 En las intervenciones que me han precedido se ha evaluado desde distintos ángulos la progresiva pérdida de dedicación horaria a las materias científicas en el currículo de la enseñanza secundaria (E.S.O. y bach

Microsoft word - cp-estudio regional de medicamentos 23 jun 09

Según estudio de la región centroamericana Costa Rica es el tercer país más barato en medicamentos • Precio entre productos originales y genéricos es muy similar a nivel local • Medicamentos originales en el ámbito nacional varían hasta un 243% • En tanto, fármacos genéricos varían hasta en un 472% San Jos


RTI FACT SHEET #15 Advanced Quality Control And Standardization Technology For Better Special Forest Products Management Recent interest in Special Forest Product (SFP) collections has called for a need to improve the quality, efficacy, and safety of medicinal botanicals and herbal nutrient supplements. High quality and consistent SFP have customarily brought a higher market


Diagnosis Modality Information Fixed defect. DDx: Hibernating Myocardium. May confirm with Thallium reinjection or FDG-PET. Cardiac artifacts. Apical sparing implies artifact. Normal wall motion in area or defect. MUGA is blood pool image. Utilize Tc99-RBCs. Two approaches: 1st pass (can be done with DTPA) in RAO immediately after injection. Equilibrium study: 20 minutes in 35 - 50 (45


S.K. Naess · J.M. Bradeen · S.M. Wielgus G.T. Haberlach · J.M. McGrath · J.P. Helgeson Resistance to late blight in Solanum bulbocastanum is mappedto chromosome 8Received: 26 November 1999 / Accepted: 22 December 1999 Abstract Somatic hybrids between potato and Solanum There are several sources of late blight resistance bulbocastanum , a wild diploid (2n=2x=24) Mexican spe-available


SAFETY DATA SHEET according to EC Directive 2001/58/EC COOPEX WP 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING Product information Bayer Environmental ScienceDurkan House214-224 High StreetWaltham CrossHertfordshire EN8 7DPUnited Kingdom 2. COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Chemical nature Wettable powder (WP), contains:Permethrin 25% w/w Hazar

Ap-42, ch 8.11: chlor-alkali

8.11 Chlor-Alkali The chlor-alkali electrolysis process is used in the manufacture of chlorine, hydrogen, andsodium hydroxide (caustic) solution. Of these 3, the primary product is chlorine. Chlorine is 1 of the more abundant chemicals produced by industry and has a wide variety ofindustrial uses. Chlorine was first used to produce bleaching agents for the textile and paper industriesand for

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Merkblatt Nr. 1/2008 Das Churg-Strauss Syndrom Das Churg-Strauss Syndrom ist eine ent- sich durch Bauchschmerzen oder Durchfall Welche Symptome zündliche Gefässerkrankung (Vaskulitis), äußern. Die Nieren sind deutlich seltener als treten auf? welche fast ausschliesslich bei Patienten mit einem Asthma bronchiale auftritt. Das Churg-Strauss Syndrom verlä


TOYO UNIVERSITY GIS for Regional Sustainable Development Changping ZHANG, Professor, Toyo University Researcher, Subject 1-1, Center for Sustainable Development Studies My research deals with approaches to urbanization andurban spatial analysis using Geographical InformationSystems (GIS) in China and developing countries. In thispreface, I would like briefly to introduce GIS for sus

Société suisse de rhumatologie

Société suisse de rhumatologie RECOMMANDATIONS POUR LES TRAITEMENTS DE BASE CYCLOSPORINE REMARQUES Les patients avec des rhumatismes inflammatoires chroniques, chez qui une thérapie de base est indiquée, devraient être examinés au moins une fois par année par un spécialiste de rhumatologie en consilium. Les indications du choix d’une thérapie de base ou pour d’év


Ristorante Panoramico al Lago “La Piazza” Sala fino a 160 persone Posteggi sul luogo e a 50m. c/o Tresa Bay Hotel Via Lugano 18 CH – 6988 Ponte Tresa 091-611 27 00 www.tresabay.ch MENU 1 Girandola di crespella ripiena di ricotta pesto di pomodori secchi e basilico su fonduta di parmigiano *** Punta di vitello arrosto marinata al rosmarino e birra Patate

