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KODAK Fine Art Smooth Paper / M315DP
KODAK Fine Art Smooth Paper / M315DP offers the highest quality look and feel, image quality and color for fine art and
photographic applications. With a specially formulated matte coating and 100% cotton base, it provides the exceptional
results and long-term durability required for fine art print-making.
• 100% cotton base, acid and lignin free for archival prints.
• High white point and large color gamut for quality reproductions. • Specially formulated matte coating to provide long-term image stability with a variety of pigmented inks • Silky smooth surface provides excellent detail for authentic reproductions • Color profiles available for all popular professional printers to ensure quality results with the first print. COMPATIBILITY
When used with the following printers and inks, KODAK Fine Art Smooth Paper / M315DP is recommended for all applications. Recommendations will provide optimal output when using printing paths commonly associated with each printer. These settings are intended as starting points—other combinations of settings may also provide good results. See "Printing Notes" for more information. For compatibility information for all KODAK Wide-Format Inkjet Media, refer to the Inkjet Media Compatibility Chart at Compatibility
Manufacturer Model
Print Driver Media Setting
Matte Coated Paper 140g
Matte Coated Paper 140g
Thick Fine Art Paper (>250g/m2)
Fine Art Heavyweight Photo
Fine Art Watercolor
Velvet Fine Art Paper
UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper
UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper
Smooth Fine Art Paper
UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper
UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper

based inks are essential to meet these life-time expectations. The media is compatible with dye-based The print driver media settings recommended in the inks, but Kodak has only performed limited testing. It is Compatibility section are intended to provide usable recommended that you test the dye performance to results with available media profiles found in the printer manufacturer’s provided drivers and RIPs. These recommendations will provide proper ink laydowns with Photo and Matte Black Inks
no pooling or bleeding, and color which will be acceptable for many applications. It is suggested that Many current printers provide the user with the choice tests be run using these recommendations and color of a Photo or Matte black ink when printing to matte corrections be made to meet user expectations. surface and other fine art papers. KODAK Fine Art In cases where no recommendation is made, Smooth Paper / M315DP is compatible with both types, choose the media setting closest to the KODAK but for maximum density and richness of detail, select the Matte black setting in your printer driver.
Wide-Format Inkjet Media you are using. This should give you a print which requires little or no adjustment to get good results. Profiles for KODAK Fine Art Media
For more exacting color, icc profiles supporting KODAK media for a variety of HP, EPSON, CANON, ENCAD, and KODAK printers are available for use with the printers’ driver and with ONYX Postershop. For more information visit Kodak's website at: www.kodak.com/go/wfiprofiles Profiles for other KODAK Wide-Format Inkjet Media
ICC profiles are available for many KODAK Wide-Format Inkjet Media for use with the printers’ driver in applications such as ADOBE Photoshop. For more information visit Kodak's website at: www.kodak.com/go/wfiprofiles Custom Profiles
While the above printing recommendations and available profiles from Kodak will provide adequate results for many wide-format inkjet applications, there are applications, such as inkjet proofing, which demand more exacting color requirements. It is suggested that for these applications, custom profiles be built for given ink/media/printer combinations. Many color management and profile building software applications are available which allow the user to manage color to meet their needs. Also, many RIPs will provide color profiling options which allow the user to control the color of their output. Please contact your dealer or KODAK Technical Support for help determining the best solution for your application. Pigment and Dye-Based Inks
KODAK Fine Art Smooth Paper / M315DP is intended primarily to be used in applications such as photographic and fine art reproductions where long-term image stability is required. Typically, pigment- 2 KODAK Fine Art Smooth Paper / M315DP 719-01037A HANDLING
All inkjet media must be handled with care before and after printing to prevent damage to the ink receiving layer and printed images. Use the following guidelines, During finishing:
your experience, and common sense for the proper care • Do not allow media to remain rolled for extended • Store unused media in its original packaging, using • Rough cut prints and lay them flat before laminating. • Allow media to acclimate to your environmental FINISHING
conditions for at least 24 hours before use. Detailed information and tips can be found in KODAK KODAK Inkjet Media is rolled printable side out. publication E-2600, Laminating, Mounting, and Finishing Avoid touching the printable side by handling by the • Wear cotton gloves when handling media to avoid scratches, abrasions and fingerprints from moisture KODAK Inkjet Media is intended for display in typical • Do not allow the media to come into contact with home, office, and retail environments. Unusual moisture. Moisture will damage many types of inkjet conditions, such as extreme temperatures or humidity, may affect the expected lifetime of the displayed print. • Avoid handling, trimming, laminating or other Kodak is unable to test all possible environments, so it is finishing until prints are completely dry. Dry times recommended to test display conditions when possible will vary based on media type, ink type and to be sure that the media meets the necessary • Do not fold, bend or crease media or damage may • Do not allow the surface of the media to come into contact with itself or another inkjet media. Use media only in recommended operating conditions—see "Physical Characteristics" section. Most types of roll-based inkjet media will exhibit some amount of curl, either toward the base side or toward the print side. This will vary based on media type and environmental conditions. Some media will curl more in low humidity environments and others in high humidity environments. Also, media may curl more towards the core or end of the roll due to "roll memory." Although curl is mainly an issue when printing, it can also have an impact on laminating and other finishing procedures. Follow these guidelines, and use your experience and common sense to avoid issues caused When printing:
Advance media several inches past the print platen • Add weights or clips to the leading edge of the • Attach media to the printer’s take-up spool before • Adjust vacuum settings accordingly on printers equipped with variable media vacuum settings. • Adjust heater and dryer settings on equipped printers to obtain optimum conditions to ensure flat media. 3 KODAK Fine Art Smooth Paper / M315DP 719-01037A PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE
Kodak will guarantee prints from compatible systems against noticeable fading, cracking, yellowing, and bleeding when the print is viewed from its intended viewing distance. The Indoor Performance Guarantee durations will vary based on the media/printer/ink system. The stated durations assume the media is displayed indoors under fluorescent light (average intensity 450-lux, 12 hours/day), and/or with indirect sunlight exposure (at least 6 feet from a window, with no direct sunlight). The guarantee assumes the media will be displayed in a typical indoor environment and will not be exposed to a high level of pollutants (above a typical ozone level for an indoor environment). Terms, conditions and additional information about the Performance Guarantee can be found at: Manufacturer Model
*Assumes prints will be displayed behind glass or otherwise protected from the effects of moisture, ozone, and other airborne pollutants. KODAK Fine Art Smooth Paper / M315DP 719-01037A ORDERING INFORMATION
KODAK Fine Art Smooth Paper ⁄ M315DP

