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Medical Health Information
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Do you have or have you had any of the following diseases or conditions? (Check all that apply.)______________________________
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Heart Defect, Heart Murmur, Heart Disease Do you or have you ever taken bisphosphonates, including Fosomax, Didronel, Boniva, Aredia, Actonel, Skelid, or Zometa?________
If so, which drug?________________________
Do you have any disease, condition, or problem not listed that you think we should know about? Please Explain:
Are you taking any medication at this time? Yes No If yes, Please list_____________________________________________
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Dental Health Information

Are you experiencing any Dental Problems Yes No Date of last dental visit___/___/____
How often do you brush and floss each day? Brush ___ times per day Floss ___ times per day
Dentist: _______________________________
Do you have or have you ever had any of the following problems?
Yes No
Tooth Sensitivity to Heat, Cold, or Sweets I acknowledge that the above information is correct. I will notify Longmont Braces of any changes that occur after this date. I hereby authorize Longmont Braces and its designees to perform an initial orthodontic evaluation/examination. Name:__________________________________ Date:_______________________

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