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Jon Junkin, CIO
Government Services Delivery Cluster (GSDC)
Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS)

Ontario Public Service
December 3, 2007
GSDC I&IT Overview
• Develop I&IT solutions to drive the MGCS Modernization Agenda
• Provide I&IT products, services and support to MGCS and its OPS enterprise-
– simpler, faster, smarter, more seamless and better connected via the “Service Channels” the Public and the OPS prefer to use. – in the immediate term, focus will continue to emphasize building the foundation for sustainable, successful business transformation of government and consumerservices. Core Businesses
• Supporting MGCS internal service delivery including:
– HR Service Delivery, Financial and HR Transactional Services, Supply Chain Management, Modernization, Corporate Services and I&IT Common Components • Supporting OPS external service delivery including: – ServiceOntario Kiosks, Counters, Telephony and Internet Service Delivery Channels, Archivist of Ontario and Policy and Consumer Protection GSDC I&IT Overview cont’d.
• GSDC resource distribution is focused on 3 key areas on • Approximately 70% of the work that GSDC is engaged in is • 85% of the work GSDC performs has an enterprise-wide focus. This broad enterprise focus is unique to the GSDC cluster and differentiates GSDC functions from the service scope of the seven other I&IT Clusters Big Challenges Facing the Cluster
and/or the OPS
• Implementing any potential fiscal and hiring constraints • Sustaining ongoing I&IT savings initiatives while responding to post • Accommodating and adapting to aggressive migration of retail services from other Ministries into the ServiceOntario environment • Potential for significant advances in the broader deployment and increased utilization of ERP products and services • Improving application and infrastructure availability and reliability to better satisfy a services guaranteed value proposition • Building GSDC organizational capacity • Improving MGCS information and service management practices Cluster Priorities – Short Term
Cluster Priorities – Longer Term
(in the next 18 months)
• A Public-facing IT Infrastructure Investment Strategy – ONBIS Modernization– PPSR Paperless output– CPPSB CTAR Annual Return– Contact Center / Telephony Upgrade– ORG Modernization– VISION: Birth certificate validation for Federal and other jurisdictions and groups– ESMS – Enterprise Stakeholder Management System (EASY SUITE) • An internal OPS ERP Investment Strategy – IFIS application and infrastructure investment– Payroll Modernization Phase 3 (Implementation) – A focus upon TRA, PIA, DRP, BCP planning– Enterprise IAA– Exploration of investments in new technologies • Electronic approvals, Voice over Internet Protocol, Configuration Management and Change Management Tool, – Information repository needs, data mining and analysis requirements (through BI tools)– Expanded rollout of common components and tools • eVista, Clarity PPM tool, enterprise content management, collaboration tool, eForms RFP and RFS’ to be Released
Over the Next 6-8 Months
– GSDC typically issues about 150 RFS requests annually • Specialist expertise in PeopleSoft, Oracle, Domino, etc. • Project Management, Architecture, Services Management disciplines Contact Information
Office of the CIOGovernment Services Delivery Cluster


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