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Second Announcement
IFFS 2007:

April 29 – May 03, 2007
International Federation of Fertility Societies
XIX World Congress on Fertility & Sterility
Section 7
Scientific Programme

Key to the structure of the programme wil be 19 trilogies. Some wil run concurrently so that delegates wil be able to select
sessions of greatest interest to them. These are topic specific sessions consisting of three successive lectures by international y recognised experts in the field addressing research, review of what is known on that topic and practice updates. The fol owing are trilogies that include advances in male infertility, multiple pregnancy epidemic prevention, new treatment modalities of ART, androgen replacement therapy, menopause and contraception and preservation of ovarian function in young The fol owing trilogies wil form a major part of the programme Trilogy Titles
Mon: April 30, 2007
Ovulation Induction
PGD for Single Gene Disorders
PGD For Selecting HLA Compatible Embryos Adolescent Gynaecology
Mon: April 30, 2007
Menopause and Androgen Replacement
Role Of Androgens In Female Reproductive Treatment Options In Pre And Post Menopause Uterine Fibroids – a 21st Century Perspective
Role Of Myomas In ART; An Evidence Based Stem cells in Reproductive Medicine
Oocyte Differentiation From Embryonic Stem Cel s Sperm Differentiation From Embryonic Stem Cel s May 1, 2007
Improvements in ART-Evidence Based Approach
Genetic Causes of Premature Ovarian Failure – Clinical Implications
Blepharophimosis/Ptosis/Epicanthus (BPE) Contraception
New Developments In Delivery And Dosages May 1, 2007
Consequences of infertility beyond reproduction
Psychological Consequences Of Infertility The Globalization Of Reproductive Technology What’s New in ICSI?
Sperm Preparation And Selection For ICSI Surveil ance report
Wed: May 2, 2007

Poor Ovarian Response - An Ongoing Clinical Dilemma
Environmental and Toxicology Factors in Infertility
Contaminants Disrupting Reproductive Function? Environment, Lifestyle And Male Fertility Impact Of Environmental Estrogens On Human Progress in PCOS
Wed: May 2, 2007
Safety in Infertility Treatments
Ovarian Stimulation – Hyperstimulation And Is There An Association Between ART And Birth Developmental And Social Fol ow Up In ART Female Fertility Preservation
Strategies For Preservation Of Ovarian Function – Reproductive Medicine and the Global HIV Epidemic
1 HIV/AIDS And Reproduction: Background And Fertility Management And Results Of HIV Positive Thur: May 3, 2007
Challenges of Menopause Management
Sex Steroid Effects In The Postmenopausal Woman - Mood And Memory- Epidemiological Individualising Therapy In Menopausal Women Reproductive Surgery
Keynote Plenary Addresses
There wil be 4 keynote addresses
April 30, 2007
Human embryonic stem cells (hESC)-
May 1, 2007
Does PGD aneuploidy screening improve ART pregnancy rates?
May 2, 2007
HIV/AIDS Care – Doing More With Less
May 3, 2007
Obesity, famine and reproductive health
Proposed Workshops & Courses
Saturday April 28, 2007
Hysteroscopy Workshop
Igno Siebert, Kobie van der Merwe, Paul le Roux We are honoured to host this ful y CME accredited workshop sponsored by Gynaecare and Stortz. A distinguished international faculty wil address the application of hysteroscopy in modern day gynaecology. Emphasis is placed on the importance of managing common pathology, possible complications of the procedures and the role of office hysteroscopy in Sunday April 29, 2007
Laparoscopy Workshop
Paul le Roux, Igno Siebert, Kobie van der Merwe This laparoscopy workshop, sponsored by Gynaecare and Storz, wil have world experts presenting practical management based guidelines on issues such as the surgical treatment of endometriosis, endoscopic tubal surgery, ectopic pregnancy and myomectomy. In addition there wil be presentations on basic surgical techniques and the management of complications arising during laparoscopy. A panel of international experts wil discuss some of the controversial issues presented L'organisation d'un centre d'A.M.P
Dans le cadre de la mission d’enseignement que l’IFFS s’est donnée à l’échel e mondiale, la Société Française d’Etude de la Fertilité est heureuse de proposer un enseignement pré-congrès en français. Il est destiné avant tout à ceux des pays francophones qui ont pour projet d’instal er un centre de prise en charge de l’infécondité avec les potentialités offertes par l’assistance médicale à la procréation. Les participants des pays francophones africains seront tout particulièrement les bienvenus. Ils y trouveront l’ensemble des aspects pratiques qu’il faut dominer pour débuter sur de bonnes bases. IFFS having the worldwide mission to promote reproductive medicine education, the French Fertility Society is happy to propose a pre-congress workshop to be held in the French language. It is mainly destined towards French speaking col eagues who have a project to set up an infertility centre with assisted procreation techniques potential. Participants from African French speaking countries are particularly welcome. They wil find every practical aspect that need to be addressed in order to start with a good Menopause Workshop
This ful y CME accredited workshop sponsored by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the International Menopause Society, the North American Menopause Society, and the South African Menopause Society wil address the “Contemporary Treatment of the Post-Menopausal Woman” by a distinguished international faculty. Presentations wil cover topics such as preventative care programs, menopause guidelines, risk reduction of the menopausal patient, treatment of mood disorders and sexual disturbance. This wil be fol owed by stimulating case presentations and discussions by a panel of Andrology in Assisted Reproduction
Daniel R Franken, Roelof Menkveld & Thinus Kruger This workshop provides an in depth look into the modern day concepts concerning the functional qualities of human sperm with special emphasis on the role of these qualities in the ICSI arena. Emphasis is placed on the importance of extending and refining the andrologic evaluation in the ICSI era. Questions to be addressed include the necessity of sperm function tests, patient selection criteria for ICSI, DNA based sperm evaluation and sperm preparation for ICSI. Ethics of Reproduction
This workshop addresses the current issues in the ethics of reproduction. Emphasis is placed on modern day concepts, including the moral status of the embryo and embryonic life, reproductive cloning, new genetic technologies, sexuality, reproduction, contraception, research on embryonic stem cel s and new reproductive technologies and the resource crisis, with discussions led by international and national experts. Wildlife Workshop
It is a great honour that the staff of the world renowned Shamwari Game Reserve are hosting this non- commercial workshop. It has been developed to introduce our delegates and accompanying persons to the splendour of the South African natural beauty and wildlife. The focus is to prepare those who are planning to extend their stay in our game reserves. It also offers insights on protection of endangered species and the preservation of the St Lucia Wetlands. It certainly wil be remembered as a highlight of your South African visit. ICMART Symposium
Monday April 30, 2007
National and international reporting on IVF, with a special focus on Africa.
An International Symposium on reporting IVF results, focused on exploring opportunities in Africa, with the objective of promoting national confidence and international cooperation


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