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Recommended literature on TRIZ:
1. Altshuller G. How Discoveries are Made: (Thoughts on methodology of
scientific work). – Baku, 1960. – 12 p. 2. Altshuller G.S. Icarus and Dedalus. A set of training programs for schools
of scientific and engineering creative activities of young people and for lecturer training. – Baku, 1985.- 37 p. TRIZ Journals. 3. Altshuller G.S. Algorithm of Invention. - M: Moskovsky rabotchy, 1973.
4. Altshuller G.S. Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving (ARIZ-85В).
Methodology developed for trainees of seminar "Methods for solving
scientific and engineering problems. - L.: Leningrad Metal works. - 1985. -
123 p.
5. Altshuller G.S. Find an Idea. Introduction to the theory of inventive
problem solving. - Novosibirsk.: Nauka Publishers, 1986, 209 p. 6. Altshuller G.S. Main Techniques for Eliminating Engineering
Contradictions in Inventive Problem Solving. - Baku: Giandjlick, 1971. –
52 p.
7. Altshuller G.S. Process of Inventive Problem Solving: Main Stages and
Mechanisms 06.
8. Altshuller G.S. Creative Activity as an Exact Science. Theory of
inventive problem solving. - M.: Soviet radio, 1979. 184 p. Cybernetics. 9. Altshuller G.S. Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. - Angarsk, 1988. -
10. Altshuller G.S., Vertkin I. M. Workbook on the Theory of Creative
Personality Development. - Kishinyov: International Science and
engineering center "Progress" - Cartia moldoveniaske, 1990. - Part 1. -
1990. 237 p. Part 2. - 1990. 71 p.
11. Altshuller G.S., Vertkin I. M. How to Become a Genius: Life strategy of
12. Altshuller G.S., Zlotin B.L., Zussman A.V. Theory and Practice of
Inventive Problem Solving. Methodological recommendations. –
Kishinyov, 1989. - 127 p.
13. Altshuller G.S., Zlotin B.L., Filatov V.I. Profession – Search for
Novelty. (Value-engineering analysis and theory of inventive problem
solving as a system for identifying the reserves for economy). – Kishinyov:
Cartia moldoveniaske, 1985. – 196 p.
14. Altshuller G.S., Selyutsky A.B. Wings for Icarus: How to Solve
Inventive Problems. – Petrozavodsk: Karelia, 1980. – 224 p. (p. 36-39).
15. Amnuel P.R. Creative Personality Development is Quite Simple! A
course of lectures on development of creative imagination and theory of inventive problem solving for beginners, 1999. 16. Zlotin B.L., Zussman A.V. An Inventor Came to the Lesson. 1990
17. Zlotin B.L., Zussman A.V. A month under the Stars of Fantasy. 1988
18. G.V.Borodastov et al. Index of Physical Phenomena and Effects for
Solving Inventive Problems: Manual / G.V.Borodastov, S.D.Denivov,
V.A.Yefimov, V.V.Zubarev, V.P.Kustov, A.N.Goncharov. – M.: Central
Scientific Research Institute of Information and Engineering-and-Economic
Studies on Nuclear Science and Engineering (TsNIIAtominform), 1979.
93 p.
19. Inspiration by Order. Lessons in Inventiveness. Petrozavodsk: Karelia,
20. Gerasimov V., Litvin S. Mechanisms for Enhancing Ideality of
Engineering Systems when Conducting VEA. – L. 1985, 6 p. (manuscript)
– Petrozavodsk -85.
21. Gerasimov V.M., Kalish V.S., Karpunin M.G., Kuzmin A.M., Litvin
S.S. Fundamental Notions of Methodology for Value Engineering
Methodological recommendations. M.: Inform-VEA, 1991, 40 p.
22. Gerasimov V.M., Litvin S.S. Integrated System TRIZ-VEA. – TRIZ
23. Gerasimov V.M., Litvin S.S. Taking the Regularities of Engineering
Evolution in Account when Conducting VEA for Technological
Practice of conducting VEA in electrotechnical industry. Edited
by M.G.Karpunin. M., Energoatomizdat, 1987, p. 193-210.
24. Gorin Yu. Application of Physical Effects and Phenomena in Inventive
Problem Solving. – Baku: OLMI, 1973, 42 p.
25. Gorin Yu. Index of Physical Effects and Phenomena for Inventors.
26. Daring Formulas of Creativity/ (Compiled by A.B.Seliutsky). –
Petrozavodsk: Karelia, 1987. – 269 p. – (Engineering-Youth-Creativity) 27. Zlotin B.L., Zussman A. Use of TRIZ Tools for Inventive Problem
Solving. – Kishinyov, 1985, 12 p. (manuscript).
28. Zlotin B.L., Zussman A.V. Trends of Evolution and Forecasting of
Engineering Systems: Methodological recommendations. - Kishinyov:
Cartia moldovenyaske, 1989. 114 p.
29. Zlotin B.L., Zussman A.V. Methodology of Forecasting Extraordinary
Situations, Harmful and Non-desirable Phenomena. Kishinyov. - 1991.
22 p.
30. Ivanov G.I. And Start Inventing: Popular scientific book.- Irkutsk: East
31. How to Become a Heretic. / Compiled by A.B.Selyutsky. - Petrozavodsk:
32. Classification of Main Techniques for Eliminating Engineering
Contradictions: Album / Compiled by G.Altshuller. - Petrozavodsk, 1985. -
37 p.
33. Mitrofanov V.V. From Technological Reject to Scientific Discovery.
TRIZ Association of Saint Petersburg, 1998. – 395 p. 34. Thread in the Labyrinth / compiled by A.B.Selyutsky. - Petrozavodsk:
35. Search for New Ideas: from Insight to Technology (Theory and Practice
of Inventive Problem Solving) /G.S.Altshuller, B.L. Zlotin, A.V.
Zussman, V.I.Filatov. -
Kishinyov: Cartia moldovenyaske, 1989.- 381 p.
36. Rules of Game without Rules / Compiled by A.B.Selyutsky. -
Petrozavodsk: Karelia, 1989.-280 p. (Engineering-Youth-Creativity), pp. 11-50. 37. Salamatov Yu.P. How to Become an Inventor. 50 Hours of Creativity.
M.: "Prosveschenije", 1990. 240 p. 38. Collection of Creative Problems in Biology, Ecology and TRIZ (Manual)
Author and compiler V.I.Timokhov. - Saint Petersburg: Publishing House of LLC "TRIZ-CHANCE". 1996.- 105 p. 39. Selyutsky A.B., Slugin G.I. Inspiration by Order. Lessons in
inventiveness. Petrozavodsk: Karelia, 1977, 190 p. 40. Timokhov V.I. Card Collection on Biological Effects. A manual for
Biology teachers. - Gomel: Literary-and-Creative Laboratory "ICO", 1993. 41. Index of Physical Effects and Phenomena for Inventors. / Denisov S.,
Yefimov V., Zubarev V., Kustov V., - Obninsk, 1977, 214 p. (January, 1978, pp. 14-20). 42. Chance for Adventure / Compiled by A.B.Selyutsky. - Petrozavodsk:
Karelia, 1991. 304 p. (Engineering-Youth-Creativity).

Source: http://matriz.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Appendix-12_Recommended-literature.pdf

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