Tanzanian Travel Information

Th outlines is intended to be a brief outline of things you'll need to consider when traveling to
Tanzania including approximate costs. Quoted here in Canadian dollars but in Tanzania the
currency is Tanzanian shilling or USD.


 Between $1800.-2200.00/person- Vancouver/ Amsterdam/ Kilimanjaro,Tanzania. May go through Seattle. Try to avoid Amsterdam stopover even if it costs $150 more because travel time extends.  Use CACHA travel agent in Ottawa, Shirin, who continues to get the best flights. Need to book in September if leaving in January. Flight cost is run through CACHA as volunteer donation and is a charitable tax deduction ( applies to the teen ticket as well).  Required.
 Tourist Visa= $75 USD through Tanzanian Embassy, Ottawa in advance or $50 USD on
arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport.  Volunteer visa=$200USD for those actively volunteering and requires paperwork.  Passport must have greater than 6 months before expiration.  May cost about $300/per person depending on vacc. you require.  In Victoria: Travel Clinic run by Dr. Guesquire, who has  Antimalarials: Doxycyline is cheap- daily dose. Malarone is expensive $5/day- daily dose. Mefliquine is not recommended for women due to side effects ie insomnia.  I carry a well equipped first aid kit with Flagyl, Cipro Benedryl, dressings etc.
Travel insurance:
 Required. Approx. $150/per person. This is required by CACHA and includes medivac which is good to have though improbable. Currently insured through TravelGuard arranged by Shirin for CACHA volunteers  Greatest personal risk: MVA, Malaria
Cacha membership:
 Required. $40/per adult per year / $25per student Land Transport:
 Pickup at the airport $50 USD flat rate for group. Land cruiser. I will arrange through Bushman Safari's. It is 40 minutes to Moshi from the airport  Dalla dalla (minivan with lots of people)- cheap $1.50/ single fare. To hire dalla dalla for transport of passengers and duffel bags to Kilema from Moshi- $40.00 one way.
 At Kilema hospital- room and board in cement block visitor center or separate house $15.00 per person/ night. Funds generated from visitor center go to support the OVC program (orphan and vulnerable children).  In Moshi at YMCA- YMCA $17.00/ night( two single beds) with light breakfast  Meals in Moshi around $7.00. Beer 500ml= $1.00  These numbers are estimates and depend on the currency which has steadily been  Current exchange, Tanzanian shillling $1,644.00= Can dollar $1.00
 Usually use bank card in local ATM's and have not experienced fraud. $400,000 shilling
withdraw limit/ day. USD currency for safari, transport, Kili climb needs to be carried. I have never used travelers cheques.  Generally safe, stable democracy. Typical alerts at bus stations for petty crime.  Need to be inside or traveling by taxi only after dark( 6-7pm)  Crime directed toward foreigners is frowned upon and often citizens will take law into own hands. Locals do watch out for visitors.  Africans like to look smart and appreciate visitors who dress the same. Even the poor will make an effort to wear their best kanga( colourful cloth).  For women below the knee skirts and t-shirts are best and appreciated. Capris are fine. Avoid shorts, tank tops, any display of bras or cleavage. .  Men should dress in collared or t-shirt and lightweight pants at Kilema hospital and while at work or volunteering. This is most acceptable and you will notice most men try to dress this way. Shorts are for soccer field, Kili climb and safari.  Safari clothing is a bit cliché and Africans wonder why we insist on it with all the beautiful ,colourful fabrics around. You can win ‘safari points’ for insisting on this type of dress.

Kilimanjaro climb:
 Approx.$1,200.+ tip $100./per person Fully equipped -5nights  Can also go the hard way. cook for yourself but still need a guide and guide needs porter. I recommend Marangu Hotel because it's near Kilema Hospital and treats it's porters well and according to association rules. They say the fully equipped trip can not be had for under $1000 USD without exploiting workers.  Recommend 3 nights 4 days. A cheap safari costs $120/per person/day which includes, vehicle, driver/ guide, gas, water, meals, accommodation( basic). I know a guide, Boniface, and he has taken us out a number of times now and he is exceptional at sighting, safe and a very nice guy. Expensive safaris can run $400/day/person!  Consider Tarangire, Ngorogoro Crater, Ndutu (south Serengeti without the price- Ndutu is outside the Serengeti Park) In 2011, I paid $1,200 for 2 people- 3 nights 4 days. Zanzibar:
 Flights about $120 one way -Precision Air. Need at least 5 days to visit Zanzibar. Recommend Stone town and northeastern coast near Matemwe. (
Around Kilema
 wonderful village marke(sekoni)t- 2-3 km away.  endless safe hiking through farms and villages.  daily soccer games for fellows, near the church at 4pm.


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