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1-1, Doshomachi 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-8645 (Japan) TOTAL REVENUES
Account for 72% of total pharma sales, up from 70% in 2005.
IN THE PAST YEAR, TAKEDA MADE A SPLASH in the U.S. with its Avandia’s risks (see GlaxoSmithKline’s profile). Its share of the surreal commercials for sleep treatment Rozerem. Featuring new prescription market shot to 22% from 10%, while Avandia’s such elements as Abraham Lincoln and a talking beaver, the dropped from 10% to nil in the immediate aftermath. Overall, spots are supposed to evoke the incredibly embarrassing Actos sales rose 13% in the two weeks following the news dream-symbols that insomniacs are missing out on. Lucky release, according to Wolters Kluwer Health. It remains to be them. It’s still early days, but a recent article in the Chicago seen what effect the “black box” has on Actos prescriptions.
Tribune indicated that Takeda’s North American business actu- In mid-June 2007, Takeda shut down the Phase III U.S. trial of ally spent more on Rozerem marketing ($100+ million) than a fixed-dose combo of Actos and TAK-536, an antihypertensive.
Takeda has made in Rozerem revenues ($88 million). Takeda The company announced that an “improvement in pharmaceu- submitted the drug to the EMEA in March 2007.
tical formulation is needed for the fixed combination of Actos Rozerem’s slow uptake aside, Japan’s top pharma company and TAK-536, and [the company] has been reviewing its overall saw drug revenues grow nearly 10% (fiscal year ended March development projects in the franchises of cardiovascular and 31, 2007) as the company continued its management plan to diabetes, while suspending that Phase III study.” I found this a carry it through 2010. (See last year’s profile for details on that bit fishy, but no pharma analysts I asked agreed with me, so I’m plan and its attendant “Takeda-ism”.) just going to chalk that up to my own suspicious mind.
If the Avandia/Actos heart risks turn out to be unfounded — Sweet and Sour
or at least manageable — Takeda will be in fine shape. But if the Takeda’s sales growth was driven mainly by diabetes drug studies turn up more risk factors, then we could see a good part Actos. In April 2006, Takeda took over U.S. marketing and sales of the company’s pipeline facing “formulation problems.” ■ responsibilities for Actos from its partner, Lilly. The companieshad co-promoted Actos since 1999, and Lilly has continued to ACQUISITION
market Actos in Canada, Mexico and parts of Europe and Asia.
Target: Paradigm Therapeutics
Unfortunately, the FDA recently asked Takeda and market- Price: not disclosed
ing partner Lilly to place a “black box” label on Actos, after rev- Announced: March 2007
elations about the increased heart attack risk of its fellow thia- What they said: “This deal . . . will add to Takeda another
research base equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies In a case of mixed blessings, Actos did see an upswing in expected to further improve Takeda's research efficiency.” prescriptions in the days after the May 2007 NEJM article on
CONTRACT PHARMA • July/August 2007 85


Friday, March 16: Poster Abstracts Electrophysiological evidence of additional structure in intensional transitive constructions Francesca Delogu (Saarland University) & Francesco Vespignani (University of Trento) Syntax/semantics interface; Intensional transitives; Event Related Potentials (ERPs); Italian According to a widely accepted view, intensional verbs like ‘want’ and

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Curriculum Vitae Peter Dumo Education Doctor of Pharmacy – 1995-1997Wayne State University, Detroit, MIResidency in Hospital Pharmacy Practice – 1994-1995Ottawa General Hospital/University of TorontoOttawa, OntarioBachelor of Science (Pharmacy) – 1990-1994Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia Professional Experience Pharmacist/OwnerNovacare PharmacyWindsor, ONFebruary 200

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