22 August 2013
Renault’s stylish two-seater compact electric vehicle made its long awaited debut in Ireland today and is now available to order from dealerships. Twizy will certainly turn heads on our streets and roads with its eye-catching looks and combined with economical running costs, it’s the ideal urban run-around or promotional Twizy goes on sale here starting at €9,995 (incl. tax and VRT exempt) and is the third of Renault’s stable of zero-emission vehicles to be launched so far. ZOE will follow in early Unlike its sister ZE models, Twizy is a form of quadricycle, with a rear-mounted electric motor, automatic one-speed transmission and rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. In developing the concept and bringing it to market in less than two years, Renault was able to call on the skills of its Renault Sport Technologies team to ensure the chassis, driving dynamics and operation of the electric powertrain – including a regenerative braking system The powertrain is a 17hp electric motor, one speed transmission and rechargeable lithium- ion battery pack, which gives an official urban driving NEDC range of 100KM and a top limited speed of 80kph. Although its powertrain is relatively modest in output, Twizy is no slouch. Its maximum 57Nm of torque is delivered straight from start-up means Twizy has a nimble, quick-off-the mark driving character that’s perfect for town and suburban driving. The cost-efficient battery hire scheme (from €50 per month, incl. tax for 7,500 km/yr) is tailored to customer mileage and preferred contract term, offering value for money and Comfortable, safe, easy to drive and ideal for town and city driving, the two-seater is simply charged by using a 3m extending cable with a three-pin plug which can be simply plugged into a standard domestic or workplace supply for a full top-up in just three-and-a-half hours. Twizy will be available in Ireland in the Technic trim which offers a wide range of options and accessories, including scissor doors, removable windows, and vehicle wraps. The all-electric system, which includes clever regenerative braking for energy recovery, gives zero emissions in use and near-silent operation. The combination of power and Twizy’s light weight allow acceleration to a limited top speed of 80 kph. Maximum torque delivery from zero rpm makes the two-seater quick to pull away in city traffic. In fact, its 0- 50mph sprint is an impressive six seconds. The curvy, semi-open design, with wheels placed outboard from the body, is distinctive and highly practical. The large, curving windscreen, with narrow pillars, gives the driver an excellent view and Twizy’s low centre of gravity and disc brakes all-round give secure stopping performance and driving stability. Scissor doors are optional. Accessory windows which can be fitted or removed in minutes, will also be available, to give As with the Z.E. models Renault has already introduced – Kangoo Van and Fluence – customers enjoy peace of mind and value for money with a battery hire programme that offers combinations of contract term and annual mileage to suit personal needs. Servicing and maintenance specific to the EV is delivered through a national network of specialist Renault Z.E. sales and service centres at launch. TWIZY DESIGN
Twizy was designed from the wheels up as an entirely new concept in urban transport, a compact, two-seater all-electric vehicle that’s ideal for the cut and thrust of city and suburban driving, being emissions-free, safe, comfortable and easy to drive. It once again shows Renault setting the agenda in forward-thinking design and engineering. Exterior
There’s nothing else like Twizy on the road, but although its curvy structure and wheel-at- each-corner design may look avant-garde, it’s highly functional and is much more visible to other road users than scooters or motorbikes. Renault Sport Technologies played a fundamental role in making the concept of a simple two-seater a road-going reality. At the front there is a deformable structure that provides protection in the event of a collision, while the outboard wheels and lateral beams to either side of the chassis provide driver and Overall length is just 2.34m and width is 1.24m, which allows Twizy to be slotted neatly into parking spaces beyond the reach of many four-wheeled vehicles, The 6.8m turning circle makes for incredibly easy manoeuvrability. Doors are an optional extra, with windows as accessories, but the unbroken curve of the panoramic windscreen into the roof and side wind deflectors afford good protection from the elements for those on board, as well as excellent visibility. The doors open with a scissor action – ideal in tight parking spots! Interior
On board Twizy, the driver and passenger sit in tandem rather than side-by-side. The seats, with integrated headrests, are comfortable and covered in a waterproof upholstery. The driver’s seat can also be adjusted to achieve the right driving position. The instrumentation is clear and simple, with displays for drive, speed, driving range and battery charge. There’s also a display giving an “eco-score” for each journey, further signal ing Twizy’s all-round environmental efficiency. Clever thinking has ensured that although the cabin is small, no space is wasted. There are two glove boxes – one which can be locked – and a handy 31-litre storage point behind the rear seat. With just the driver on board, this space can be increased to 50 litres with the optional leisure bag which can be attached to the vehicle to ensure both it and its contents MODEL RANGE, EQUIPMENT AND SAFETY
Twizy Technic equipment specification
Twizy’s core equipment features include: -  Range indicator and journey eco-score display  Lockable steering column and handbrake  4-point front seatbelt and 3-point rear seatbelt  31-litre lockable storage behind rear seat  Two gloveboxes (one lockable)  Drive and speed display  Quick-demisting heated front screen  13” “Diamond” gloss black alloy wheels  Pearl Black or Snow White metallic paint Optional Equipment and Accessories
