Hi ATSICS (A Tiny Shift In Connecting Schools) Members and Associate Members! 1.0 Membership for 2012-2013
I have updated our web page for members: Please see:
Board: Please send me your current LONGER bio so that I can add it to this web page. If it contains
any contact info, I will delete this before posting.
2.0 Income (Finances)
Xmas was generous. CURAC (College and University Associations of Canada) sent me a thank you
gift to put towards my favourite non profit for $35.00. (I play a minimal role as copy editor on their
communications committee). Cash gifts from a neighbour, a friend and my nephiew netted another
$65. Our grand total is now $932, a huge increase from last year's "year end" of $122. See:
Another $600 or so, and we will have enough to hire a lawyer to get our charitable status. Please start looking out for a good one that can also communicate with us (in English; not legalize) Our Year end is February 3. I would like to get our books into Canada Revenue much earlier this year! Say by M ay 15, 2013 .
3.0 Showing of "I AM"
Since I was in the hospital from Dec 27-January 17 (for psychosis: TIME for me was going
backwards, then stood still for a bit and then started moving forward again.quite interesting!) , I did
not connect with KAIROS and IDEA Burlington. Someone from my McMaster University retirees
association mediated on my behalf and they will show the film on their own.
I am communicating with Gail McGinnis from the Hamilton Kit Kat Club (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kit-Cat-Club-of-Hamilton/116389581767753?ref=ts&fref=ts) to show the film in February at the HARRRP centre near Sherman on Main St East.
.0 Our Web Site (
ttp://atinyshift.ca/ )
(For the people not familar with computer jargon: CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and allows me to plan and set down what the overall look and feel of our site will be. By doing things this way, the site will become much easier to maintain in the future) I converted the "About Us" pages to our new format using CSS while maintaining a SIMILAR look and
feel. The links to our sub pages are now handled through CSS. The success is partial because the
look and feel I was aiming for works under the web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome and whatever
sits on my Samsung Phone but NOT MicroSoft Explorer! John Beaudette! Any idea why this is
happening with MS Explorer????
While updating the "About US" subpages, I also updated the "People" (Members) page and our "Financial" Page. Our "Records" Page still needs work which I will do AFTER the other pages have the top left corner converted to CSS. Next in line will be the "Projects", the "Join", the "Gallery" and 5.0 Future Direction
My recent hospitalization has not changed our future direction (See DEC 2012 e-mail) except that I
will be more focused now that I am on heavy duty drugs (Apo Divalproex EC) which will in time take
out my liver! Since I am 70, that should not be a major concern!
I am on the waiting list for "Geriatric Psychiatry" since I am too old for McMaster's "Mood Disorder
Clinic". I am looking forward to going to this "senior" psychiatric clinic and throwing off all their charts
due to my more than average muscle mass! In the mean time, my family clinic will watch out.
I was back in the gym yesterday (Jan 19) and it felt good after a 4 week absence. I only had to drop
my weights by 5-20 pounds depending on the exercise and I have only 1 muscle knot and no other
pain today. Tomorrow I have blood tests and then back at the Pulse! YAHOO!
Marianne905 921 6899The attached image is a reminder that not all African men are rapists and murderers! In fact, the ratio is probably on par with that in Hamilton ONTARIO! Now the cultural context differs but that still does not make ALL African men that which far too many of us Caucasians walk around with here, in Canada. The saying on the image is a good one too!

Source: http://atinyshift.ca/pdf/Newsletters/Jan2013.pdf

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