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News Release Grant Thornton 5K Run in Colour for Kelowna General Hospital For Immediate Release | August 21, 2013

Be a kid at heart again and join Kelowna's first Run in Colour!

KELOWNA, BC - August 21,2013 - Kelowna's inaugural Grant Thornton 5K Run in Colour on behalf of
Kelowna General Hospital Foundation (KGH Foundation) takes place on September 21 starting at Waterfront Park. It is a great opportunity for young and old to be kids at heart again! And Kelowna's Twin Creek Media has taken this challenge seriously by supporting their staff and families to participate. "We are really excited for the 5K Run in Colour for KGH - we're sponsoring our staff and their families for this fun event because of the positive healthcare impact it will have for Kelowna residents for years to come," says creative director, James Shaw, who along with his wife and kids who are 9 and 7 will be out together in a no-holds-barred running paint war. "To be totally honest, the kids think it's so cool to throw paint at each other that they'd raise all the money themselves to participate! So we thought whatever amount of money the staff and kids can raise themselves, Twin Creek Media will match. We challenge other Kelowna businesses to do the same! Let's support the KGH Foundation's goal of attracting a 1,000 participants on this first run!" All funds raised will go toward the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment, patient care and comfort items at Kelowna General Hospital. The Grant Thornton 5K Run in Colour is an event for everyone and kids five and under are free! Register now at or participate as a volunteer or sponsor. All details are available on the website. Make sure you get the latest information and join us on The Kelowna General Hospital Foundation is an independent, volunteer-driven charitable organization committed to enhancing the delivery of healthcare to the patients of Kelowna General Hospital and its associated facilities. More information available at
Photo (Credit Jeanette Hoft): Left to right: Local students Jonathan Arkle, Jill Gilroy, David Dimitrov and
Allegra Rogers thoroughly enjoying their first colour experience! Media Enquiries
Foundation Enquiries
Event Enquiries
Prepared by Jeanette Hoft, Redthirteen 250-215-3623 Page 1 of 2
News Release Grant Thornton 5K Run in Colour for Kelowna General Hospital Kelowna General Hospital Foundation Overview
Our Mission
The Kelowna General Hospital Foundation is an independent, volunteer-driven charitable organization committed to enhancing the delivery of healthcare to the patients of Kelowna General Hospital and its History & Structure
The KGH Foundation was formed in 1978 by the Kelowna & District Hospital Society as an Endowment Foundation; its purposes have since changed to a public health care foundation. It is governed by a group of committed volunteers representing different aspects of our community and Hospital. The Foundation supports the work of 5 Auxiliaries, coordinating close to 400 volunteers contributing to the Since its inception the Foundation has generated over $57 million in revenues and has granted more than $38 million to Kelowna General Hospital and other health facilities in the Central Okanagan. In its first year, the Foundation received $11,560 in donations; in the 2012/2013 fiscal year, the Foundation reported revenues nearing $5.36 million as well as over $11 million in assets. Population Served
Our Foundation serves the Kelowna General Hospital, Brookhaven Extended Care Home, Cottonwoods Extended Care Home, David Lloyd-Jones Home, Three Links Manor and the Central Okanagan Hospice House. As the KGH is the Central Okanagan’s primary acute health facility and a tertiary referral hospital, In the past fiscal year the Kelowna General Hospital has: • Delivered 1,600 babies • Admitted 20,000 inpatients • Performed 32,000 inpatient surgeries and surgical daycare procedures • Treated 60,000 patients in our Emergency Department • Treated 55,000 patients in Ambulatory Care Foundation Goals
The Foundation strives to seek funding for the highest priority medical equipment and health care projects that are not funded with limited government funding. We work very hard to ensure that the funds raised go towards the needs identified and that adequate, ongoing operating funds are available so the equipment we buy doesn’t sit idle or get moved to other parts of the Province. The Foundation works in partnership with Interior Health to ensure gifts provided by donors go toward services that require our support and that fit with the Hospital’s overall plan for development.
More information available at
Prepared by Jeanette Hoft, Redthirteen 250-215-3623 Page 2 of 2


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