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Centre for Molecular, Environmental, Genetic & Analytic Epidemiology Educational qualifications Higher Education University of Melbourne, Australia, 1988-90 Post Graduate Diploma in Mathematical Statistics (equivalent to MSc) C.Stat – Chartered statistician of the Royal Statistical Society Educational Awards Norma McArthur 3rd Year Statistics Prize, University of Melbourne Cambridge Commonwealth Trust: Overseas Student Bursary, Tutor in Mathematics & Statistics, Latrobe University, Melbourne, Australia. Lecturer in Medical Statistics, UMDS, St Thomas’s Hospital, London, U.K. Medical Statistician, Wellcome-Mahidol University, Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Programme, Department of General Practice & Primary Care, Cancer Epidemiology Centre, Cancer Council Victoria Centre for Molecular, Genetic, Environmental & Analytic Epidemiology 1) Wakefield M, Durkin S, White V, Borland R, Siahpush M, Spittal M, Simpson JA. How do media campaigns and tobacco-relevant news coverage influence adolescent and adult smoking? NHMRC Project Grant 2008-2010 $AUD 395,725 2) Wakefield M, White V, Simpson JA, Donovan R, Chapman S, Siahpush M. Effect of anti-smoking advertising, tobacco related press coverage and tobacco control policies on smoking behaviour. NHMRC Project Grant $AUD 357,000 3) Beeson J. Simpson JA (Associate Investigator). Antibodies against erythrocyte invasion ligands of Plasmodium falciparum and protection from malaria. NHMRC Project Grant $AUD 520,500 4) Anstey N & Tjitra E (principal investigators). Simpson JA (Collaborator/Associate Investigator). Research and training to reduce morbidity and mortality from malaria in Papua (Indonesia) and Papua New Guinea. Wellcome Trust, UK & NHMRC, Australia 2004-2008 $AUD 3,127,286 5) Simpson JA (Principal investigator), Aarons L. Population pharmacokinetic modelling of amodiaquine, chloroquine and sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine. WHO $US 47,000 6) Price R. Simpson JA (Collaborator). Optimising the management of drug resistant vivax malaria in Papua, Indonesia. Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellowship, UK 2004-2008 £UK 528,744 The University of Melbourne Research Methodology, Aberdeen, UK (1 week full-time course) Epidemiology in Practice, Aberdeen, UK Statistical Methods for Epidemiology, Aberdeen, UK Using Epidemiology to Support Health Service Development, Aberdeen, UK Medical Statistics, Diploma of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, Thailand Respiratory Epidemiology, Philippines (1 week full-time course) International Workshop in Pulmonary Epidemiology, Malaysia (1 week full-time course) Principles of Biometry & Medical Statistics, St Thomas’s Hospital, UK Tutor Course The University of Melbourne Statistics 505-971 The University of Melbourne Statistics 505-972 The University of Melbourne Research Methodology, Aberdeen, UK (1 week full-time course) Using Epidemiology to Support Health Service Development, Aberdeen, UK Principles of Biometry & Medical Statistics, St Thomas’s Hospital, UK Principles of Biometry & Medical Statistics, St Thomas’s Hospital, UK Statistics, Latrobe University Publication record

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