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“Father---because of You---we have another day! We begin this day coming
into Your Holy presence confessing our unholiness---our sins of the mind, We are forever thankful that You no longer see us as sinners--- but as Your children! Thank You for including us in on Your eternal plan and LOVE! We thank You for all You’ve done in our past through Jesus Christ ---and for all You will do today for those of us will choose to live IN CHRIST! Lord---help us remember that You can’t bless or reward disobedience! Father---we bring the following names before You today---asking that You interject another one of Your miracles into their physical lives. We realize that for You to perform a miracle is easier than for us to breathe---but in doing so--- we realize that Your eye sight into our future is 100% perfect---so on top of this request to heal---we add--- “not our will ---but YOURS be done!” Father, hug on , and heal---Russell, Ryan, Ernie, Amanda and Max and their baby twins---plus all the others in special need in the Jesus Café (and Father---You know exactly who I am referring!) Now , speak to us through the following---and guide us through this day! Do yall remember the Words Jesus spoke right after loving on the little lady caught in adultery that we talked about yesterday? Here, look real deep into them and ask God to help you to apply them to your circumstances today! I know He said them concerning the lady He had just sent back into “life on planet earth”---but He also knew each of us who would be reading this emeal today! Does HE have a word for you here? John 8:12- Jesus said--- "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." Last week at our Arizona camp---we had people come in from all over the place! California, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Nevada, and some I have forgot! But the one I want to tell yall about today came from hell. I am serious. When I listened to her spill her heart and soul---I wanted to get up and go out and find the adults who had helped place all the hell into her little life and ________! But I have learned ---“almost”---to always trust that to God! He knows ---He cares—and He WILL NOT allow adults who hurt His little ones to “get by!” Matt 18:6- But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Matt 18:10- "See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven. Matt 18:14-your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost. Luke 17:1- Jesus said to his disciples: "Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come. 2 It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. 3 So watch yourselves. I first noticed young Felicia the night I was speaking to the senior girls in their cabin. She was sitting snuggled up against another young lady who had also had a very terrible life---3 suicide attempts---but this young lady---like Felicia--- had just received Jesus Christ has her personal Savior! Felicia had a black sweat shirt on---with a black hood pulled way down over her very pale but pretty face. Her black hair hid most of her pretty face. (I could see deep pain but honesty in her every expression.) I remember her eyes couldn’t make contact with mine for the longest time. When she raised her hand to begin her story---I could barely hear her! She talked in a low monotone---with pain like I have seldom heard. But as she began to talk—and the room became filled with tears (including mine)---her voice got stronger. After she finished her story (Hollywood should make a movie about it)---I went over and just grabbed her right there in front of all the others and she finally released her tears into my heaving chest---we all were crying---but thanking God tha Felicia was a new child---with a new Father---and a new reason for living! From that moment on---she would come over and sit with me---and pretty soon---a real smile began to form on her new face! She actually began to enjoy life there at that love camp! She handed me a letter the day before I had to leave! When I left her---I gave both her and Cheilsee (the other girl I mentioned) one of my Christian t- shirts, my Christian bracelet, a couple of easy Christian reading books---and all of my contact info! Her 4 page ,letter to me begins--- “My life really didn’t start until I was 7. I don’t remember anything before that!” (Folks---does this spell hell to you? Can you imagine what all went on in her little life that she has crammed down into that little soul and locked it up---and has HAD to NOT REMEMBER IT?) “My mom was dating a fellow named Jim and I knew form the beginning that I didn’t like him! I had anger concerning all that was going on in my life so (Ha! I wish! Look what they put this little girl on)--- “ They put me on 250mg of Zoloft and 500 mg of depikot!” “My mom’s cancer got worse so we were forced to shut down the old folks home we were running and mom married John.” (this was already the 3rd man “My dad who I was calling “dad” since I was old enough to talk walked out of my life as if I wasn’t good enough to be loved by him but then I was faced with reality and was told that he left to start his own family because mom finally told me that he really wasn’t