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LANDWIRTSCHAFT Die Rentenbank fördert mit diesem Programm Investitionen in der Landwirtschaft, die insbesondere zur Steigerung der Energieeffizienz und zur Minderung von Emissionen des Sektors beitragen. Daneben haben der Ökologische Landbau und die Verbesserung der landwirtschaftlichen Nutztierhaltung einen hohen Stellenwert. ALLGEMEINER HINWEIS Die Darlehen aus diesem Programm können


CENTRE D’IMAGERIE MEDICALE LUTON Docteurs JF. HUTIN R. LECLERE C. DELCOURT Urographie intra-veineuse Cet examen permet d’explorer les voies urinaires, depuis les reins jusqu’à la vessie et l’urètre. L’examen utilise des rayons X et un produit à base d’iode, opaque aux rayons X qui est éliminé par les reins dans les urines. Le déroulement de l’examen L’examen

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www.rgsp.de rgsp@ptv-solingen.de extrablatt Mitteilungen der Rheinischen Gesellschaft für Soziale Psychiatrie Liebe Kolleginnen Vergessene Kinder? und Kollegen, der nebenstehende Beitrag von Prof. Kinder psychisch kranker Eltern Borg-Laufs von der Hochschule Nieder-rhein behandelt ein Thema, das unserem von Michael Borg-Laufs Eindruck nach aus Angst vor


PATIENT ASSESSMENT FORM Malaria Prophylaxis UPDATED TO INCLUDE MALARONE PAEDIATRIC AND OTHER UPDATES, USE wITH UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS SHEET (24/2/12) Patient name ______________________________________________Name of GP (optional) _______________________________________Address ___________________________________________________Name & address of surgery (optional) ____________________

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Health Care Information Committee Dr. Jeff Wilson, Dr. Lucille Vega, Dr. Gregory Steinmetz November 2008 Encouraging news for patients who take NSAIDs for chronic pain and who have had an episode of a bleeding ulcer - two separate studies suggest that recurrent bleeding episodes can be limited. Both studies, the first from Hong Kong and the second from Canada (reported in Gastroenterology and


Níveis de depressão em portadores de câncer Depression level in patients with head and neck cancer ABSTRACT Objetivos: avaliar os níveis de sintomas depressivos em pacientes Objective: to assess the levels of depression symptoms in head com dor orofacial crônica por câncer de cabeça e pescoço e and neck cancer patients with chronic orofacial pain and to verify verificar a as


Apotex Inc. ( Appellant ) ( Respondent ) AB Hassle, AstraZeneca AB and AstraZeneca Canada Inc. ( Respondents ) ( Applicants ) The Minister of Health ( Respondent )( Respondent ) INDEXED AS: AB HASSLE v. APOTEX INC. (F.C.A.)Federal Court of Appeal, Décary, Evans and Sharlow JJ.A.—Toronto, November 24, 2005; Ottawa, February 10,2006. Patents — Practice — Appeal from Federal Cou

Anforderungen an eine moderne flexodruckfarbe im verpackungsdruck

SERIES 970UV/CD Technical Data Sheet UV scr (hig n pri city s 0 UV 9195 CD APPLICATION FIELDS: Euro-Colours / 4-Colour Process Printing Inks: Special UV screen printing ink in a thixotropic formulation For 4-colour process printing according to DIN 16538, for the printing of Compact Discs with very good adhesion on all current UV CD lacquers and polycarbonate. Lacque


Rosenberg Gesellschaft für ganzheitliche Gesundheit & Bildung gemeinnützige GmbH Mit Ayurveda fit durch den Winter Artikel von Kerstin Rosenberg Auch vor dem heute vorherrschenden Klimachaos und global warming warnten die alten, ayurvedi-schen Schriften bereits vor den Gefahren, denen sich unser Körper zu den wechselnden Jahreszeitenausgesetzt. Denn entsprechend der untersc

National reye’s syndrome foundation

NATIONAL REYE’S SYNDROME FOUNDATION Reye's Syndrome Bulletin Reye's Syndrome is a very serious disease. Children and adults develop Reye's Syndrome as they are getting over a viral illness, such as the flu or chicken pox. Reye's Syndrome usually affects people from infancy through young adulthood; however, no age group is immune. Although Reye's generally occurs when someone is re


Planification Assistée par Ordinateur en Radiothérapie des Cancers Biologie, Médecine PAORC - ERT 2007 et Santé http://portail.unice.fr/jahia/page11285.html Présentation Responsable Cette équipe a été créée au sein de l’Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis et de la Faculté de Médecine en 2008. Elle est dirigée par les professeurs JP. Gérard, JM.

