1. Which of the following is NOT
9. Motor fl uctuations are best
regarded as a cardinal symptom of
defi ned as:
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multiple choice questions by circling the correct answer and 2. All of the following are common
mail or fax to: ADVANCE for Nurses, Learning Scope, 2900 “non-motor” symptoms of PD
Horizon Dr., King of Prussia, PA 19406; 610-278-1426.
10. The patient with PD is at risk for all
of the following in the late stages of
For accuracy, please print clearly. (N04) disease EXCEPT:
#BXNCZGC******************5-DIGIT 12345
3. The gold standard of drug therapy
for PD is:
1. I can describe the complex
4. The diagnosis of PD is based
symptom profi le and complications
largely on:
of Parkinson’s disease.
a. abnormalities of the midbrain seen on EVALUATION
Make check (any checks returned for non-suffi cient funds will be assessed a $25 service fee) or money order payable to Merion Publications Learning Scope, 2900 Horizon Dr., 5. Patients with PD should be cautious
2. I can discuss the treatment and
King of Prussia, PA 19406, or pay by credit card: of high protein intake primarily
management options for
Parkinson’s disease.
● American Express ● Visa ● MasterCard ● Discover d. increased protein reduces the liver’s 3. I can discuss nursing strategies
for Parkinson’s disease care in
6. Deep brain stimulation:
various clinical settings.
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d. is only being used for patients with PD overall goal of the article.
7. All of the following are appropriate
treatment options for psychosis in PD
JOB TITLE that best describes your position (fi ll in just one circle completely)
5. The article is well-written and
logically organized, and defi nes
terms adequately.
8. The most critical nursing issue for
patients with PD who are
PRACTICE SETTING that best describes your setting (fi ll in just one circle completely)
hospitalized is:
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