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Monday, 16th of November 2009
Workshop - Photogrammetry - Documentation from Photos Workshop - Digital documentation in archaeology Workshop - "Newbies"N. HIRTL / P. DORNINGER, Austria Terrestrial Laser Scanning for accurate restoration documentationKatharina HOLZINGER / Christian SAFRAN / Martin EBNER / Andreas HOLZINGER, Austria Geo-Tagging in Archaeology: Practical Experiences with the TUGeoWiki Workshop - Creating GIS basis for excavations - Part 2 Workshop - Kulturportale Im Internet - Barrierefreiheit (in German)Manfred W.K. FISCHER, Austria Von der Website ins Museum – ein Brückenschlag Alexander HECHT, Austria Das ORF TV Archiv und Open Access Michaela LAICHMANN, Austria WAIS und WAI – Wiener Archivinformationssystem und Web Accessability Initiative (ein Erfahrungsbericht) Workshop - Kirchlicher Kulturgüterschutz: „Kirchliche Bibliotheken und Digitalisierung“(in German)Andreas HEPPERGER, Austria Elektronische Bibliothekskataloge als Prämisse für den Schutz kirchlichen Kulturguts und Basis professionel er DigitalisierungGünter MÜHLBERGER, Austria Von Alpha bis Omega: Digitalisierung alter und wertvol er Bücher. Workflow, Kosten, Archivierung, Webpräsentation und weitergehende NutzungenMichael LÖRZER / Thomas MUTSCHLER, Germany "Jenaer Kirchenbücher digital. Ein Projekt der Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Jena (ThULB) und der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche Jena"Helga PENZ / Martin ROLAND / Armand TIF, Austria Klosterbibliotheken: Wer digitalisiert für wen? Zum Beispiel: Handschriftensammlung des Stiftes Herzogenburg.
Ernst RUSCHITZKA, Austria Kooperation theologischer Bibliotheken in Österreich Tuesday, 17th/Wednesday, 18th of November 2009
COMBINED SECTION: Archaeology and Technology / Cultural Heritage: General Session: Archives and Cultural Heritage ManagementSayan BHATTACHARYA, IndiaManaging Cultural Heritage: A case study of N.K.Bose Photo ArchiveDavid BIBBY, GermanyCol ection and Preservation of Digital Excavation Data -securing the digital past for the future. A Case Study from Baden-WürttembergSabine BRECHBÜHL / Barbara CHEVALLIER, SwitzerlandArchiving archaeological metal finds in Canton Bern: standardizing of identification, temporary conservation, active stabilization and long term conservation or how to define a rational, sustainable selection and retention strategy? Michele CORNIETI, Italy Th e rural architecture of the Appennino romagnolo. Instruments for the documentation of an heritage at riskMarina DE FRANCESCHINI, ItalyAcademia Pilot Project in Hadrian's Vil a near Tivoli (Rome, Italy): problems in archiving ancient and modern dataSergio DI TONDO / Filippo FANTINI, Italy Tools for archiving and cultural heritage management: the finds coming from territory of Tivoli stored in Hadrian’s Vil aReiner GÖLDNER, Germany Preserving Digital Data Step by Step - Smal Solutions for smal InstitutionsCatherine HARDMAN, United KingdomThe ADS: the changing face of digital archivesFrauke KREUTLER, AustriaCreating a Digital Col ectionMartin KUNA, Czech Republic Seven years after. Digital archives of the Institute of Archaeology in PragueAntonio MAGGIORE / Virginia VALZANO, ItalyFIR SystemDouglas MANCHEE, USA Picturing the ArchiveTitilayo O. OLUKOLE, NigeriaA geographical information systems (GIS) database of Badagry heritage site and their tourism potentialsOlga PALEČKOVÁ / Milan JINDÁČEK, Czech Republic A Database System for Administering and Archiving of Archaeological Information HeritageHans Peter SAMSTAG, GermanyTracebility in archeology Bettina STOLL-TUCKER, Germany Bettina The current situation of digital archiving in Germany's state archaeology SECTION: Archaeology and Technology – Sessions: pplied Research Carlo BATTINI, Italy3D Web Survey: a new system to manage and view archaeological dataFrancesco GABELLONE / Giuseppe SCARDOZZI / Massimo CULTRARO, ItalyThe Virtual Museum of Iraq between documentation and communicationHans KAMERMANS, The NetherlandsNeutron-based analysis for Cultural Heritage Research. Archaeological resultsGiuseppe MAINO / Silvia MASSARI / Lorenza ROVERSI, ItalyMultispectral analyses and database archiving of ancient documents and booksMichaela KRONBERGER / Martin MOSSER / Michael PREGESBAUER, AustriaLaserscanning of Roman wal s in VindobonaMichaela KRONBERGER / Martin MOSSER / Maria HEINRICH / Beatrix MOOSHAMMER / Lionel DORFNERn / Andreas ZÖCHLING, AustriaIdentification of historic quarries in the “Wienerwald”-area ndamental Research – Critical Issues Giuseppe GORINI, Italy Neutron-based analysis for Cultural Heritage Research. The techniques.
