Bath Soak (30 mins) + Jade & Ginseng Sugar Scrub Treat your five senses & the sixth will follow. Our (30 mins) + Couple’s Massage (60 mins) signature body ritual begins with a soothing bath soak to relax the body & mind, muscles & joints. A massage of your choice follows, including a Harmonizing Scalp Massage with organic Mediterranean Myrtle, Juniper, & organic Jojoba, Avocado & Olive Oils. The experience Custom-Blended Essential Oil & Clay Sun Bake culminates with a hand & foot paraffin treatment, (30 mins) + Bath Soak (30 mins) + Rinse + Couple’s providing softer, more youthful skin. Other benefits Massage (60 mins) 120 mins | 650 for two include increased circulation & arthritis prevention. D E L U X E D E U C E Couple’s Massage + Bath Soak (optional) Emulating the crashing waves of the Mediterranean, this unique ritual is the ultimate experience in water therapy. Start with our Stimulating Salt Polish, a gentle, mineral rich Sea Salt & Olive body scrub, to exfoliate & stimulate Bath Soak (30 min) + Couple’s Massage (60 min) + Clay the skin. A relaxing Vichy steam & shower massage help Body Mask (30 mins) + Harmonizing Scalp Treatment to cleanse & detoxify, leaving you perfectly prepared for (20 mins) + Shower a Deux 140 mins | 700 for two the massage of your choice. 90 mins | 300 T H E C E L E S T I A L Get a gorgeous glow from head to toe with this signature combination of facial & body therapies. Our About Face Firming Facial offers a double dose of Light pressure & long strokes increase blood flow, results & indulgence, utilizing Amala’s aroma point stimulation technique to enhance skin’s firmness & luminosity. Advanced Firming Complex is then applied to help minimize fine lines & wrinkles, followed by the massage of your choice to complete the treatment. In this relaxing massage, heated stones are used to Invigorating & refreshing, this sunny ritual brightens both mind & body. Our Brightening Brazilian Facial incorporates sun-dried white & pink clays with French Spirulina to regenerate, oxygenate & clarify while Slow strokes & focused pressure reach deep into the fair trade Cocoa Bean, Açaí, Andiroba, & Brazil Nut illuminate your skin, giving you a refreshing youthful appearance. Enjoy the massage of your choice & finish with our signature, skin loving Fresh Squeezed Manicure M O M M Y - T O - B E Treat yourself to a soothing & restorative prenatal massage. Supportive props & pillows are provided for For the athlete (or the athlete in you), a perfect way your comfort & relaxation. 60 mins | 165 to soothe an aching body post-workout. Our muscle- relieving treatment begins with a relaxing 30 minute Muscle & Joint Bath Soak, followed by a Muscle & Joint scrub for further comfort, & culminates with the massage Stimulate the circulatory system with specific pressure points on hands & feet to reduce shoulder & back pain, balancing & restoring the energy in the body. S O O T H I N G H E R B A L S E A w R A p Float in a warm water pool while receiving a unique Regenerate, oxygenate, clarify, balance & deeply style of bodywork including light Shiatsu & stretching. stimulate your skin. We blend unrefined, sun-dried green This distinctive treatment promotes deep relaxation & is clay with French Spirulina for firmer, smoother skin. perfectly suited for expecting mothers. 60 mins | 165 Mature or sun-damaged skin will be restored, rehydrated & protected by an organic blend of Myrtle, Cypress, Hyssop, Juniper, Rosemary & other Mediterranean A customized therapeutic massage using various stretching techniques for all types of athletes. Clay has been used by indigenous cultures throughout the ages for its healing, cooling, anti-inflammatory & regenerative properties. In this treatment, unrefined, sun-dried pink clay is blended with wild-crafted, organic Myrtle body butter to deep clean, purify & tone the skin. This experience includes a gentle exfoliation, comforting A proprietary blend of wild-harvested herbal ingredients clay body wrap & scalp massage which helps to balance combined with our snug compression wraps allow for an & clear the mind & reduce stress. 