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Letter of Introduction ………………………………………………Page 2 Daily Schedules ……………………………………………………Page 3 Infants, Creepers, Toddlers Clothing and Personal Belongings .……………………………….Page 5 Arrival and Departure Procedures Transportation Procedures Emergencies and Hazardous Weather Health and Medical Information ………………………………….Page 6 Discipline Home-Center Cooperation ……………………………………….Page 8 Heritage Kidz Club ………………………………………………Page 9 Operation Policies ……………………………………………….Page 10 Holidays …………………………………………………………Page 11 Dear Parents, The Heritage Baptist Child Development Center is pleased to offer a ministry to families in our community through full time child care. We consider it a pleasure to serve your family by providing the best care possible for your children while you must be away from them. The mission of the preschool ministry of Heritage Baptist Child Development Center is to provide a Christ-based foundation for children and families where children can grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. The building blocks of this foundation are developmentally appropriate classes and activities through many arms of the church, including quality daycare. The purpose of all the activities of the preschool program is to provide guidance and nurturing to children and families so that they may develop a personal relationship with God. Our church doors are always open to your family. Please let us know of any way we can be of help to you. We look forward to working together to make this the best possible experience for your child. Sincerely, Tamira Quattlebaum, Director Heritage Child Development Center Daily Schedules
The preschool child’s schedule should be set up in big blocks of time to allow unhurried movement from one activity to another. His daily activities should be
consistent enough to give him a feeling of security in knowing what to expect next, but
flexible enough to allow the use of any opportunity that might arise to broaden interest
and satisfy needs. For this reason, no two days will have exactly the same schedule.
Activity Time

This is working and playing together. Each child has a variety of activities to choose from. For example, he might choose to look at books, listen to music, build with
blocks, act out home experiences at the home living center, experiment with art materials
and clay or work with learning games.
Small Group Time

Children work with the teacher in small groups to allow for more individual attention during these learning experiences with preschool phonics, math readiness
concepts, science and nature, and writing.
Cleaning Up

There is a specific place for all materials and equipment in the center. After their use, they are put back in the appropriate place. Each child is encouraged to assume
responsibility for putting away materials which he has used and for cleaning up the area
in which he has been working.

Using playground equipment and playing games aid in physical development and social interaction.

Both morning and afternoon snacks are provided for the children by the center. Eating together helps each child to learn good table manners, good food habits and
provides a relaxed time for conversation. Fruit juice and healthy snacks are served.

Rest time is for relaxation. Young children tire much more quickly from sitting for a short time than they do from running and playing hard for a much longer time. There is a balance of active and quiet experiences during the day, and approximately a
two hour rest period after lunch. Children are not required to sleep, but they are expected
to rest quietly during this time. All preschool children rest on cots. Each child is
required to have a “kidnapper” mat to go on top of his cot. You may purchase these in
the CDC office. You may also provide a small, lightweight blanket to cover up with.

Your child will enjoy a balanced, nutritious lunch as part of our program. At the beginning of each month, you will receive a menu for the entire month. Many parents
have found this useful in planning meals at home. If you notice anything on the menu
that might not be suitable for your child due to allergies, etc., feel free to send
supplements from home. Parents are invited to eat with their children any time, by
Group Experiences

