fluctuate during the menstrual cycle.
These natural steroids create the perfectenvironment for fertilization and celldivision at the time of conception. They Studies reveal that women who use transdermal progesterone cream experienced an average 7-8% bone mass density increase in the first year, 4-5% the second year and 3-4% the cycle and female reproductive cycle.
When insufficient amounts of third year! Natural progesterone stimulates the production of bone building osteoblasts, thus providing needed protection overabundance of estrogen painfulsigns and symptom occur, categorically against the development of osteoporosis.(1-4) described as PMS (Pre-MenstrualSyndrome). Women suffering from the Women taking estrogen by itself are six times more likely to develop uterine cancer because of over-stimulation and growth of the uterus and one and a half times more likely to develop symptoms, some of which include waterretention, bloating, tenderness of the breast cancer within the next five years.(5-8) Progesterone, on the otherhand, reduces the risk by controlling estrogen levels irritability, emotional instability,depression, and unexplainable mood and calming uterine stimulation. Many physicians are now recommending that progesterone be taken by all women on estrogen as a protection against osteoporosis, (9-11) uterine overabundance of estrogen then thesigns and symptoms of PMS often "Harnassing the Forces of Life" Women, too, who have entered the time of life commonly refereed SCANTY OR IRREGULAR MENSTRUAL CYCLE.
to as “the change of life” or menopause experience similar symptomsas-well-as vasomotor flushes (hot flashes), osteoporosis, night Small amounts (approximately ¼ teaspoon) sweats, vaginal dryness, and mood swings. These same signs and of progesterone should be applied 2 times a day symptoms can be experience by women who have had a until menstrual cycle begins. Discontinue progesterone use during menstruation andresume use once menstruation has stopped.
Whether it be PMS or menopause, progesterone plays an For all menstrual problems it is important to important role in pain relief and physiological equilibrium.
PUREGEST should be taken under the supervision of a Health Care PRE-MENSTRUAL SYNDROME (PMS)
The most effective time to use progesterone Women who experience scanty or irregular menstrual cycles, is from the time of ovulation (ovulation usuallybegins 12 - 14 days from the beginning of women that regularly suffer the pangs of PMS, and women undergoing the “change of life,” are the top candidates for progesterone use.
menstrual cycle. Apply 1/8 teaspoon 2 times a Before beginning a program that includes the use of progesterone, it day for the first 4 days following ovulation. Days is recommended that a woman seek out the advice of a Health Care 5-10 apply ¼ teaspoon 2 times a day. Days 11 until beginning of menstrual cycle apply ½teaspoon 2 times a day. Be sure to establish WHEN SHOULD NATURAL PROGESTERONE BE USED?
your own personalized schedule by keeping anaccurate record on the calendar.
Although the amount of progesterone required by each individual can fluctuate tremendously, certain criteria can be followed in establishing a personalized program of health care. To produce the menstrual cycle, progesterone may be applied to best results it is recommended that PUREGEST be used while under the lower abdomen. Migraines require small the care of a Health Care Professional. The following information and amounts of progesterone to be applied to the dose schedules are merely general recommendations and are not back of the neck and in the temple area.
suggested to be a cure of any pathology or disease.
For best results ¼ to ½ teaspoon 2 times a Progesterone creams are best absorbed when applied to areas of the body that are covered with thin layers of skin. These areas diminished yet still present then progesteroneshould be discontinued during menstruation and include the chest, breasts, lower abdomen, the inner portions of the continued again after it ends. From end of thighs and arms, wrists, and neck. For best results be sure to rotate menstrual cycle and for the next 7 days apply ¼ areas of application, perhaps starting with the neck during the first teaspoon 2 times a day. On the 8th day until week, moving on to the chest the following week, and onto the lower menstrual cycle begins apply ½ teaspoon 2 abdomen the third week. Such a rotation can also be done on a monthly cycle, the important thing is that a routine be established. It is not necessary to apply progesterone cream to all absorbable areas alleviated by applying ¼ teaspoon every 15 in a cyclical pattern, only a few will suffice.
Some relief may be possible by applying ¼ directed by a Health Care Professional.
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