1. NutriiVeda Survey for Pursuit of Research
Please review the following note before taking the survey. We recommend waiting at least two weeks of supplementation of Nutriiveda at the dosage recommended for your child's age prior to taking the survey. Please keep any notes to refer to before taking the survey. You are able to take the survey more than once to report new findings. Thank you A few notes from Barbara A. Taylor, M.S., CCC-SLP, Executive Director/ Help Me 1. Remember that NV seems to be DOSAGE dependent. In other words, don’t start counting days on NV until your child has been on the full dose. You may see changes/surges prior to that but you may not. It’s the same as taking a portion of any medicine or supplement. If I have a migraine and take ¼ of the Imitrex, I don’t expect it to work nearly the same way. If I’m on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and I take it only once a day (vs. twice/day), my infection WILL take longer to improve and may NOT improve The rate of surges/gains on NV depends on ALL the factors of strength/weakness in a child. If a child is functionally nonverbal (= a few sounds/words), has ASD, has apraxia, and more, then it make take more weeks to see changes. I would not expect my clients who are similar to come in to therapy after a wk or two on NV and suddenly use a verbal 4-5 word sentence. I DO expect progress but at a realistic rate. (It’s sorta like weight loss---you can’t start a diet today and expect to lose 50 lbs by the weekend.) It’s like a flower opening slowly or opening a child’s NEW toy (in the package)--- many layers to open before you can get the toy out! I would expect my clients skills to emerge in the same way—in a hierarchy. So, first, we might notice increased oral exploration, tongue play, etc. Then, sound play/ emergence, etc. ALSO…NV does detox the body and remove the ‘junk’ BUT again, it’s a gradual process. That is why increased fluids (multiply body wt x .6= total oz of fluid/day) are so important. Remember, fluids are water, juice, etc. and in The foods eaten by the person on NV need to improve somewhat so that the Yes, I know that many kids on this list are picky/problem eaters---I work with many too---and I am not speaking about them. There are many other kids w/apraxia who are typical eaters. So, work on improving the quality of what they are eating as well. Decrease sugar, excess fat, & highly processed foods. Trade a Happy Meal at McD’s for a burger, apple ‘fries’, broiled fries, and “toy” at home. Yes, it’s more work but worth it. It’s the same for any adults who are trying to lose weight on NV. You can’t continue to eat junk and not drink enough water (no, diet soda does not count) 2. NutriiVeda Survey
Please complete this survey ONCE for EACH person in your family/household who is using/ has used NutriiVeda (NV). Some questions are general and apply to children, adults/parents, & other family members. Other questions are specific related to the age of the person or the reason for taking NutriiVeda.
Other Each time you complete this survey, your answer to the current question will determine the next questions given. Most questions are multiple choices with a few open-ended ones. You may add additional comments at the end of the survey. Please note, contact information is required in order to participate. Your contact information will be for the purpose of validating data results, and will never be compromised. Thank you for your participation!http://pursuitofresearch.org * 1. Contact information: for the purpose of validating data results --
Required to continue taking survey.
*Email Address:
*Phone Number:
2. Where did you hear about NutriiVeda?
3. For whom did you purchase NutriiVeda?
4. When did the above person start
taking NutriiVeda?
5. After starting NutriiVeda, when did you first noticed positive results.
6. Which flavor of NutriiVeda are you using?
7. How much NutriiVeda does the above person consume daily?
8. Are you taking the above amount
9. NutriiVeda is consumed via: (mark all that apply)
Mixed in pudding/applesauce/yogurt/peanut butter Frozen into “ice cream” or “popsicle” 10. In what way are you using NutriiVeda:
11. Have you ever stopped or lowered the amount of NutriiVeda taken?
12. When you stopped or lowered the dosage did you notice a change /
regression in any areas?
I have not stopped or lowered the NutriiVeda Dosage 13. If you restarted your NutriiVeda dosage did you notice any surges /
improvements after going back on the same dosage?
