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Examen VWO
Dit examen bestaat uit 41 vragen. Voor dit examen zijn maximaal 48 punten te behalen. Voor elk vraagnummer staat hoeveel punten met een goed antwoord behaald kunnen worden. Geef niet meer antwoorden (zinnen, redenen, voorbeelden e.d.) dan er worden gevraagd. Als er bijvoorbeeld één zin wordt gevraagd en je antwoordt met meer dan één zin, dan wordt alleen de eerste zin in de beoordeling meegeteld. Let op: beantwoord een open vraag altijd in het Nederlands, behalve als het anders is aangegeven. Als je in het Engels antwoordt, levert dat 0 punten op. Tekst 1 Weight loss and taxes
Which of the following statements reflects or reflect Nancy J. Smeltzer’s
Health insurance companies should
1 invest in the prevention of obesity.
2 place the cost of treating obesity with the people who suffer from it.
A Only 1.
B Only 2.
C Both 1 and 2.
D Neither 1 nor 2.
Tekst 2 Cruelty of the chase
Which of the following contains Dr Phillips’s factual argument against
A “the presence … minority groups” (lines 7-10)
B “sometimes … quickly” (lines 12-13)
C “the physiology … allows” (lines 19-21)
D “nature … hideous” (line 30)
Which of the following is in line with the stand taken by Dr Phillips in his letter?
A All too often the pleasures that man seeks derive from his lower instincts.
B Savage pastimes such as fox-hunting are below modern man’s dignity.
C The social class of the fox-hunter is no excuse in the issue of fox-hunting.
Tekst 3 De volgende tekst…
Geef van elk van de volgende beweringen aan of deze wel of niet overeenkomt met de inhoud van de passage. 1 De weersomstandigheden zorgen ervoor dat de chauffeur niet in slaap valt. 2 De passagier is gespannen, maar weet ook een grapje te maken. 3 De chauffeur kent de bestemming van de tocht niet. 4 De auto moet op een gevaarlijke plek geparkeerd worden. 5 De mannen hebben net iemand vermoord, en ontdoen zich van het lijk in de 6 De passagier blijft kalm ondanks de komst van de politie. Noteer het nummer van elke bewering, gevolgd door “wel” of “niet”. Tekst 4 Letters to the editor
“Sir: I was … media violence.” (paragraph 1) With which of the following does Dr Campbell continue his argument?
A American researchers into media violence draw unfounded conclusions.
B American researchers use outdated research methods for present-day
C The disturbing research findings on media violence should be high on the
D The interpretation of research findings on media violence appears to shift
Why does Dr Campbell mention “the easy access to guns” (end of paragraph 2)?
To illustrate his view that
A the media violence issue serves to deflect attention from other issues related
B the ready availability of guns adds to the impact of media violence.
C there are many more causes of violent crime besides media violence.
Met welk zinsgedeelte geeft Dr Campbell in alinea 4 commentaar op de claim
dat videospelletjes steeds gewelddadiger worden?
Noteer dit zinsgedeelte.
Which of the following applies to the research mentioned in paragraph 5?
A It has demonstrated that media violence does not cause real-life violence.
B It has stimulated a wrong view of the relation between the media and
C It offers useful suggestions for reducing the harmful effects of media
Which of the following is/are stated by Charles Robinson (second letter)?
1 Violent video games do not encourage him to behave aggressively.
2 Some people are too dumb to understand the impact of violent video games.
A Only 1 is true.
B Only 2 is true.
C Both 1 and 2 are true.
D Neither 1 nor 2 is true.
Tekst 5 A dog’s life
10 Geef van elk van de onderstaande beweringen aan of deze wel of niet in
overeenstemming is met de inhoud van de alinea’s 1 tot en met 3. 1 Recent research has demonstrated that due to flaws in their genetic make-up certain species are destined to exist for a limited time only. 2 The disappearance of a species might be related to the animals’ increased 3 In evolutionary terms, the dog family has turned out to be one of the most 4 Until recently the disappearance of the Hesperocyoninae and the Borophaginae had not been accounted for. 5 Cope’s rule is a formula for calculating the ratio of small to large animals. 6 Larger animal species can only survive at the expense of smaller species. Noteer het nummer van elke bewering, gevolgd door “wel” of “niet”. “But the problem with this…” (paragraph 4) 11 What does “this” refer to?
A being a carnivore
B eating more
C growing big
D specialising in large prey
“the researchers turned to the fossil record - in particular to the animals’ teeth”
(alinea 5).
12 Welke twee soorten gegevens ontleenden de onderzoekers hieraan?
13 How can paragraph 6 be characterised?
A It describes the findings of Dr Van Valkenburgh’s research.
B It presents new arguments in order to support Dr Van Valkenburgh’s theory.
C It puts forward counterarguments to Dr Van Valkenburgh’s line of reasoning.
Tekst 6 Books
14 Why does Aaron Clark mention the action of “the 9/11 hijackers” (paragraph 1)?
A To demonstrate that technological progress is a mixed blessing.
B To illustrate that high-tech applications have become available worldwide.
C To support his view that the threat of terrorism was and still is
15 Which of the following statements is/are in accordance with paragraph 1?
The book “SAFE” makes clear that 1 the fight against terrorism has not made a significant contribution towards a 2 we cannot take the safety of our infrastructure for granted.
A Only 1 is right.
B Only 2 is right.
C Both 1 and 2 are right.
D Neither 1 nor 2 is right.
“The most pressing concerns … bio-engineering.” (eerste zin alinea 2)
16 Noteer
laatste twee woorden van de passage waarin de schrijver deze
17 How does the sentence “The pharmaceutical industry … impossibility.”
(paragraph 2) relate to the previous sentence?
A It adds weight to what is said in the previous sentence.
