The following is a compilation of gender related stories from leading media: The New York Times, Financial Times, BBC, Al Jazeera English, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Times of India, China Daily, El País (Spain), El Mundo (Spain), Clarín (Argentina) NOTIMEX (Mexican News Agency), O Globo (Brazil), Le Monde (France) and Le Figaro (France). The New York Times
For Women in Street Stops, Deeper Humiliation
Shari Archibald’s black handbag sat at her feet on the sidewalk in front of her Bronx home on a recent summer night. The two male officers crouched over her leather bag and rooted around inside, elbow-deep. One officer fished out a tampon and then a sanitary napkin, crinkling the waxy orange wrapper between his fingers in search of drugs. Next he pulled out a tray of foil-covered pills, Ms. Archibald recalled. “What’s this?” the officer said, examining the pill packaging stamped “drospirenone/ethinylestradiol.” “Birth control,” Ms. Archibald remembered saying. She took a breath and exhaled deeply, hoping the whoosh of air would cool her temper and contain her humiliation as the officers proceeded to pat her down. Read the rest of the article
In Weak Economy, an Opening to Court Votes of Single Women
Being single, Alyson Sheradin had no one to rely on when the financial crisis hit. She lost the considerable savings she had tucked away after selling her business in 2002, and struggled to find work as a business consultant, recently moving in with a friend in the suburbs who does not charge her rent. Ms. Sheradin, 49, a registered Libertarian, voted Republican in 2008. But now, as she weighs competing inclinations — she believes Americans should have health care but is wary os plan; she bristles at burdens on smal business but also at constraints on women’s rights — she is not so sure. “I am definitely a swing vote,” she said over a pizza lunch with single friends. “I have no idea.” As much as Ms. Sheradin is up for grabs in this election, so too are the legions of unmarried women who helped lift Mr. Obama to victory in 2008. Single women are one of the country’s fastest-growing demographic groups — there are 1.8 million more now than just two years ago. They make up a quarter of the voting-age population nationally, and even more in several swing states, including Nevada. Read the rest of the article
Sex Bias in Video Gaming
(front page, Aug. 2) spotlights a disturbing matter reflecting the endemic misogyny still present in our society. Such appalling behavior and blatant barriers for women and girls reveal this larger ill and feed its acceptance. They also demonstrate the continuing necessity to instill skills, confidence and courage in girls and women to deal with explicit and covert discrimination, and then advocate for real change. All women and girls deserve to be safe in their world — real or virtual — and to be valued for their accomplishments. We each have a role to play in our drive toward gender equality. Miranda Pakozdi, the young gamer you feature who has taken a stand against harassment, and her defenders show that there are many such girls and women, and also companies, boys and men willing to stand with them. I applaud their leadership. Their efforts can change not only the gaming community for the better, but also our world at large. Shafilea Ahmed: Investigating honour crime
She has been on the run from her family for seven years, but Maziera's only sin is being a Sikh who In the eyes of her family she has brought shame and dishonour. "My dad said he wanted to kil me and I had gone too far this time," said Maziera, not her real name, "I've had to change my identity, change the way I dress, change my look, and he stil keeps threatening "He keeps saying he's going to get me one day, he's going to kill my daughter, he's going to kill me Read the rest of the article:
Harcèlement : la rue ne doit plus être un espace où les hommes font leur loi
En Belgique, la vidéo de Sofie Peeters, mettant en évidence la réalité du harcèlement de rue à Bruxelles, a fait l'effet d'une bombe dans le débat public et suscité de nombreux témoignages sur la Toile. Le plus surprenant pour nous est l'étonnement que génère encore un tel constat. Oui, la rue est un lieu où les femmes sont exposées au sexisme et aux violences de certains hommes. La plupart des femmes, si ce n'est toutes, ont connu dans leur vie, de manière plus ou moins fréquente, le harcèlement de rue. Celui-ci peut prendre différentes formes, allant des remarques sur le physique ou la tenue aux insultes machistes, en passant par les sifflets et les invitations insistantes. Il s'accompagne parfois d'agressions physiques (bousculade, main aux fesses, etc.). Lire la suite
Concert de critiques au procès "express" des Pussy Riot à Moscou
Le procureur a requis, mardi 7 août, trois ans de détention en camp d'internement contre les trois jeunes femmes du groupe Pussy Riot, jugées à Moscou pour avoir chanté une "prière punk" anti-Poutine dans la cathédrale du Christ-Sauveur, en février. Nadejda Tolokonnikova, 22 ans, Ekaterina Samoutsevitch, 29 ans, et Maria Alekhina, 24 ans, sont coupables de hooliganisme et d'incitation à la haine religieuse, a estimé le procureur. Lire la suite
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Corea del Sur, en la lucha contra los crecientes delitos sexuales
Corea del Sur busca castigar con más dureza los delitos sexuales ante el aumento de estos crímenes que, además de cárcel, conllevan en el país asiático controvertidos medidas como castración química, tobilleras electrónicas o revelación de datos personales. La opinión pública surcoreana aún está conmocionada después de que el mes pasado un condenado por violación asesinara a una niña de 10 años tras presuntamente abusar de ella, mientras que otro ciudadano con antecedentes por delitos sexuales descuartizara a una mujer de mediana edad en circunstancias aún por esclarecer. Leer el resto del
4 mulheres são agredidas por hora, mas ainda há subnotificação
No ano passado, 37.717 mulheres brasileiras entre 20 e 59 anos procuraram hospitais públicos em busca de atendimento, após terem sido vítimas de violência e maus-tratos no País - um crescimento de 38,7% em comparação com 2010. O levantamento, feito pelo Ministério da Saúde, será divulgado nesta terça-feira, 7, no dia em que a Lei Maria da Penha, que pune violência doméstica, faz seis anos. Desde janeiro de 2011, uma resolução do Ministério da Saúde tornou compulsória a notificação oficial de todos os casos relacionados à violência contra a mulher que fossem atendidos na rede pública. Assim, segundo o governo, o crescimento de 38,7% não significa necessariamente aumento nos casos de violência, mas que havia subnotificação. INSS: Homens pagarão custos de agressão contra mulheres
A partir desta terça-feira, além de responder criminalmente na Justiça, os agressores de mulheres também vão sentir no bolso o peso de suas atitudes violentas. O Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social (INSS) informou que vai ajuizar nesta terça-feira a primeira ação regressiva na Justiça para cobrar de agressores o ressarcimento de valores pagos pelo órgão com benefícios gerados em função de atos de violência doméstica contra as mulheres. Leer el resto del artículo:

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