I have not stopped or lowered the NutriiVeda Dosage 14. Did you purchase NutriiVeda for (choose all that apply):
15. Would you recommend NutriiVeda to others for weight loss?
I did not purchase the product for weight loss 16. Would you recommend NutriiVeda to others for therapeutic reasons
such as autism, apraxia or other speech impairment, TBI, global delays, or
I did not purchase the product for therapeutic reasons 3. Questions relating to my child
1. How old is your child?
2. Which OFFICIAL Diagnosis does your child have? (from a Doctor or
Specialist): (mark all that apply)
3. If your child is diagnosed with Apraxia/Dyspraxia, please describe the
reported overall severity if known:
Unknown / severity not mentioned by my Child's MD/Specialist/Therapist 4. If your child is diagnosed with Autism, please describe the reported
overall severity if known
Unknown/ severity not mentioned by my child's MD/Specialist/Therapist 5. Has your child ever received ABNORMAL RESULTS in any of the following
forms of Tests/Procedures? (Mark all that apply)
Carnitine levels (we have a number that test low in this area) 6. If you answered yes to any choice in Question #5, please provide brief
description of abnormal results.
7. How long has it been since you started your child on NutriiVeda?
8. How long have you had your child on the current dosage?
9. Have your child's surges been reported to you by any of the professionals
that work with him/her through therapy or school?
10. Are the professionals that work with your child aware your child is
taking NutriiVeda?
4. Gains while on NutriiVeda
Please describe if you have noticed gains in any of the following areas since starting your child on NutriiVeda.
1. Improved Speech Skills:
Sound production (greater number of sounds) More sophisticated use of words/phrases/sentences 2. Improved oral motor disfunction
Moving tongue on command (able to lick food from lip) Overall coordination of jaw, lips and tongue Improved on command motor planning/increased facial expression for oral apraxia 3. Improved receptive language skills: (comprehension of….)
Locatives (in/out, on/off, under/over, etc.) "who,what,when,where,why" questions Direction/Instruction (from parent, at school, at a job) 4. Improved expressive language skills: (production/use of….)
Number of words per utterance (phrases/sentences) Facial expressions (more & varied) vs. a “blank stare” 5. Improved pragmatic (social) skills:
Facial expressions (more & varied) vs. a “blank stare” 6. Academic/learning improvments?
7. If answered yes to above, please specify
Improvements noted by teacher(teacher not aware of students use of NutriiVeda) Improvements noted by teacher(teacher aware of students use of NutriiVeda) 8. Achieving developmental milestones (e.g. for children that never went
through these stages and are now experiencing them for the first time)?
9. Behavior skills:
10. Improvement in gross motor skills:
11. Improvements in fine motor skills
12. Improved multi tasking abilities (not just 2 activities at one time, but also
verbalizing during play)
13. Increase in focus (such as more on task, more willing to listen and try,
less distracted)
14. Improvement in mood (happier, calm)
15. Decrease in seizures
yes and the doctor has lowered my child's seizure medication yes but the doctor has not yet lowered my child's seizure medication my child does not have a Seizure Disorder 5. Observations
Please answer the following based on your observations since starting your child on NutriiVeda.
1. Change in energy level
2. If a change in energy level noticed, are you happy with the results?
3. Appetite
4. Growth: (mark all that apply)
5. Muscle tone:
6. Change in stools (mark all that apply)
7. Change in sleep patterns
Disrupted (wakes more often during the night) 8. Changes in headaches
9. Changes in other body parts? (mark all that apply)
10. Taking any other forms of supplements? (mark all that apply)
11. Are you or your child under the care of? (check all that apply)
12. Who, if any, approved NutriiVeda for use? (check all that apply)
13. Would any of your above listed professionals be willing to speak to a
researcher?(if applicable)
14. How would you rate your success with NutriiVeda?
Thank you very much for your participation in our survey! We look forward to sharing the results.

Source: http://www.pursuitofresearch.org/NutriiVeda%20Survey.pdf


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