Accessory fit windows which can be fitted in minutes, to give further protection from the Irish climate, are available from launch. The intriguing new system comes in two parts – a rigid metal frame which attaches to the door and a flexible, transparent ‘window’ which fastens to the frame by means of a zip. It requires just one tool to fit, can easily be removed by the owner and requires no bodywork modification. An opening in the window provides access to the door handle and enables the transparent panel to be opened or closed. Two slits in the panel – one at the front and the other at the rear – ensure a sufficient flow of air to prevent the attention grabber’s interior from misting As part of Renault’s ongoing attention to quality, the system has been extensively tested to ensure its resistance to UV light, corrosion and cold temperatures. There’s also a dedicated blanket for driver and passenger for extra warmth and comfort, and a handy 50-litre leisure bag that’s designed to clip in place onto the chassis so that items can To keep in contact when on the move, customers can specify a Parrot Bluetooth kit which also syncs with portable music players and speakers in the roof, and a Garmin satellite navigation system is also available. It may be small, but Twizy can still be kitted out with rear parking sensors for added parking protection. Being a four-wheeled machine – classed as a heavy quadricycle – Twizy is inherently more stable and offers greater protection than a scooter or motorcycle. The driver is held secure in a four-point seatbelt, with a three-point belt for the passenger, and in the event of a front-end collision, a driver’s airbag wil deploy. The front seat also has an anti-submarining design. Disc brakes all-round and a low centre of gravity give good stopping power and fundamental MOTOR AND BATTERY
Twizy is a zero-emission (in road use), all-electric vehicle, powered by a rear-mounted 17hp (13kW) motor and a compact and lightweight 6.1kWh lithium-ion battery, located underneath the front seat. Keeping Twizy’s kerb weight down to a trim 474kg, including the 100kg battery pack, has helped deliver an official NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) combined cycle driving range of 100 km, which is ample for the majority of everyday commuting Driving through a one-speed reduction gear automatic transmission, it can reach a (limited) top speed of 80 kph. And, being powered purely by electricity, Twizy produces no tailpipe Renaultsport F1 technology in Twizy
Renault made good use of the technology skills of the Renaultsport F1 team in developing its new electric powertrain for Twizy. Their experience, in particular with the KERS regenerative braking system used in Grand prix racing, and their testing facilities were invaluable, given the short development time for the vehicle and the lack of previous in- house experience with the motor specified for Twizy. It was decided that the system would be tested at the Renault Sport Technologies facility at Viry-Châtillon, applying motorsport processes and the results were even better than expected. The team’s response was prompt and effective and the test programme was completed ahead of schedule, making good use of the wide expertise and knowledge Twizy Recharging
Twizy comes complete with a 3m extending spiral cable with an integrated charger, stored beneath a handy flap at the front of the vehicle. Recharging is simple, using a standard three-pin plug to connect the vehicle to any 220V 10A domestic or workplace electricity supply. A full recharge takes three-and-half hours, which could cost between €2-3.50, according to energy tariff. Twizy can also be charged up at 3pin roadside charging points. Thanks to the regenerative braking system, energy is recovered by the EV system every Twizy Driving range
The homologated NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) combined cycle driving range is 100 km. In normal use, owners can expect a range of around 80km depending on their driving style, temperature, environment and topography. Twizy Suspension and steering
Twizy’s ride comfort and handling are supported by a bespoke suspension set-up that features MacPherson-type struts and anti-roll bars front and rear, with coil springs. As a compact urban mover, Twizy has a direct rack steering system that takes just 2.8 turns lock-to-lock. The turning circle between kerbs is a city-friendly 6.8m. Twizy Wheels and tyres
Twizy’s 13” wheels contribute to the vehicle’s reassuring stability and grip and they are fitted with Continental eContact tyres. 125/80 R13 tyres at the front and wider 145/80 R13 at the rear. 13” “Diamond” gloss black alloys feature on the Technic model. WARRANTIES, SERVICING AND BATTERY HIRE
Twizy is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for 2 years unlimited mileage. The electric drive train is covered for three years unlimited mileage, while the battery is covered for the Finding a convenient Renault service centre to undertake maintenance and repairs is not difficult. In the lead-up to the launch of its Z.E. models, including Kangoo Van and Fluence, Renault Ireland appointed a network of Z.E. Expert Dealerships, which have invested in specialist tooling and training for workshop staff as well as those in sales. In addition, of course, there will be a charging point in the workshop, and in the customer car park. The maintenance on Twizy is performed every year, with no mileage limit. Because there are no major operations involved (oil service, filter replacement, etc.), the cost of this visit is minimal: between €50 and €100 per year. Twizy Battery hire
Renault’s battery hire programme is cost-effective, tailoring charges to annual mileages across a range of contract periods. It also gives customers peace of mind that they will face big bills, should their battery fail to perform within its specified operating parameters. In line with Renault’s mission to make electric mobility affordable, the monthly battery hire contract prices – at the time of launch – is from €50. Contract terms are available from 12 to 60 months, with annual mileages up to a 15,000  The supply of a battery that is always in good operating condition  The guarantee of a charging capacity that is always more than 75% of the original  Comprehensive breakdown cover, including for cases of a battery running flat Notably there is no involvement of any third party in the battery hire; the contract is with Renault through its subsidiary, Renault Finance. The contract also guarantees the battery will work well and carry a good level of charge. By hiring the battery, the customer also faces no financial risk should the unit malfunction. And when it comes to resale of the vehicle, there is no impact on the residual value. PRODUCTION OF TWIZY
Renault announced that Twizy would be manufactured at its factory in Valladolid, Spain, which is also the production centre for Mégane and Captur. The plant was chosen for its experience in compact car production and its easy access to Twizy’s expected principal markets in Western Europe. Twizy Z.E. is available to order from Renault Ireland dealerships and finance is available through Renault Finance.



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