Markus JOBST / Georg GARTNER, AustriaGeoinformation´s HeritageThomas KADOR, Ireland Access to data, geospatial information and understanding change in prehistory: an example from the north-western edge of EuropeDorel MICLE / Liviu MĂRUIA / Adrian CÎNTAR, Romania The Linear Earthworks System in Timis County (south-western Romania, Banat region). A Synchronic ApproachA. SARRIS / P. SEFEROU / E. KOKKINOU / N. PAPADOPOULOS, GreeceGeophysical Prospection as a way of confirming older topographic plans and descriptions of archaeological sitesRowin VAN LANEN, The Netherlands Working towards exchangeability in tree ring data. – The digital col aboratory for cultural historical dendrochronology (DCCD)Giorgio VERDIANI, ItalyThe Smal Baths in Hadrian’s Vil a. A ground test for enhancing the approach to the digital survey and reconstruction for archaeologists and architects I t-Education - Archaeology and cultural management: necessity or scourge? Andrey V. BIRIUKOV / Vladimir I. IONESOV, RussiaCultural Diversity and Intercultural Communication in Global Time: the Possibilities of Innovative Development and CreativityMenne C. KOSIAN, The NetherlandsLearning out of the box. To more modern approaches in archaeologyJacek MARCINIAK / Arkadiusz MARCINIAK, Poland Technology & methodology in distance learning in archaeology. A case of e-learning course 'Archaeological heritage in contemporary Europe'Violetta REITER, Austria Digital archiving of the department col ectionRowin J. VAN LANEN / Esther JANSMA, The Netherlands Digitizing Trees? - A case study in IT-education for historians ultural Heritage - Cultural Promotion - Tourism in the Danube RegionCristina-Georgeta ALEXANDRESCU, RomaniaCultural tourism in Romania: An imagination exerciseFranz HUMER, AustriaConservation and presentation of archaeological monuments in the Archaeological Park CarnuntumSonja JILEK, Austria Exploring the Roman Danube Limes. Developing and promoting a new cultural routeGerda KOCH / Sigrid REINITZER, Austria Promoting Austrian Cultural and Scientific Heritage via EuropeanaMarco MERLINI, Romania A Virtual museum of the European Roots having the Danube as backboneShabeena Yasmin SAIKIA, India Promotion and preservation of Cultural Heritages if Pragjyotishpura for development of tourism I nternet Trade of Cultural Objects Melek CANGA, Turkey Il icit Cultural Property Trade Over the InternetMarius CIUTA, Romania The „Intra Muros” favorizing factors of the il egal traffic with archaeological artifacts – study of case: Romania (1995-2009)Eckhard LAUFER, Germany 483 and 5 ancient coinsThanik LERTCHARNRIT, ThailandTrade in Antiquity in Thailand critical view on archaeological 3D Reconstructions Ingrid ADENSTEDT / Barbara THUSWALDNER, AustriaThe Byzantine Palace of Ephesus – Reconstruction of the CupolaChristoph FLÜGEL, GermanyVirtual Romans in Bavaria. Recent Projects and DevelopmentsAyhan GÖKTEPE / Hakan KARABÖRK / Murat YAKAR / Ferruh YILDIZ / Erkan BAYGUN, Turkey 3D Modeling of Sil e Aya-I Eleni Church with Laser TechnologyGiovanni GUCCINI / Federico PIRAS / Filippo SUSCA, ItalyThe Stone of the Elephant. Chronicles and results from the advanced digital survey to the 3d printingEleni KOTOULA, United Kingdom 3D Reconstruction/Visualization of Artefacts and Ageing EffectsDominik MASCHEK / Michael SCHNEYDER / Marcel TSCHANNERL, Austria Virtual 3D reconstructions – benefit or danger for modern archaeology?Alexandru MORINTZ, Romania3D reconstructions: beyond the pretty faceFrancesca SOGLIANI / Francesco GABELLONE / Ivan FERRARI, Italy The fortified medieval settlement of Rocca Montis Dragonis (Mondragone, Caserta – Italy) virtual y alive.
Spilios THEODOROPOULOS / D. MOULLOU / D. MAVROMATI / C. LIAPAKIS / V.BALIS, GreeceSpilios 3D Reconstructions of monuments and landscapes: Impressionistic or Expressionistic views of the Past? Social Events
Monday, 16th of November 2009: Opening Cocktail
Tuesday, 17th of November 2009: Mayor Reception, 7:30 pm
Wednesday, 18th of November 2009: Informal Evening at
Bieronymus Beer Restaurant, 7:30 pm
Thursday, 19th of November 2009:
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