Microsoft word - healthy minds wk 60 2009-10-25 alcoholism - part iii

HEALTHY MINDS A WEEKLY COLUMN ALL ABOUT MENTAL WELLNESS Elliott B. Sewell, MAE, LPCC, NCC Alcoholism Part III Times are very stressful and the future is looking more and more certain. In these situations, alcohol addiction and abuse, always a problem, increases, often dramatically. That is why I have written a three-part series on alcoholism. In part I, I defined alcoholism, disc



Polo de medina, jacinto, academia de jardin

ACADEMIA DE Jacinto Polo de Medina (1603 – 1676) El ála mo Aquesta ya de Alcides osadía, que profana del sol sagrado asiento, contra sus rayos verde atrevimiento, pasando a descortés su demasía. Ésta, que no al Olimpo desafía, pues besa de su alteza el fundamento, vanidad de esmeralda, que en el viento bate tornasolada argentería. Ésta del prado Babilonia h


Revista CENIC Ciencias Biológicas, Vol. 39, No. 1, 2008. Antibacterial effect of Costus spiralis leaves extract on pathogenic strains of Vibrio cholerae Celso Pérez, ♣ Alina Falero, Blanca Rosa Hung, Talena Ledón and Rafael Fando. Department of Biotechnology, National Center for Scientific Research, Ave. 25 y 158, Playa, P.O. Box 6412, Zip Code 10600 Havana, Cuba. Email: celso.pere


Ergebnisübersicht: Metelen,PLS vom 01.-04.07.2010 [ 461027021 ] 01.07.2010 - 04.07.2010 Springpferdeprüfung Kl A** Preis der Fa. Scho, Kulturbau, Ochtrup 1. P Wolfgang Zimmermann (RV Hof Wissing Gescher e.V.)2. P Hendrik Zurich (Ländl.ZRFV Gronau e.V.)3. P Andrea Ulmker (ZRFV St.Hubertus-Neuenkirchen e.V.)4. P Heinz Flothmann (RV St.Georg Saerbeck e.V.)7. P Gerd Könemann (ZRFV


Advanced RNA Based Supplementation Advanced Cellular Zeolite Advanced Cellular Silver rRNA Intra-oral Sprays P R O D U C T S G U I D E Total Body Detox® Kit 1 – ACZ nano® plus ACS 200® 2 oz Effectively reduce Total Body Burden of both Total Body Detox® Kit 2 – ACZ nano® plus ACS 200® 4 oz Includes 4 oz ACS 200® for higher pathogen burden Advanced Cellular Silv

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CREATED EXCLUSIVELY FOR FINANCIAL PROFESSIONALS Rx FOR SUCCESS Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is characterized by abnormal sugar metabolism causing hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Chronic hyperglycemia adversely affects the body. In the vascular system, there can be events such as strokes and heart attacks caused by atherosclerosis. There can also be renal disease, peripheral neu


CURRICULUM VITAE Miriam Fernández Suárez, Psy. D. 1995 Road 2 Suite 1209-1210 Bayamón, Puerto Rico 00959-1201 Fax: (787) 787-0412 Cellular: (787) 216-2242 Medical Licenses Puerto Rico: Academic History 2000 Centro Caribeño de Estudios Post Graduados, University Pedro Albizu San Juan, Puerto Rico Doctor’s Degree Clinical Psychology Servicios Psicológicos y Consultivos,


COLE-THORNE and SHALLOO-HOLLERAN LINES Uncorrected as of July 9, 2009—Please contact Ken Schneider with corrections/additions: ken@rosyfinch.com Descendants of John Cole d: October 11, 1848 in Torbay, Newfoundland m: December 14, 1819 in Church of England -Cathedral of St. John the Baptist - St. John's , Newfoundland b: August 10, 1820 in Torbay, Newfoundland d: August 11, 1880


PRADAXA® (dabigatran etexilate) MINIMUM PRODUCT INFORMATION – SPAF Indication Indication: Prevention of stroke, systemic embolism and reduction of vascular mortality in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation with one or more of the following risk factors: previous stroke, transient ischemic attack, or systemic embolism, left ventricular ejection fraction < 40%, symptomati

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Policy and Procedures on First Aid and Administration of Medicines Rossall School is committed to providing adequate and appropriate First Aid raining throughout all areas of the school. Houseparents and sports coaches in the senior, junior, infant and nursery are required to complete basic First Aid training as part of a three-yearly cycle of Inset provision. First Aid boxes are accessibl