my real daddy. We suddenly moved to New York (wow--- what a nice place for a little girl to be hauled off to without a dad) and I was very lonely. My brother stayed in Arizona, my step dad worked 12 hours a day and my mom---well she stayed in her own little world all the time! (I found out that her mom was a very attractive woman who “modeled”. Ha!) “I started to get this empty feeling but I hid it behind a smile!” (Folks---this is the mask that most kids wear 24-7-365!) “We left New York and went to Georgia, then Tennessee, then to Bridgeport , Alabama. I fell in with the wrong crowd as my loneliness got worse! (At schools, camps, any social gatherings---isn’t it amazing how lonely, rebellious hearts automatically attract each other within no time!) “I turned to popping pills, got caught and was kicked out of school. We moved back to Arizona where I started school again. But , I fell in with the “This time, I got seriously into pills, all sorts of drugs, and alcohol abuse. My home life wasn’t any better (surprise?) and my own mom began to tell me that I was stupid, no good---and that I was a mistake!” “I tried suicide and failed and my mom told me she wished I would have died so that she could collect the insurance money!” (When I heard this---my blood began to boil!) “I began attempting more suicides. At one time, I left home for 4 days and in those 4 days---I did 6 lines of meth. When I came home, I was sent to a children’s home. There, I refused to speak to anyone for over 3 months. I split my wrist 3 times (more tears) ---constantly collapsing my veins. Hanging out with the wrong kids, I got in fights continually and was severely “After 6 and a half months here, I was kicked out for smoking weed. When my mom found out, she totally abandoned me---leaving the state! I began cutting myself and abusing myself pretty bad.” “Bobby, all the time this was going on, though, while I was in school, I maintained an almost 4.0 grade point average. I loved to read and was pretty smart. I had to stop cutting myself and doing drugs because I realized that I would wake up each morning having to deal with my past mistakes, and was tempted to pick up a knife. Every day it got put back into my head by my mother that I was nothing but a screw up and a nobody going no where! (Obviously, the woman who bore her came back to bother her some more!) She ends her 4 page letter to me with--- “Yes, I have made mistakes but at least I admit it. (after she got saved at camp and met a lot of neat, forgiving, loving girls in her cabin who not only listen to her story---they received her into their arms and loved her rather than reject her) But now I KNOW that no matter how much my mother talks me down,
I KNOW it is not true! I will prove her wrong—I will stay strong!”

YEAH GOD!!! YES JESUS!! THANK YOU, LORD---for allowing and using me
and the camp to deliver YOUR LOVE--- deep down INTO HER PRECIOUS
The morning I had to leave camp---as I turned to leave the group of
campers she was standing with ---she looked up into my tear-filled eyes and
said with the sweetest, confident voice---
“Thanks Bobby!” I grabbed her---she was shaking—trembling! I pushed her little head back and looked into her teary eyes and said— “I love ya, Felicia but I can’t do much for you. Jesus loves you and can do anything!” She calmly but confidently replied---“I love you, too!” “Felicia, are you coming back next year?” “I sure am!”
(More tears now—just remembering all those kids!)
We all did a big, ole group hug and promised to see each other right back
at that same camp next year!
When I asked her to bring a couple of her friends! She said she would!
JESUS CAFÉ---the neatest thing about this camp (and several that I do
each summer) ---is that the church that puts it on ---does not
the kids to come! All the singers and teachers pay our own way to
come! The counselors all pay their own way to come! It is a Biblical, grace-
oriented out- reach ministry to best try to reach the lost and lonely
youth of our country who CAN’T (or won’t) PAY to come but NEED so badly
Sounds just like what GOD offered to us!
HE PAID our way---and still---only a FEW COME!
A lot of un-churched kids end up coming to these GRACE CAMPS that I love to do---and guess what? At this camp, as far as we know, every single one of the unsaved who came got saved!!! Larry, the Pastor of that great church, assured me that his church would get the addresses of these new Christians and see to it they could provide transportation for these baby Christians who wanted to attend their gracious, Bible teaching, loving church! (Without this---the new babies are left on the steps to die!) YALL PLEASE PRAY FOR LITTLE FELICIA and CHEILSEE and Larry’s church! And Jesus Café---let’s forgive all those adults and kids that hurt her. In fact---let’s pray that they all who HURT her ---get saved---and JOIN her in our Father’s Loving Family! I challenged both Cheilsee and Felicia to forgive and continually LOVE all of those who had hurt them! I told them that these people hurt them because they couldn’t love them! No one can really LOVE who has never really received JESUS CHRIST---the only SOURCE OF LOVE!!


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