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Wayne state university

Curriculum Vitae
Peter Dumo
Doctor of Pharmacy – 1995-1997Wayne State University, Detroit, MI Residency in Hospital Pharmacy Practice – 1994-1995Ottawa General Hospital/University of TorontoOttawa, Ontario Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) – 1990-1994Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia Professional Experience
Pharmacist/OwnerNovacare PharmacyWindsor, ONFebruary 2009-present Staff Pharmacist Windsor Regional HospitalWindsor, ONAugust 2008 – December 2008Duties: Provide clinical and distributive pharmacy services for inpatients and outpatients at Windsor Regional Hospital.
Pharmacy ManagerPharmacare Specialty Pharmacy2898 West Grand BlvdDetroit, MI 482022007 to 2008 Duties: Provide traditional and specialty pharmacy services to a complex patient-care mix, including solid-organ transplant, oncology, HIV, and auto-immune/rheumatology patients. Coordinate Pharmacare team-members for safe, efficient prescription processing and delivery. Ensure adherence to standard operating procedures and encourage development of processes that improve care, safety and efficiency. Ensure adherence to all state and federal regulations regarding prescription and controlled medications. Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Ambulatory CareHarper University HospitalAdjust Assistant ProfessorWayne State University Detroit, MI2003-2007Duties: Provide clinical pharmacy services in the outpatient setting, develop new outpatient service lines, facilitate seamless transition between inpatient and outpatient care, and precept students and pharmacy residents. Provided care to patients in endocrinology, cardiology, anticoagulation, infectious disease and pulmonary clinics. Assistant Professor/Clinical Specialist – Ambulatory CareWayne State University/Harper University HospitalDetroit, MISept 1998 – 2003Duties: Develop a clinical pharmacy practice site in the outpatient setting, provide didactic and experiential teaching, carry out research and publication, and volunteer for College and professional organization committees. Clinical PharmacistHenry Ford HospitalDetroit, MIOctober 1997-September 1998Provide pharmaceutical care and distributive services for hospitalized inpatients.
Community PharmacistShopper’s Drug MartChatham and Windsor, OntarioMay 1996-October 1997Duties: Review and dispense prescription, provide appropriate patient counseling, and assist with the selection of OTC medications.
Clinical PharmacistOttawa General HospitalOttawa, OntarioJune 1995-August 1995Provide pharmaceutical care to hospitalized inpatients.
Teaching Experience/University Service
Course Coordinator: IHS 7000 – Advanced Pharmacotherapy for the Health Care Professional 1999-2002 Advanced Therapeutic Problem Solving 2000-2006Cardiology Module (Hypertension and Dyslipidemia) 2000-2007Special Populations Module (Geriatrics) 1998-2003Drug-induced Disease (Liver Disease) 1997-2003Patient Care Lab III 1998-2003 Coordinator: Harper Longitudinal Advance Practice Program 2001-2004 Coordinator: Harper Undergraduate Externship 1999 & 2000 Member – WSU Pharmacy Curriculum Committee 2000 & 2001 Member – WSU Pharmacy Salary Committee 2000 & 2001 and 2003 Member – WSU Experiential Subcommittee 2002 – 2004 Course Instructor – Therapeutic for the Nurse PractitionerOakland University 1997-1999 Hospital Appointments/Committee Work
Member – Harper Residency Advisory Committee 1999-2006 Chair – Outpatient Anticoagulation Committee 2002-2006 Member – Outpatient Anticoagulation Committee 2001-2006 Member – Inpatient Diabetes Task Force 2005-2006 Member/Instructor – Harper Diabetes Education Program 1999-2006 Professional Appointments/Committee Work
Member – American College of Clinical Pharmacy Ambulatory Care Practice & Research Network Advocacy Committee 2001-2002 Member – American College of Clinical Pharmacy Ambulatory Care Practice & Research Network – Research and Scholarship Committee 2002- 2004 Member – American College of Clinical Pharmacy 2004 Annual Meeting Program Committee and Chair of the Anticoagulation Curricular Track 2003-2004 Member – American College of Clinical Pharmacy Publications Committee2004-2007 Michigan Pharmacists Association Task Force on Medication Therapy Management Services – member June 2005-2007 Pharmacist’s Letter / Prescriber’s Letter Specialty Consultants Panel – 2004 to 2007 Guest Editor – Journal of Pharmacy Practice October 2004 Editorial Board – Journal of Pharmacy Practice – June 2005-2007 Reviewer – American Journal of Health System’s Pharmacy – June 2005-2007 Chair – American College of Clinical Pharmacy 2008 Annual Meeting Program Committee – October 2006-Present Research Papers/Posters Presented and Invited Presentations
, Saad L, Zhao J, Zhao Y, Berlie H. Improving the safety of a statin interchange program. The American College of Clinic Pharmacy Spring Practice and Research ForumApril 2005Myrtle Beach, SC Dumo P, Racine E, Popovic B, Gortney J. Improving bridge-out therapy with low-
molecular-weight heparin in an urban, inner city medical center.