The origins of the doughnut hole: excess profits on prescription drugs

The Origins of the Doughnut Hole: Excess Profits on Prescription Drugs The Medicare drug benefit was not designed in a way to minimize costs to the government and beneficiaries. Instead, Congress designed a plan that ensures high profits for the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. One result of this design is that the Medicare drug benefit includes an unusual $2,850 gap in coverage

Stc 101/2004, 2 junio 2004 - negativa de un policía a participar en una procesión religiosa

RELIGARE - Database WORKPLACE – SPAIN – NEGATIVE FREEDOM OF RELIGION Negative freedom of religion of a policeman obliged to take part in a religious parade Tribunal Constitucional Sentencia 101/2004, 2 junio 2004 STC 101/2004, de 2 de junio de 2004 La Sala Primera del Tribunal Constitucional, compuesta por don Manuel Jiménez de Parga y Cabrera, Presidente, don Pablo Garcí

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New Inhaled Liposomal Cyclosporine A Formulation Gives Hope For Lung Transplant RecipientsLow-dose inhaled L-CsA formulation improves the pharmacologic profile, thehighly variable bioavailability, and the severe side effects of oral CsA. According to the International Society of Heart and Lung and Pulmonary Drug Delivery features positive phase-1BTransplantation Registry, development of bronchiol

Tweede kamer

Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal Vaststelling van de begrotingsstaten van het Ministerie van Defensie (X) voor het jaar 2012 BRIEF VAN DE MINISTER VAN DEFENSIE Aan de Voorzitter van de Tweede Kamer der Staten-GeneraalNaar aanleiding van mediaberichten over de bijwerkingen van hetantimalariamiddel mefloquine (handelsnaam Lariam) informeer ik uhierbij over het gebruik hiervan door Nederlan


ESTRO/EAU/EORTC RECOMMENDATIONS ON PERMANENT SEED IMPLANTATION FOR LOCALISED PROSTATE CANCER D. Ash*1, A. Flynn*1, J. Battermann+1 T. De Reijkeo2, P. Lavagnini#3, L. Blank~3 *Department of Clinical Oncology and Medical Physics, Cookridge Hospital, Leeds. +Department of Radiotherapy, Academisch Ziekenhuis, Utrecht. oDepartment of Urology, Academisch Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam. ~Departme

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CUBA: PRIMERO DE ENERO EN TRES TIEMPOS Gustavo Placer Cervera 1899 En virtud del Tratado de Paz firmado en París unos días antes, el 10 de diciembre de 1898, se había puesto término a la guerra entre España y los Estados Unidos que tuvo por escenarios a Cuba, Puerto Rico y Filipinas, últimos reductos del Imperio colonial español. En el artículo primero de dicho tratado se co

Statutory law usa: requiring silver nitrate in eyes of newborns

Statutory Law in the USA: Requiring Silver Nitrate in Eyes of Newborns Copyright 2006 by Ronald B. Standler Table of Contents Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21. History of Prophylaxis of Ophthalmia Neonatorum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3side


n Allgemeines n Die radioaktive Substanz (Technetium99-MAG3) wird über die Nie-ren ausgeschieden und erlaubt dadurch eine Beurteilung ihrer Lage, Form und Größe. Daneben kann ihre Funktion bestimmt werden, was auch seitengetrennt für jede einzelne Niere ohne zusätzlichen Auf-wand möglich ist. n Angezeigt ist die Untersuchung meist zum Nachweis und zur Ver-laufskontrolle von Har

Psychopharmacology for persons with intellectual disability

Primary Care Guide To The Prescription Of Benzodiazepines For Adults With Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities 1. Overview of Safe, Effective Prescription of Benzodiazepines The consensus guidelines to the prescription of psychotropic medications to persons with MR/DD do NOT list benzodiazepines as first line medications of choice for any psychiatric or behavioral


Secondary prevention of further episodes of ARF is a priority. Secondary prophylaxis with regular benzathine penicil in G (BPG) is the only RHD control strategy shown to be effective and cost-effective at both community and population levels. This quick reference guide is derived from the Australian guideline for prevention, diagnosis and management of acute rheumatic fever and Although ARF

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FDA REQUIRED READING Blood Donor Education Materials MAKING YOUR BLOOD DONATION SAFE Thank you for coming in today! This information sheet explains how YOU can help us make the donation process safe for yourself and patients who might receive your blood. PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION BEFORE YOU DONATE! If you have any questions now or anytime during the screening process