B It reduces the importance of what is said in the previous sentence.
C It sheds a different light on what is said in the previous sentence.
18 What combination of two statements about “SAFE” sums up the content of
paragraph 3? 1 It was written in response to historical events. 2 It reassures readers as to the scale of the threats in present-day society. 3 It discusses not only the dangers of technology but also the safeguards it 4 It encourages people to keep abreast of new possibilities created by modern Noteer de nummers van beide juiste stellingen. Tekst 7 The Madonna of the Pinks
Kies bij iedere open plek in de tekst het juiste antwoord uit de gegeven mogelijkheden. A an undisputed masterpiece
B in the family’s ownership
C out of Britain’s reach
D something of a mystery
A doubtful
B ironic
C irrelevant
D likely
A refuse to have
B strive to keep
C welcome
A After all,
B Then again,
C Thus
D Yet
A careless about its
B hardly short of
C quite happy with its
A acquisitions of the artist’s work
B exhibitions of Western art
C improving its reputation
D research into the Madonna of the Pinks
A a disappointing choice
B a more secure location than most
C as good a destination as any
D just one museum among many eager to buy
A create
B disguise
C make good
D reveal
A the Duke of Wellington
B the nation’s heritage
C the purchase of one
Tekst 8 An obsession with prescribing perfection
28 Which of the following statements is in accordance with the contents of
paragraphs 1 and 2?
Serentil had to be taken off the market, because
A it did not remedy the social anxiety it was supposed to ease.
B it was not seen as treating a real disorder.
C the advertising campaign for Serentil met with a lot of opposition.
D users of Serentil complained of serious side-effects.
29 What does paragraph 2 make clear about the “GlaxoSmithKline” ad campaign?
A It concentrated on putting anxiety on the map as a disease.
B It highlighted the wide range of psychological disorders treatable with Paxil.
C It portrayed sufferers from social anxiety who had benefited from Paxil.
D It was not launched until social anxiety had been recognised as a medical
“The technology triggers a heated debate.” (paragraph 3) 30 A debate between which of the following parties?
A Advocates and opponents of medical science being taken over by
B People in favour of and people against treatment merely aimed at a happier
C People who suffer from social phobia and those who do not.
D Pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
E The medical profession and pharmaceutical companies.
31 Geef van elk van de onderstaande beweringen aan of deze wel of niet in
overeenstemming is met de inhoud van alinea 4. 1 Americans tend to hold themselves accountable if they do not lead 2 Becoming a better person is part of America’s obsession with perfection. 3 Many Americans see tranquillisers as a relief from the pressures of work. 4 Present-day American medical science seems hardly interested anymore in Noteer het nummer van elke bewering, gevolgd door “wel” of “niet”. 32 Which of the following is in accordance with the contents of paragraph 5?
A Elliot approves of gene therapy but disapproves of drugs for the purpose of
B Elliot argues that gene therapy will gradually replace medication.
C Elliot extends his reasoning about enhancement technology to the field of
33 What does paragraph 6 make clear about the distinction that bioethicists have
A It can generate useful guidelines for tackling tricky moral questions.
B It does not prevent them from constantly shifting their position.
C It has led to a great deal of argument among scientists.
D It is not always applicable to developments in medical practice.
34 Which of the following sums up the reviewer’s attitude towards enhancement
It is
A controversial but promising.
B worrying but unavoidable.
C wrongly ignored but irreversible.
Tekst 9 A teen movie for adults only
35 What does the film thirteen distinguish itself by, according to paragraph 1?
A Its clever manipulation of adolescent emotion.
B Its focus on young adolescents.
C Its parody of the customary Hollywood clichés.
D Its unconventional depiction of teenage life.

36 What is the function of paragraphs 3 and 4?
A To make clear why any film about adolescents is likely to be brutal.
B To promote the idea that misery can be turned into a positive experience.
C To provide the background for the shocking realism of the film thirteen.
D To show that Catherine Hardwicke will go to great lengths to achieve
37 Which of the following summarises the plot of thirteen as described in
paragraph 5?
A A caring friendship between two girls turns sour.
B An innocent young girl is transformed into a demon.
C A young girl is perverted by the friend she idolises.
D The lives of two young girls are ruined because they keep bad company.
38 What becomes clear about thirteen from paragraph 6?
A It occasionally betrays the director’s financial restrictions.
B Its storyline is difficult to follow because of the fast-changing scenes.
C The camerawork is particularly effective in scenes involving Tracy.
D The cinematic effects reflect the development of its storyline.
39 Geef van elk van de onderstaande beweringen over thirteen aan of deze wel of
niet in overeenstemming is met de inhoud van alinea’s 7 en 8. 1 It offers a truthful picture of teenage life. 2 It fails to go into the motives behind teenagers’ behaviour. 3 Reed’s acting performance raises its artistic level. 4 The sexually explicit scenes detract from its message. 5 It shows teenagers themselves can be a wicked force. Noteer het nummer van elke bewering, gevolgd door “wel” of “niet”. 40 Naar welke alinea verwijst “for adults only” in de kop van het artikel?
Lees bij de volgende opgave eerst de vraag voordat je de bijbehorende tekst raadpleegt. Tekst 10 Too many agents waiting in the six-yard box
“Agents occupy soccer’s twilight world.” (line 8) 41 In which of the following quotations is the cause of this situation described?
A “There are … world champions.” (lines 8-11)
B “United may … invisible world.” (lines 15-17)
C “Fifa’s rules … without limit.” (lines 19-22)
D “United chief … the club.” (lines 27-29)
Een opsomming van de in dit examen gebruikte bronnen, zoals teksten en afbeeldingen, is te vinden in het bij dit examen
behorende correctievoorschrift, dat na afloop van het examen wordt gepubliceerd.


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