The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis XIX Congress
July 2003
Birmingham, England
, Knapp E, Wesley G. Inappropriate metformin use in hospitalized patients. American Diabetes Association Annual MeetingJune 2003New Orleans, LA Dumo P, Saad L, Vichiendiolokkul A, Tran A. Increased risk associated with a statin
interchange program.
Amercian College of Cardiology Annual Meeting
March 2003
Chicago, Illinois
Dougherty J, Gortney JS, D
umo P. Development and implementation of a transitional
orientation experience for Pharm.D. student prior to longitudinal clerkship experiences.
American Society of Health Systems PharmacyDecember 2002Atlanta, Georgia Dumo P, Dougherty J, Shieh M, Sharif R. Comparing the impact of clinic pharmacists on
vaccination rates in medicine, surgery, and infectious disease services: a randomized,
controlled trial.
Platform Presentation
American College of Clinical Pharmacy Annual Meeting
October 2002
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Knapp E, Dumo P. An analysis of appropriate and inappropriate metformin use in
hospitalized patients.
Poster Presentation
American College of Clinical Pharmacy Annual Meeting
October 2002
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dougherty J, Dumo P, Milad A, Racine E. Assessment of blood pressure control in a
therapeutic interchange program when converting from extended-release nifedipine to
amlodipine in the inpatient setting.
Poster Presentation
American College of Clinical Pharmacy
April 2003
Palm Springs, California
Dumo P, Sobotka P. Impact of a pharmacist-managed patient assistance program (PAP)
on cholesterol levels in an indigent population.
Poster Presentation
American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Midyear Meeting
December 2001
New Orleans, Louisiana
Dumo P, Sobotka P. Impact of a pharmacist-managed patient assistance program (PAP)
on uncontrolled blood pressure (BP) in an indigent population.
American College of Clinical Pharmacy Annual Meeting
October 2001
Tampa, Florida
Dumo P, Sobotka P. Performance of pharmaceutical companies in an indigent patient
assistance programs in a cardiology/endocrinology clinic.
Poster Presentation
American College of Clinical Pharmacy Annual Meeting
October 2000
Las Angeles, California
Dumo P. Implementation of a patient assistance program in a cardiology/diabetes clinic.
Poster Presentation
American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Midyear Meeting December 2000
Las Vegas, Nevada
, Khalik Y. Development of a database on antimicrobial prescribing and resistance patterns febrile neutropenic hematology patients.
Poster Presentation American College of Clinical Pharmacy Spring Research Forum March 1996 Invited Presentations/Seminars
University Learning ProgramTopic: Pharmacotherapy of HIVSeptember 2007Seneca, NY Michigan Pharmacists Association Annual ConventionTopic: Pharmacotherapy for Diabetes – Focus on Issues in the ElderlyFebruary 23, 2007Dearborn, MI Oakland County Pharmacists AssociationTopic: Update on the Pharmacotherapy of DiabetesJanuary 11, 2007 University Learning ProgramTopic: Update on HIV and Devices for DiabetesDecember 14, 2006Las Vegas, NV South Eastern Society of Health-Systems PharmacistsNew Treatment for Diabetes – Implications for the Hospital PharmacistMay 10, 2006Detroit, MI Diabetes Certificate ProgramTopic: Pharmacotherapy of DiabetesApril 20, 2006Grand Blanc, MI Glucose Management in the Hospital SettingFeb 15, 2006Little Rock, AK University Learning ProgramTopic: Update on diabetes and its treatmentFeb 8, 2006Las Vegas, NV American College of Clinical Pharmacy Annual MeetingTopic: Progress and Controversy in the Treatment of DVTDate: October 25, 2004Dallas, TX “How Sweet it Is” A five-part, five hour diabetes continuing education programTopic: Diabetes management in the hospitalized patientAugust 2004-October 2004Harper University Hospital, Detroit, MI Michigan Pharmacists Association Vacation EducationTopic: Anticoagulation and the Outpatient – Bridging the GapDate: August 14, 2004Traverse City, MI American Society of Health Systems Pharmacy Midyear MeetingTopic: Diabetes Gadgets and GizmosDate: Dec 11, 2003New Orleans, LA Michigan Society of Health Systems Pharmacy Annual MeetingTopic: Update on insulinDate: November 16th, 2003Lansing, MI American College of Clinical Pharmacy Annual MeetingTopic: Meet the Experts Luncheon – Starting up a patient assistance programDate: November, 2003Atlanta, GA Ohio College of Clinical Pharmacy Pharmacotherapy UpdateTopic: “So your patient can’t pay for their medications”Date: May 16th, 2003Columbus, Ohio Diabetes Day 2003Audience: Lay publicTopic: Heart Healthy MedicationsDate: April 12th, 2003Dearborn, MI Southeaster Michigan Society of Health Systems PharmacyTopic: Heart Disease and Diabetes: Getting to the Heart of the MatterDate: April 9th, 2003Southfield, MI Michigan Pharmacists Association Annual MeetingTopic: Insulin Update: Using old and new insulins for better patient outcomesAttendance:Date: February 22nd, 2003Dearborn, MI American Society of Health Systems PharmacyTopic: Glucose management in the hospitalized patient: Time to rethink old approachesAttendance:Date: December 10, 2002Atlanta, Georgia American Society of Health Systems PharmacyTopic: Alternative therapies and cardiovascular disease: Getting to the heart of the matter.