Roll Width / Order No.
Roll Length
(43.2 cm)
(91.4 cm)
(111.8 cm)
3-inch core
3-inch core
3-inch core
3-inch core
084-00139A 084-00140A 084-00141A 084-00142A Sheet Size / Order No.
8.5 x 11 in.
8.27 x 11.69 in. A4
13 x 19in.
17 x 22 in.
(216 x 279 mm)
(210 x 297 mm)
(330 x 483 mm)
(216 x 279 mm)
50 Sheets
50 Sheets
50 Sheets
50 Sheets
084-00174A 084-00177A 084-00175A 084-00176A Please contact your local KODAK Reseller for pricing and availability information.
KODAK Fine Art Smooth Paper / M315DP 719-01037A PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS
Value Test

Family of KODAK Photo and Fine Art Media
KODAK Premium Rapid-Dry Photographic Glossy Paper, 260g KODKA Premium Rapid-Dry Photographic Lustre Paper, 260g KODAK Fine Art Smooth Paper / M315DP KODAK Fine Art Textured Paper / M315DP KODAK Fine Art Fibre Satin Paper / SM285DP KODAK Fine Art Fibre Glossy Paper / GL285DP KODAK Fine Art Coated Matte Paper / M200DP KODAK Artists' Semigloss Canvas / 20mil KODAK Matte Canvas / 19mil If you have questions or need assistance, visit Kodak’s website at www.kodak.com/go/wfisupport or, in the U.S., contact KODAK Technical Support at 1-888-436-2347. The contents of this publication are subject to change without notice. EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY • ROCHESTER, NY 14650
KODAK Fine Art Smooth Paper / M315DP KODAK Publication No. 719-01037A KODAK is a trademark of the Eastman Kodak Company

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