60/90mins | 165/220 up to 10” loss throughout the body, in just one treatment. The treatment stimulates metabolism, firms & tones the body & dramatically improves the appearance of A B O U T f A C E f I R M I N G f A C I A L Experience the ultimate in luxurious rejuvenation with this specialized anti-aging treatment. First, Amala’s The Gel Body Wrap consists of powerful anti-aging aroma point stimulation technique helps to boost ingredients including Jade, White Mulberry, & Ginseng firmness & enhance your skin’s brightness while restoring combined with a proprietary herbal blend to deeply tone & texture. Then, Advanced Firming Complex is penetrate, moisturize & nourish the body. 60 mins | 165 applied to minimize fine lines & wrinkles, delivering a combination treatment showing instant visible results, leaving you feeling revitalized & refreshed with a The detoxifying properties of Jade & the invigorating qualities of Ginseng are combined with an exclusive formulation of organic & wild-crafted herbal ingredients to gently buff away dead skin cells & unclog pores. This naturally exfoliating & moisturizing treatment deeply Purify your skin with wild-crafted Blue Lotus & the nourishes & revitalizes, leaving skin smooth, protected & rejuvenating properties of organic Cocoa Bean. A special blend of Blue Lotus, Bamboo, Ginger, Algae extract & green & white clays deeply cleanses, harmonizes & purifies skin while unique plants of the M E D I T E R R A N E A N M A S S A G E & w R A p South American Amazon rainforest - organic Cocoa Enjoy the calming & detoxifying effects of this soothing Bean, Açaí, Andiroba & Buriti – help to rejuvenate, massage & body wrap, using a Mediterranean botanical rehydrate & smooth fine lines. Organic Muru Muru blend of organic Myrtle, Cypress, & Juniper. During the Butter, Cupuaçu Butter & Shea Butter restore youthful wrap, a Harmonizing Scalp Massage is performed to elasticity & hydrate with lasting moisture, leaving your guide your body & psyche into a state of total relaxation skin feeling youthful, fresh & radiant. 90 mins | 220 G E N T L E f I G f A C I A L Amala Sensitive Facial S T I M U L A T I N G S A L T p O L I S H Drench your skin in nature’s purest, most comforting Begin with a gentle, mineral rich body polish made with botanicals from Morocco. Organic Desert Fig Seed sea salt & crushed olive stone to exfoliate, stimulate & Oil is rich in Omega 6 essential fatty acids & provides cleanse the skin. Wrapped in a detoxifying clay body extraordinary levels of healing hydration to the most mask cocoon, you’ll relax & enjoy a Harmonizing Scalp sensitive skins. Organic Nopal Leaf, Argan Seed Oil, Massage while organic Jojoba, Avocado, & Olive Oils Moroccan Chamomile & unfermented Red Tea, along blended with organic Mediterranean Myrtle & Juniper with other soothing organic plant ingredients, will calm, detoxify your skin & body & restore healthy tone & strengthen & protect the skin, while infusing healing B A L A N C I N G B L U E L O T U S f A C I A L Restore balance, clarity & radiance to your skin with treatments inspired by the healing plants & flowers of Eastern Asia. Fair-trade Rice Germ, Blue Lotus, Bamboo, Algae extract & green & white clays help to Rancho Valencia’s Signature Manicure & Pedicure control excessive oil production & remove clogging Triple your delight with a squeeze of citrus. Start impurities. Wild-crafted Tiger Grass, Tonka, organic with a skin softening, antioxidant-rich Clementine Aloe, Ginger & Lemon help heal blemishes & promote soak, followed by an exfoliating scrub of blended clear skin. Organic green & white teas provide Salt