Yellow pages directory inc. supports national ˝opt-in˛ movement

Yellow Pages Directory Inc. Supports National “Opt-In” Movement
Yellow Pages Directory Inc. believes opting out from receiving bulky, wasteful paper yellowpages directories is a good start, but the greatest environmental benefit won’t be achieved untilthose who want to continue receiving paper telephone books must opt in. East Northport, NY () July 20, 2011 -- A recent “Green” networking event sponsored by the LongIsland - Huntington chapter of Green Drinks International () was held at the Cinema Arts Centrein Huntington, New York on June 28th. There, people interested in working toward the preservation andsustainability of our environment met over organic snacks, wine and live music to compare notes on theirefforts and brainstorm new ideas. An informal survey of various attendees revealed that although few want toreceive paper telephone directories, the books continue to appear on their doorsteps and from there aretransferred to their recycling pails, eventually ending up clogging our landfills. Most agreed on the wastefulnessof this practice, but few were aware that they could put a stop to at least a modicum of it simply by going onlineand opting-out from having the books delivered to their homes, most of which were actually folks alreadyinvolved in the Green movement, thus their attending.
Yellow Pages Directory, Inc., is a staunch supporter of the opt-in movement to limit the delivery of printedtelephone directories to those individuals and businesses who have actually requested them. Although thecompany continues to provide its users with a feature whereby they may choose to opt out from receivingtraditional paper yellow directories simply by clicking ” at the top of its site and following theprompts, the company realizes that the enormous amount of waste and environmental harm generated by theproduction, delivery and disposal of these books can best be stemmed by following the model of San Francisco,which recently limiting the distribution of commercial phone directories to residences andbusinesses that have “opted-in” to receive them.
In a near-unanimous vote last month, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed legislation creating athree-year pilot program which will restrict delivery of Yellow Pages books to those customers who eitheraccept them in person or have given prior approval for delivery via telephone or mail. Although the passed an ordinance last year allowing residents to cancel their phone book deliveries by “opting out,”the San Francisco legislation, slated to take effect on May 1, 2012, is the first of its kind in the country torequire “opting in,” and is expected to eliminate much of the seven million pounds of waste generated annuallyby paper yellow directories in the City by the Bay, at a cost to the taxpayers of $300 per ton for collection andrecycling. was quick to point out, however, that the San Franciscoordinance is not a ban on Yellow Pages books. Anyone who wants them may continue to request printeddirectories, and special outreach efforts will be made by the city to advise senior citizens and others who maylack Internet access on how to go about maintaining their Yellow Pages delivery.
Interestingly, and according to and , a federal judge recently dismissed a lawsuitbrought against the City of Seattle by directory company Dex One, ruling that the city’s opt-out registry doesnot violate the company’s First Amendment right to free speech. U.S. District Court Judge James Robart wrote:"Because Plaintiffs have failed to demonstrate a likelihood of success on the merits of their First Amendmentclaim, because any First Amendment impact on the public is limited, and because the City and its residentshave competing public interests in privacy and waste reduction, the court finds that Plaintiffs have failed todemonstrate that a preliminary injunction is in the public interest." On the heels of this decision, phone book trade groups are now rallying in support of “opt out” provisions,realizing perhaps that San Francisco’s “opt in” legislation is only the beginning; similar green-friendlyinitiatives are in the works in jurisdictions from Maryland to California. "Yellow Pages Goes Greenwholeheartedly supports the “opt in” model because it offers the greatest potential for environmentalpreservation and benefit.", said CEO Michael Keegan.
About Yellow Pages Directory Inc.
Provides an eco-friendly Internet-based alternative to printed telephone books as well as helps consumersoptout of print directories. The online site helps customers reduce their environmental footprint by giving thema substitute for traditional print Yellow Pages directories, reducing their paper use. The company owns as well as, both of which have contributed greatly throughthe years to today's general opt-out awareness in the United States. As an initiative for the promotion of greeneco-friendly alternatives Yellow Pages Directory Inc. takes several added initiatives to minimize the impact ithas on the environment with its own office space, computers, servers and web site hosting services.
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