A Lok Adalat was held the day before at district headquarters Bomdila in an attempt to dispose-off the various cases; some dating back to 15 years and more. A total of 81 cases under Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT) and Compoundable Criminal cases of the district were up for hearing and disposal. Chairman Lok Adalat cum Member MACT
Deputy Commissioner AK Singh assisted by Addl. DC Habung
Donyi, Circle Officer Koj Yabyang and Advocates Khamu Dessisow
and Gombu Tsering Gonpapa disposed-off 20 Compoundable
criminal cases of Bomdila, Rupa and Dirang courts out of the 45
cases. The rest were referred to the regular Tribunal court.
Of the 36 MACT cases, only one could be settled fully and finally for Rs.3, 50,000.00. The rest had to be referred to the regular court as the Advocates representing the Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd Tezpur, National Insurance Co. Ltd Tezpur and New India Assurance Co. Tezpur submitted the Insurance Compa-nies’ intent to contest the claims in the regular court. Keeping up the vision and endeavor of the for-
mer Governor General JJ Singh (Retd) of: Clean Arunachal –
Green Arunachal
, the whole of Bomdila turned up for the mass
cleanliness drive and social service today. The district headquar-ters Bomdila was divided into 35 zones and participated by all the officers, staff, students, Bomdila Town Committee, Bomdila Taxi Association, Bomdila Bazaar Youth Welfare Association, general

Source: http://westkameng.nic.in/press/LOK.pdf

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