with Citrus & Agave Nectar oil. Clearing the antioxidant protection, soothe the skin, & tone & way for a nourishing massage treatment, gentle purify leaving you with a clear & healthy complexion. exfoliation is followed by a warm Honey glaze wrap that hydrates with live fruit cells & soothing Aloe. Finally, enjoy a whipped Honeysuckle & B R I G H T E N I N G B R A Z I L I A N f A C I A L Blood Orange custard cream massage containing vitamin-packed fruit cells to deliver the highest Unrefined, sun-dried white & pink clays blended with concentration of skin loving vitamins A, E & C. French Spirulina define this facial experience that will regenerate, oxygenate, clarify, balance & deeply stimulate your skin. Mature or sun-damaged skin will deeply absorb the minerals, vitamins & moisture in our organic ingredients. Fair trade Cocoa Bean, Açaí, Andiroba, Brazil Nut & other Amazon rainforest plants Give your hands & feet a well-deserved rest by & flowers will leave your skin looking brighter, firmer & indulging in this royal treatment. Combining jade- smoother with a refreshing youthful appearance. infused soaks, scrubs, sprays, & creams to hydrate, repair, & detoxify dry & undernourished hands & feet, this soothing treatment will royally rejuvenate f I R M I N G C O C O A B E A N f A C I A L your fingers & toes, leaving you calm, cool & Nourish & rejuvenate the skin with a facial mask of purifying & firming sun-dried Sea Algae. Sea Algae works to open pores while trapping & removing impurities with a peel-off mask. The restorative fruits & plants of the Amazon, such as organic Cocoa Bean, Alleviate aches & pains while renewing & Andiroba & Buriti will firm, smooth & renew elasticity restoring tired, achy hands & feet. The muscle & of the skin. Held sacred by the Aztecs, Cocoa Bean pain-relieving soaks, scrubs, sprays, & creams used smooths fine lines & firms skin for a brighter, more in this treatment will not only heal & rejuvenate radiant, & youthful skin tone. 75 mins | 195 hands & feet, but will also alleviate symptoms of pain & aid in the relief of swelling & inflammation. C A L M I N G H Y D R A T I N G f A C I A L Bring your skin back to a healthy balance with this gentle, botanical facial. Calm & nurture oily, dry or sensitive skin. Restore & receive lasting hydration & Detoxifying & Stress Relieving elasticity while protecting your skin from free radical This powerful treatment consists of a stress damage with this rejuvenating calming treatment. relieving & detoxifying soak, scrub, & spray consisting of key ingredients including Burdock Root, Dandelion & Licorice Root to deeply penetrate acupressure points of the feet & effectively aid in the removal of body toxins. Restore balance, clarity & radiance to your skin with a Additional benefits include mind & body treatment inspired by the healing plants & flowers of revitalization, strengthening of the immune Eastern Asia. Rice Germ, Blue Lotus, Bamboo, Algae system, increased circulation & improved sleep. extract & green & white clays help to control excessive oil production & remove clogging impurities from the skin. Tiger Grass & Lemon help heal blemishes & promote clear skin. Green & white teas provide antioxidant protection, soothe & even out skin tone for a pure, healthy complexion. 60 mins | 165 S A V I N G f A C E Gentlemen’s Facial Ideal for a man’s skin, our purifying men’s facial provides For thE BriDE Trial Hair & Makeup, Wedding a full spectrum of skin benefits, just as nature intended. Day Hair & Makeup, Manicure, Pedicure & Offering deep cleansing & hydrating properties, Slimming Wrap, Customized Makeup Kit with Lashes wild-crafted Blue Lotus is paired with Algae Extract, Rice Germ, Bamboo, Ginger, Lemon & Tiger Grass to For thE WEDDiNG PartY Mother of the exfoliate, purify the skin & decongest pores. Bride & Maid of Honor Wedding Day Hair & Makeup For