Vest and shorts
Socks and white compression sleaves
Track suit
Racing shoes
Friday lunchFriday dinnerSaturday breakfastSaturday lunchSaturday dinnerSunday breakfast Powder enough for 13 drinks3 normal gels3 caffeine gelshair bandsbottles for 12 drinksRecovery drink / bars Hat and glovesGood luck cardRP attitude'Leisure wear' lol'Yacht wear' FRIDAY
Frank wil take you to the vil age at 9:00.
You are staying in the Athlete Vil age. Rest before your race. Enjoy it afterwards!
Frank is taking you to a press conference - "aiming for a pb, in good shape, we'l see what
effect the course has on things, happy to be here with Danish team, blah blah."
Sounding positive.
You have brought your own food. Eat wel at lunch and at dinner. Fuel your race. Stay
No training today.
10min easy, 10min at 5:45s, 10min easy - that's it. Go back and eat a FULL meal straight
afterwards. Another good meal wil be needed later in the day. Keep hydrated.
There is no technical meeting. You have seen the course and have a map. Frank wil
make sure drinks are delivered.
It is unclear yet whether I wil be able to join you for a while on Saturday. Drinks need to
be made up as follows.
Make sure each bottle is clearly identified with the A1,C2, etc coding.
You also need two bottles of powder drink for race day and a recovery drink (choc milk).
***Make sure bottles are shaken wel - don't quite fil them - ensure no powder is Try as best as possible just to relax on Saturday. You can't get fitter today, but you can harm your performance if you don't do all the right things.
Sleeping might be difficult but lie down and rest anyway. You can be calm. You have trained wel . You are in shape. You can be full of confidence.
You have brought your own food. Eat wel at lunch and at dinner. Fuel your race. Stay
Try to limit communication with the outside world. It can be draining. Think about you
today. I'l start using your Danish phone.
Pack race day bag:
- racing flats
- vest with numbers already on
- number on bag
- calf guards
- drink for sipping before
- drink for immediately afterwards
- recovery drink for after
- recovery bar for straight after plus ideally fruit and nuts
- accreditation
- phones
- unopened good luck card
7:00 - Porridge and coffee.
7:30 - Leave Olympic Vil age on bus - open your good luck card on the way. Sip energy
9:00 - Must be at race venue - go relax in the Team Tents or Athlete's Lounge. Chil . 9:30 - Toilet 9:40 - 10-13min easy, 5min at 6:00ish, 4min easy - any gentle mobility can be done now - nothing new - standard procedure10:10 - Toilet?10:15 - Must be back in team tent. Good swig of drink. Racing shoes on. Double check laces.
10:20-10:40 - Make your way to call room when you are called. I suggest you go in sooner rather than later and get one of the seats. In call room sit down and relax, no stretching, think of your race plan. settle, hold, push. Think back at all those long runs when you've finished strongly and workouts where you've even impressed yourself. You're in shape and ready for this. 10:50 You wil be walked out to the course - light jog and some easy strides. Check laces.
10:57 - Called to start line - focus. settle, hold, push.
11:00 Race starts DURING THE RACE
Settle - Use the early mile markers to get an indication of pace. Find a group to relax in. Conserve as much energy as possible. No quicker than 5:45.
Hold - Stay in a group for as long as they are going at the right pace. If they slow, gently move to the front of the group and move on. Don't be worried if the pace drops on the City part of the course. Keep your effort consistent.
Push - Last lap, all in. Gently 'wring out the towel' to get every drop of energy out over the race. No sudden pace changes, gradually wind it up. Enjoy passing people. Forget the time, just work hard. This is your strongest part of the race.
There are markers every mile, and clocks every 5k. Use the information early on and then
find your own rhythm.
2:30:30 pace
2:33 pace
Try and take on fuel at every station (see schedule on previous page), little and often.
All drinks stations are on the right hand side of the course, on a table identified as being for Denmark with a flag. Drinks wil either be on the table or handed to you by a Danish official. They are all on the big lap.
There are mist stations at various points and sponge stations after each drinks station.
Enjoy yourself. but first lets get the healing process off to a good start if you want to be
fit to train in a couple of weeks for the Word Half.
ASAP after finish (within 20 minutes) drink energy drink. Eat recovery bar and other carbs and proteins and drink recovery drink with an hour, earlier if possible.
Eat a meal as soon as you can after the race. Don't overdo things alcohol wise - alternate with soft drinks.
When you get back to vil age, have an ice bath or at least a very cold bath. 15 minutes - limit the micro damage.
Get a massage from team physio on Monday and as often as possible through the week, every day ideally. Back, legs, shoulders.
Eat wel throughout the week. Relax. Don't think too much!

Source: http://www.harambeerunning.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/JDP-London-Olympics-2012-last-48-hours-info.pdf

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