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2012 Gender and Development Annual Report

in response to the mandate of the Magna Carta of Women (R.A. 9710) in adopting Gender Mainstreaming as a
strategy in the implementation of the law, RFU 12 had undertaken GAD initiatives were rural women in the
agriculture & fishery sectors were involved in the planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of the DA’s
PAPs, likewise, strengthening of the Regional GAD Focal Point System and enhancing the Sex-Disaggregated
data bases to aid implementers in planning, programming and policy formulation that will address issues and
concerns on women and recognize women’s significant role in the development of the farming and fishing
Production Support
Established two vegetable seed production areas as source of good quality planting materials for distribution to rural women and men through LGU partners. Located at Bololmala, Tupi and Brgy Concepcion, Koronadal City with a total area of 900 sqm. Produced and distributed 600 packets of assorted OPV of vegetable seeds to 200 rural women and 123 women inmates of General Santos City in collaboration with BJMP andLGU- OPAG South Cotabato. Distributed 20 kilos of Brazilian Cacao seeds and 8 LPM to RFU- 8, Tacloban City in October 29/12 in support to their GAD Women Council Cacao Production project. 10 kilos of Brazilian Cacao seeds to City Agriculture Office of Valencia City for propagation and distribution to rural women. The seeds were given free by Tiny R. Tamayo, 2012 GAD Outstanding Rural Woman. In coordination with BFAR XII, distributed 9 portable smoke houses to 4 rural women organization and 5 LGUs in support to fish processing livelihood projects. Extension, Education and Training Support
For capacity and skills enhancement activities RFU XII has conducted 1 GST for RFO Officials with 28 attendees, sent 3 officials to gender trainings, 2 forums on Gender for Health and Nutrition and the Magna Carta of Women attended by 151 women and men, 2 Techno-Demo on meat and fish processing with 82 attendees and conducted one Knowledge Management Exposure trip to Outstanding Rural Women national awardee’s farms with 49 participants from LGUs, rural women leaders, RFO and BFAR XII. Extended Learning Exposure to RFU 8, Tacloban City by giving lectures on GAD, Good Agricultural Practices and the success story of R-XII Outstanding Rural Woman, Tiny R. Tamayo with the purpose of motivating other rural women to have an active role in the development of the Agri Sector. And Conducted 7 GAD meetings and attended 14 GAD meetings for capacity enhancement and gender updating. Policy Formulation and Advocacy
In recognition of the significant contribution of rural women in the field of agriculture and fishery, the rural community and the economy, the GAD Search for Outstanding Rural Women has been institutionalized. For 4 consecutive years, R-XII in partnership with the LGUs had produced 5 national winners in the annual GAD
Search for Outstanding Rural Women. For year 2012, Tiny R. Tamayo of Antipas, North Cotabato was adjudged
as national winner in October 18, 2012 at the NIA Convention Center, Q.C. and was awarded with P75,000 cash
prize, 1 hand tractor and P500,000 worth of project to be implemented in her barangay, by no less than
Secretary Proceso J. Alcala. These outstanding rural women had been our partners in the implementation of
DA’s GAD programs, activities and projects truly they are equal partners of our men farmers for feeding the
Prepared by:
GAD Focal Person
March 12, 2013
GAD initiatives in the Region will pave the way for a more thorough recognition of the relationship between women and men and giving them equal opportunity to realize their potentials and to contribute to social, economic, political, and cultural development.


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