As transformações psico-sociais do estagiário enquanto sujeito de ação cultural

“LEITURA: ASAS DA LIBERDADE: PROJETO HUMANIZADOR À LUZ DA BIBLIOTERAPIA COM AÇÃO SOCIAL TRANSFORMADORA NOS ENVOLVIDOS” Prof. Especialista em Administração de Sistemas de Informação Centro Universitário de Formiga – UNIFOR Prof. Especialista em Tratamento da Informação Científica e Tecnológica e-mail: Centro Universitário de Formiga – UNIFOR Área 3. Recursos y servicios

Essential drugs list liste des m dicaments essentiels

WHO Drug Information Vol. 13, No. 4, 1999 Essential Drugs WHO Model List (11th revision December 1999) Section 1: Anaesthetics ¤ Example of a therapeutic group. Various drugs can serve as alternatives. Explanatory Notes United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in NarcoticWhen the strength of a drug is specified in terms of aDrugs and Psychotropic Substances (1988). select

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Yom Kippur 5770: Keys, Lost and Found Rabbi Lisa Grushcow, Congregation Rodeph Sholom “Today I am a fountain pen.” Even before that phrase was born, we asked the timeless question: “What does it really mean to become a Jewish adult?” When thirteen year-olds come into my study to work on their speeches, I try to ask them as well. “After all,” I tell them, “it’s not as if y

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CAMPER HEALTHCARE RECOMMENDATIONS BY LICENSED MEDICAL PERSONNEL FORM 2 To Parents(s)/Guardian(s): Complete this section and give this form (FORM 2) and a copy of your completed CAMPER HEALTH HISTORY FORM (FORM 1) to your child’s health-care provider for review. Camp Glen Brook Dates will attend camp: _____/_____/_____ to _____/_____/_____ 35 Glen Brook Rd. Month Day Year M

Emt aspirin protocol update

New York State Department of Health Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Curriculum Aspirin Administration by Emergency Medical Technicians HISTORY The New York State Emergency Medial Advisory Committee and the New York State Department of Health have approved Emergency Medical Technician – Basics (EMT-B) to administer aspirin to those patients who are classified as “cardiac re

Lisa membership_2013-2014

Luxembourg Life Sciences Association (LISA) A.S.B.L. The Luxembourg Life Sciences Association (LISA) aims at Developing and promoting life sciences in the Luxembourgish research institutions. Facilitating the exchange and meeting between researchers and students in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Establishing national and international collaboration in life sciences and asso


Nebulized Saline Solution of Dry Powder Formoterol is Useful for Acute Bronchospasm A Pérez Puigbó1, E Capriles Behrens2 and L Giannoni Delgado3. 1. Instituto de Clínicas y Urología Tamanaco. 2. Escuela de Medicina "J.M. Vargas", Caracas. 3. Centro Médico Docente La Trinidad, Medicina Comunitaria. Dos nuevos beta agonistas de efecto prolongado son actualmente usados clí

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2012 FlexScripts Administrators Preferred Formulary List The following is a list of the most commonly prescribed FORMULARY drugs only. It represents an abbreviated version of the drug list (formulary) that is at the core of your pharmacy benefit program. The list is not all-inclusive, does not guarantee coverage and is subject to change. In addition to using this list, you are encoura

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Press Release Rib-X Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Co-Founder, Thomas A. Steitz, Ph. D., Awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry -- Novel Antibiotic Compounds Being Developed as a Result of Pioneering Work with the Ribosome -- RIB-X PHARMACEUTICALS, INC ., a company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel drugs for the treatment of multi-antibi

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum ________________ Albert Edward Fischli, Ph.D. Current Status: Business Address: DDPI Discovery & Development Partners International Ltd. Im Wenkenberg 20 CH - 4125 Riehen, Switzerland Professor emeritus of Bioorganic Chemistry, Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland formerly F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Basle, Switzerland, Global Pharmaceutical Research

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NAPI KITEKINTÉS Legutóbbi, 2010.02.02. indexzárások (*egy kereskedési nappal később) S&P 500 NASDAQ C. NYMEX C. Oil NIKKEI 225* NYMEX Gold MAKROGAZDASÁG Az üzleti várakozások mérsékelten javultak januárban: az Ecostat nagyvállalati Top-100 konjunktúraindex értéke egy hónap alatt több mint 3 százalékponttal 71,8 százalékra, a kis- és középv

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