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Healthy Life TM Aloe Juice

Our Aloe Juice, the purest form of packaged Aloe Juice, can be used mainly as a liquid dietary supplement, immunity enhancer and to over come general debility. Aloe Juice health benefits are: Boost the immune system Provides vital nutrients Helps to control diabetics Acts as a laxative Prevents kidney stones Guards against ulcers Is useful in treating arthritis Accelerates wound healing Useful for smokers & heavy drinkers to detoxify their system Helpful in treating osteoporosis
Who need a boost in immunity?
We are living in a society full of stress, pol ution, diseases and adverse forces that
constantly surround us and sooner or later we succumb to them. Today’s youth even are
susceptible as they lead a stressful lifestyle and eat unhygienic food. What makes a
difference is how capable our body is in fighting disease and getting rid of toxins. So, al
the people, teenagers to the elderly, need that extra boost in their immunity to improve
and maintain their health. Aloe Juice would be especial y beneficial for people who are
actually suffering from immune – deficient disease like Hepatitis, Diabetes, Cancer and
Provides vital nutrients
Aloe Juice is recommended to be taken as an ideal dietary supplement for one and al . It
is rich in natural nutrients and fibres and is free from harmful substances. It is also rich in
anti – oxidants vitamin E and Vitamin C, soluble mineral and detoxifying fibres.
Helpful in controlling diabetes
One in 20 of the world’s adult population now suffer from diabetes. In India alone there
are 30 mil ion diabetic patients and this number is set to double in next couple of
decades. “Adult Onset Diabetes” is associated with obesity, poor eating habits and a
sedentary lifestyle, a common feature of people living in urban areas. It is general y
treated with oral hypoglycaemic drugs, diet and exercise. However, the problem with
drugs is that they don’t treat the root cause of diabetes and patients develop resistance
towards them after 4- 5 years of usage and are thereafter put on insulin therapy. Surely,
they need some other help besides diet and exercise and Aloe Juice is that extra help.
Aloe Juice contain 22 amino acids, mineral, detoxifying fibers and its constituents
Glucomannan, Cr, Mn, Mg and Zn are responsible for anti – diabetic activity. The blood
glucose level control ing effects of Aloe Juice can be observed within a month of taking it
and the effects improve in the second month.
For newly diagnosed diabetic patients, Aloe Juice treatment is al they need but for
uncontrol ed diabetic patients on oral hypoglycaemic pil , the Aloe Juice treatment
should be given in addition to drugs as they take a longer time to improve. However they
can continue drinking Aloe Juice, for a long duration as it has no side effects. It will also
help them by increasing their immunity, accelerating wound healing, lowering cholesterol
and relieving constipation.
Acts as a laxative
Aloe Juice contains anthraquionine, a stimulant which produces soft stool in 6 – 12 hours
after ingestion. It is rich in fibers that help to reduce constipation and increase the
moisture and specific gravity of the stool. Aloe Juice helps in detoxification process and
maintains a normal pH balance of the gastrointestinal tract. This makes Aloe Juice, an
indispensable regulator of the digestive system for people having inadequate fiber in their
diet and for elderly people.
Prevents kidney stones
The anthraquionine content in Aloe Juice binds calcium in the urinary tract and
significantly reduces the growth rate of urinary calcium crystal in lower dose. The Aloe
Juice can be used to prevent stone formation and reduce the size of the kidney stone.
Guards against ulcers
Aloe Juice contains emodine which inhibits the growth of helicobacter pylori, the micro
organism responsible for ulcers. Aloe Juice inhibits gastric acid secretion and has
protective effects against mucosal damage. Taking Aloe Juice before the start of an
aspirin treatment reduces the aspirin induced gastric mucosal injury by as much as 70%.
Aloe juice suppresses the ulcer causing effects of stress and smoking.
Useful in arthritis
Aloe Juice inhibits inflammation and is therefore helpful as an adjuvant in inflammatory
conditions like arthritis. It stimulates the fibroblast for growth and repair of the inflamed
synovial membrane of the joint.
Accelerates wound healing
Aloe Juice stimulates both the macrophages and fibroblast, body cells that are crucial in
the healing of wounds. Stimulation of these cel s not only enhances tissue regeneration
but also increase the immune response. Moreover Aloe Juice inhibits the growth of
common wound – infecting bacteria and thereby improves the healing prospects. Also it
increases tensile strength of the wound and minimizes the formation of scar tissue and
thereby acts as an anti – aging formula as wel . All this makes Aloe Juice quite useful for
people in pre and post operative’s conditions, i.e before and after surgery and also for
people who have suffered from burns and wounds.
Useful for smokers and heavy drinkers
There is nothing as beneficial as quitting smoking and abstaining from heavy intake of
alcoholic beverages but some habits die hard with certain people and therefore they
need something like Aloe Juice to detoxify their system from the harms of substance
abuse. Smokers can benefits from the antioxidants present in Aloe Juice and reduce their
chances of developing gastric ulcers, while heavy drinkers can benefits from the positive
effect that Aloe Juice has on the digestive system.
Helpful in osteoporosis
The minerals calcium and magnesium present in Aloe Juice are in soluble form and are
“Bio Available” (present in organic forms that are readily utilized by the body) and it is
therefore recommended for osteoporosis, which is a common affliction in elderly people
and post – menopausal women.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but rather are dietary supplements intended
solely for nutritional support. Individual results may vary.
Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, hypoglycaemic, and people with known medical conditions
and/or taking drugs should consult with a licensed physician and/or pharmacist prior to taking dietary


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