thE WEDDiNG DaY Chef Selected Small Bites, Tray-Passed Bellinis, Private Yoga Session for Bridal T H E B A C K N I N E Purifying Back Treatment Incorporating healing plants & flowers of Eastern Asia, this treatment restores balance, clarity & radiance to the skin. Rice Germ, Blue Lotus, Bamboo, Algae Extract For thE BriDE Trial Hair & Makeup, & green & white clays help to control excessive oil Wedding Day Hair & Makeup, Manicure & production & remove clogging impurities while Tiger Pedicure, Customized Makeup Kit with Lashes Grass & Lemon facilitate healing. Providing antioxidant protection, Green & White Teas soothe skin & even skin tone. Together, the unique combination of ingredients promotes a pure & healthy complexion. O R C H I D 450For thE BriDE Wedding Day Hair & Makeup, Customized Makeup Kit with Lashes for Bride Detoxifying Body Massage & Algae Wrap Unrefined, sun-dried green clay blended with French Spirulina provides the basis for this experience that will regenerate, oxygenate, clarify, balance & deeply stimulate your skin. Mature or sun-damaged skin will be restored, rehydrated & protected by organic Myrtle, Cypress, Hyssop, Juniper, Rosemary & other Mediterranean plants & flowers, for firmer & smoother w E D D I N G D A Y H A I R & M A K E U p 275 For BriDEsMaiDs or thE Muscle & Joint Manicure & Pedicure The perfect manicure & pedicure for athletes, this w E D D I N G D A Y M A K E U p 100 healing, rejuvenating treatment helps to alleviate symptoms of pain & aids in the relief of swelling & inflammation utilizing specialized muscle & joint soaks, scrubs, sprays, & creams. 30 mins | 50 R O U N D O f G O L f , “ M A N ” - I C U R E , O N E - O N - O N ECustomized 60 minute personal training session incorporating TRX, spin, yoga, &/or boxing, followed by a 20 minute Muscle & Joint Bath Soak & 60 minute massage of your choice. 2.5 hrs | 300 I R O N M A N | I R O N w O M A NCustomized 1.5 hour training session incorporating spin, TRX, boxing & stretching, followed by a 20 minute Muscle & Joint Bath Soak, 90 minute massage of choice, spa lunch & a signature raw juice drink from the Spa Cuisine Menu. Includes complimentary TRX system. 4 hrs | 750 I N R O O M S E R V I C E S Be pampered in the comfort of your casita with any choice of spa massage.
R E S E R V A T I O N STo get in touch with our spa concierge:PHONE: 858.759.6490EMAIL: spareservations@ranchovalencia.comWEB: ranchovalencia.com/spareservations M I N I M U M A G E R E Q U I R E M E N T SGuests must be 16 years of age or older to receive massage & facial treatments, 14 years of age or older to receive nail treatments, & 18 years of age or older to use the Fitness Center, spa pool, plunge pools, steam & sauna rooms.
C A N C E L L A T I O N S We kindly ask that cancellations & appointment changes be made by 7:00pm the day prior to your scheduled service(s) to avoid being charged in full.
C H E C K - I NPlease arrive a minimum of 20 minutes prior to your appointment start time & enjoy L A T E A R R I V A L SPlease note that your late arrival will determine the length of your treatment. Your service will end on time so the next guest is not delayed. Thank you for your B A T H I N G S U I T p O L I C YOur pools, steam & sauna are coed so be sure to bring your swimsuit! C E L L p H O N E STo preserve the relaxing environment of The Spa, we request that you refrain from G I f T C A R D SSpa gift cards are available at the resort, through Guest Services, & on our website.
G R A T U I T I E SGratuities may be left at your discretion in appreciation for exceptional service. s p a 8 5 8 . 7 5 9. 6 4 9 0 • r a n c h o va l e n c i a s p a .c o m
s p a r e s e r va t i o n s @ r a n c h o va l e n c i a .c o m
5 9 2 1 va l e n c i a c i r c l e ( p.o. B o x 9 1 2 6 ) r a n c h o s a n t a F e , c a 9 2 0 6 7

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