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At the workplace, there are many types of work that is putting severe stress on the workers. Worker stress due to fatigue is an insidious threat which is often ignored and : MODULE 1 : CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES OF FATIGUE
poorly understood. Work fatigue may cause workers to lose focus and concentration on the job and lead to accidents. These accidents are usually very serious in consequence but are entirely preventable. Fatigue due to excessive work and lack of rest can be controlled. The impact of fatigue on productivity and safety is very significant. This training attempts to address the hidden dangers of fatigue at work : MODULE 1 : CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES OF FATIGUE
place through good Fatigue Risk Management practices. Objectives
- Cumulative lack of sleep & - Consequences fatigue. By the end of the two days session the participants will be able: To acquire knowledge and skills to manage fatigue-related risks; Specifically:- Understand the causes and consequences of work related fatigue. : MODULE 2 : FATIGUE RISK MANAGEMENT
Apply principles of a fatigue risk management system. Apply practical personal fatigue management strategies. - Employees responsibilities - Video part 2. Workshop Contents
MODULE 1: Causes and consequences of fatigue. : MODULE 2 : FATIGUE RISK MANAGEMENT
MODULE 2: Fatigue risk management. Module 3: Managing and coping with shift-work. Module 4: Personal fatigue countermeasures. : MODULE 3 : MANAGING AND COPING WITH SHIFT-WORK
Who Should Attend
- Shift work features and design. - Effects of early shift start times. * Supervisors / Managers attending to shift operation in the transportation sector, manufacturing sector and healthcare service provides will benefit significantly from the : MODULE 3 : MANAGING AND COPING WITH SHIFT-WORK
- Monotonous work environment. - Monotonous jobs. - Video Part 4 Trainer / Facilitator
Abot Naros – holds a bachelor degree in chemistry from Bath University, United Kingdom and a
Master’s of Science Degree in Occupational Safety and Health Management awarded by : MODULE 4 : PERSONAL FATIGUE COUNTERMEASURES
Universiti Utara Malaysia. His industrial experience is mainly in the oil and gas industries. In 1989 he served as the Terminal Manager of Shell Timur Sdn. Bhd. Later in 1996 he joined Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn as the LPG Logistics Manager. After 16 years of service with Shell, he opted for VSS and later became the Safety and Health advisers to various transport organisations. He is also a regular trainer for the Safety and Health Officer Course NIOSH, Malaysia. Methodology
This 2-day workshop employs a combination of lectures, discussions, individual and group work, and video presentations to enhance its effectiveness. Training Fees
(Members of MEF will be given RM 100.00 discount per participant)
Registrations are confirmed upon receipt of payment. Training fees are non- refundable.However, participant’s replacement is al owed. Members who wish to attend this workshop are advised to register early, as seats are limited and shall be on a first come first served basis.


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