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October 17, 2012
11:30-1:00 p.m.
Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) (UCT 1726)

Attendees: Amy Franklin, Susan Guerrero, Ana Neumann, Janet Peri, Joan Hernandez-McClain,
Jing Wang, Allegra Johnson, Mandy Kaplon, Jenna Taylor, Maria Hillman, Michele Stanton,
Jennifer Smith, Sylvia Magallan, Kathy Rodgers, Samoan Johnson and Sandra Dugan.
Absences: Karen Kaplan, Hope Moser, Elisabeth Netherton

I. Welcome & Call to Order

Ms. Joan Hernandez-McClain, 2012-2013 Chair, called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m. A
motion was made and seconded to approve the September 2012 minutes as written.
Nominations for the positions for Chair-Elect and Secretary were put to vote. The following
committee members were elected to the open positions:
Chair-Elect-Susan Guerrero
Secretary-Ana Neumann
It was reported to the Committee that the Xythos CSW folder is now active and members should
have access to folder. Information will continue to be added to the files as needed.
Presentation by Amy Franklin and Jennifer Smith
Several reports regarding mentoring were loaded to the CSW Xythos folder in order that members could review the reports and presentation material in detail. Dr. Franklin focused her presentation to the development of a mentoring program. Her powerpoint presentation can also be found on Xythos under the title of “Mentoring.” She noted that there are many factors in the development of a mentoring program and that the CSW would need to decide at what level of participation the committee should become involved in the development of a mentoring program. She also noted that a full mentoring program would need to have an annual budget to be sustained. Some points of consideration when developing a mentoring program are: • Needs analysis-what are the expectations, interests and needs of the community involved in • Defining the mentoring activities-would you have one-on-one meetings, group activities or • Oversite-What would be the role of the CSW if a mentoring program is created? Reported by Jennifer Smith: Jennifer focused her presentation on mentoring models. She spoke with Mr. Eric Fernette, Chief Human Resources Officer at UTHealth and it was noted that he too had been working on types of mentoring programs needed at UTHealth. She suggested that the CSW could partner with Human Resources or other offices that could sustain a mentoring program. She also noted that perhaps the use of UTHealth Retirees or Alumni as mentors could be helpful. The mentoring models discussed during Ms. Smith’s presentation included: • Group mentoring-Networking events with mentors. Possible need for fewer mentors under • Peer to Peer-Matching new employees with mentors across the campus or within their units • Speed mentoring-This could be events such as brown bags where a mentor or group of mentors could meet with a group of employees where the employees had the ability to cover topics with mentors as needed. This may be more feasible for the CSW to take on as a mentoring project too. • Reverse mentoring-This idea is where you are not mentoring new employees, but rather taking the seasoned employee and matching them with a new employee that may have new ways and technology expertise to share with the seasoned employee. • Needs Assessment Survey-The Professional Development Subcommittee were assigned to come up with a survey to include a list of questions that would go out to the UTHealth community to help the CSW decide what type of mentoring activity is needed at UTHealth. • Exit Surveys-any CSW brown bag events should include an exit survey for all participants to get a better understanding if these events are helping employees or what more is needed to address at brown bag events. Sub-Committees Selections for FY2013.
The following individuals were elected to chair the CSW subcommittees: Professional Development-Jing Wang Outreach Activity-Sylvia Magallan Awards-Amanda (Mandy) Kaplon An email will go out to all CSW members requesting that they rank their choices of subcommittees with #1 being their top choice. Any members who do not reply will be placed on needed subcommittees. IV. Outreach Activity
Discussion: The CSW Chair reminded the members that it was decided that a HCPC Teen Clothing Drive would be sponsored by the CSW. The HCPC contact information will be sent to the Chair of the Outreach Subcommittee who will provide information to what type of modest clothing is needed. It was agreed by the members to have the clothing drive in December for HCPC. Action Item: • HCPC contact information will be sent to Chair of the Outreach Subcommittee. • Flyer will be prepared to go out to the UTHealth Community. EVPARA office will request that the flyer be placed on UT/TV monitors across the UTHealth campus. • An announcement for News on the Go will be provided to Jenna Taylor. Next Meeting:
The November meeting was canceled, and the committee elected to use that time for subcommittee meetings as called by the subcommittee chairs. Adjournment:
The meeting adjourned at 1:00pm. The next meeting will be Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 11:30am, UCT 1726.


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