Date: December 11, 2002Location: Atlanta, Georgia ACCP Ambulatory Care Focus SessionTopic: Cultural Competency – A systems perspectiveDate: October 21, 2002 Location: Albuquerque, NM SMSHP Lecture SeriesAudience: PharmacistsTopic: Diabetes in 2002 – Coming full circleAudience: 80Date: May 8, 2002 Location: Southfield, MI Effective Diabetes Care for Adults 2002Audience: Patients living with diabetesTopic: Update on Pharmacological ManagementAttendance: 80Date: April 13, 2002 Location: Southfield, MI DMC Diabetes Update Topic: Update on pharmacotherapy for diabetesAudience: Nurses, physicians, dietitiansAttendance: 50Date: January 15, 2002Location: Kresge Auditorium, Harper Hospital Diabetes Care Conference for Health Professionals 2001Topic: Update On Oral Agents and InsulinAudience: Nurses, dietitians and administratorsAttendance: 200Date: September 27, 2001Location: Athenium Hotel, Detroit, MI Effective Diabetes Care for Adults 2000Topic: Polypharmacy and Diabetes Audience: Nurses, dietitians and administratorsAttendance: 200Date: September 27, 2000Location: MSU Management Education Center, Troy, Michigan Diabetes Day 2000: A Springboard to ActionTopic: Update on drug therapyAudience: Patients with diabetesAttendance: 200Date: April 29, 2000Location: MSU Management Education Center, Troy, Michigan Conference: Contemporary approaches to anticoagulation disorders.
Topic: Aspirin, Ticlopidine, Clopidogrel, and Warfarin in primary care.
Audience: Pharmacist, Physicians, Nurses, Administrators from US and CanadaAttendance: 400 Date: March 1999Location: Dearborn, Michigan Publications
Dumo PA, Kielbasa LA. Successful Anticoagulation and Continuation of Tramadol
Therapy in the Setting of a Tramadol-Warfarin Interaction. Pharmacotherapy
MS Joy, DeHart RM, Gilmartin C, Hachey DM, Hudson JQ, Prunchnicki M, Dumo P,
Grabe DW, Saseen J, Zillich AJ. Clinical Pharmacists as Multidisciplinary Health Care
Providers in the Management of CKD: A Joint Opinion by the Nephrology and
Ambulatory Care Practice and Research Networks of the American
College of Clinical Pharmacy. Am J Kidney Dis 2005;45:1105-1118
Zillich AJ, Sasseen JJ, DeHart RM, Dumo P, et al. Caring for Patients with Chronic
Kidney Disease: A Joint Opinion of the Ambulatory Care and Nephrology Practice and
Research Networks of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. Pharmacotherapy
Dumo P, Wittkowski AK, Spinler S. Introduction. Journal of Pharmacy Practice 2004.
Browining LA, Dumo P. Sliding-scale insulin: an antiquated approach to glycemic
control in hospitalized patients. AJHP 2004. 61(15):1611-4
Haines ST, Dumo P. Relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy
practitioners: Undue influence? Am J Health-Syst Pharm. 2002;59;1871-4
Racine E, Dumo P. Anticoagulation Therapy In Hospitalized Patient: An American
Perspective. New Medicine 2001;1:54
Dumo P, Kanji S. The effect of Helicobacter pylori eradication on NSAID-induced
gastrointestinal toxicity. Annals of Pharmacotherapy 2001;35:249-254
Dumo P, Fagan SC, Carhuapoma J. Thrombolysis in acute ischemic stroke. Am J Health-
Syst Pharm 1997;54:2213-17
Abate BJ, Dumo P. Protease inhibitors. US Pharmacist 1997;2:HS19-28
Professional Organizations
ASHP 1998-2002, 2005SMSHP 2002-2004ADA 2000-2003ACCP 1998-2007


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WOULD CONCILIATION & MEDIATION SUCCEED IN OUR COURTS? Would Conciliation and Mediation succeed in our Courts? Is it something outside the Indian culture and ethos? If it has succeeded in other countries, is it because of something different in those countries? These are some of the questions that fall for discussion. Abraham Lincoln advocated settlement through conciliation and mediation


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