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THE 22 MEI 1999
1. First of all would like to thank the organising Committee for inviting me and my wife to came to this MPS & SPS Annual Dinner. 2. I have been to a few Installation Dinners of the Sabah Pharmaceutical Society in the past years. But to night I can see a difference. 3. I notice that to night’s function is a joint dinner between the Federal and the State 4. I must congratulate the organising committee for its initiative and creativeness to have 5. It is very important that the Pharmacists in Sabah to have a good working relationship with the pharmacists in West Malaysia, so that Pharmaceutical services can be developed at the fastest rate not only in Sabah but also in the whole of Malaysia. 6. It is also important that Pharmacists in the Public Services to have a harmonious working relationship with the pharmacists in the private sector, so that the pharmacy profession can progress in the right Direction in order to meet the Pharmaceutical needs of a developed country by the year 2020. 7. To night I can see that there is an excellent participation of Pharmacist from West and East and also from public and private sectors in Malaysia. We have also got “VIP” from various countries. The is fantastic. LET ME ONCE AGAIN CONGRATULATE THE PHARMACISTS FOR BEING 8. I have attended part of your International Pharmacy Symposium which was held during the last 2 days. I have enjoyed listening to the experienced and knowledgeable speakers, and I have learnt something in your exhibition. 9. As a Minister looking after the welfare of the community, I am very much concerned on the large number of medicines available in the market in Sabah. I heard that Sabah is a dumping ground for many types of medicines, which might include herbal 10. Although herbal medicines have became increasingly important in the health care of our people, yet, we much make sure that he consumers are well protected. 11. I am glad that the Ministry of Health is now ensuring manufactures of Traditional Medicines, to have good manufacturing practice so that the medicines they produce, are of good quality, safe and also effective for use in the treatment of various illness. 12. I am also glad to learn that the Sabah Pharmaceutical Society is undertaking to publish various books on the legal control of several topics connected with medicines which include herbal medicines, traditional medicines, slimming products, psychotropic drug and even the most “talk about drug, nowadays – Viagra” 13. I do hope that you will succeed in this ambitious undertaking. I will like to give you 14. To order to keep healthy, the consumers have to pay a lot. We much make sure that the consumers are not cheated of their hard earned money. 15. I am glad that the Government and Non-Government organisations are joining hands 16. Your “Climb towards a healthier lifestyle” is an inte resting and meaningful project. 17. So far pharmacists are the only professionals who invite fellow pharmacists from West Malaysia and other countries to join them in this exciting adventure. 18. Your activity will bring sweet memory for the climbers, and bring lasting friendship among pharmacists who climb hand in hand up Mt. Kinabalu. 19. Your concept of home hospitality for the climbers from outside Sabah is a wonderful concept. This will greatly reduce the expenditure of the climbers and make the trip more attractive to your fellow Pharmacists from other parts of the world and at the same time you are providing an avenue for building up friendship.


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