Singing, listening to music, responding to rhythms, taking nature walks, going on field trips, listening to stories and poems, talking together and playing out stories all contribute to making Heritage Child Development Center a happy place. Infants, Creepers, Toddlers
Loving care for even the smallest infant is vital to his development. Infants will be held, cuddled, talked to, sung to and introduced to many new experiences.
Communication between the parents and the center is extremely important at this age.
Classroom teachers will send home daily reports so that parents will be aware of meal
times, nap times, and potty times.
The following applies to infant, creeper and toddler care:
*All baby food and formula bottles must be furnished by the parent. No glass bottles,
Formula must be made prior to coming to the center.
*No opened jars of baby food will be accepted at the center.
*Disposable diapers are required.
*All items must be labeled with the child’s name.
*Extra clothing must be in the child’s bag.
*Older children are not allowed in the infant room. They may wait outside the door
for their parents.
Clothing and Personal Belongings
All items (coats, hats, sweaters, books, cups) should be plainly labeled with the child’s first and last name. Use manuscript to label so that your child can learn to recognize his own name. Children should wear play clothes to school. Please provide tennis shoes or play shoes for your child – no bare feet, and no sandals. Clothing should be rugged and easy to fasten, with buttons and zippers in working order. Each child should have a complete change of clothes at the center at all
times! Please remember to change the clothes in the tote bag as the seasons change.

All toys should be left at home. A soft sleep toy for naptime is acceptable. The sleep toy should be small enough to fit in the child’s cubby. Arrival and Departure Procedures
Upon arrival, the child must be delivered into the hands of a teacher. Each parent must sign in or out every time the child arrives or leaves the center. Our center cannot be responsible for the child unless this important policy is adhered to. Children will be released only to properly identified persons who are on their pick up list. All information must be kept current by the parent. Arrangements should be
made for the named persons to accompany the parents on a visit to the center so that the
staff might become acquainted with them.
Transportation Procedures
The center will provide transportation for occasional field trips. To attend fieldtrips the child must have a permission slip signed by the parent. Emergencies and Hazardous Weather
There are fire plans located in each of the classrooms. The inside hallways are used to protect the children in case of bad weather. Periodic fire drills and bad weather drills will be used to prepare the children for any potential emergency. The center may need to close because of hazardous weather conditions. If the decision is made to close the center, it will be broadcast on local radio and television stations. If the Montgomery Public Schools close because of hazardous weather conditions, the center will also close. If there is a medical emergency, the center will first attempt to get in touch with the child’s parents. If the child’s parent is unavailable, we will use the information provided on the parent agreement form to reach the child’s doctor and then follow his instructions. If necessary, we will also use the Pri-Med facility located on Vaughn Road and the Eastern By-Pass. Health and Medical Information
Medications will be administered between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm only. Medications that are prescribed for “once daily” or “twice daily” will not be administered at the center. These medications need to be given at home. Medications that are prescribed for “three times a day” will be given once between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. Please be reminded that ALL medications need to have a prescription either on file or on the medication itself before it can be given at the center. Medications need to be taken home daily. We have a small amount of storage space for “as needed” medications, but prescription medications need to go home each day. RE: Breathing Treatments Breathing treatments will be administered between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm only. A maximum of two treatments will be given by the nurse or administrative staff during the day. If a child needs more than two treatments during the day, the first treatment will need to be given before the child comes to the center. Breathing treatments that are prescribed for “once daily” will not be administered at the center. This treatment needs to be given at home. Please be reminded that a copy of the prescriptions for albuterol, xopenex, and pulmicort is needed for the child’s file. Also needed for the file, is the number of treatments needed each day as prescribed by the doctor. For example, three times daily, four times daily, every four hours, etc… Nebulizers or breathing machines must be taken home daily. These are not to be left in the center overnight. We share our facility with the church and do not have adequate storage space for breathing machines. For your convenience, we will place your child’s breathing machine with their belongings at 4 pm each day. The parent must provide the health record signed by the child’s physician or the health department and a current certificate of immunizations (BLUE SLIP) at the time of admission. There must be cooperation between the center and the home to fight the
spread of communicable disease. In an attempt to limit the spread of infection, the
following guidelines have been established:
*Children must not be brought to the center if they have any of the following symptoms:
severe colds, fever, undetermined rash or spots, nausea or diarrhea or other symptoms of
illness. Parents will be notified to pick up children immediately if signs of illness occur
during the day.
*No child may come to the center with any amount of fever. Parents will be contacted if
the child begins to run a temperature of 101.
*A child may not return to the center after a communicable illness until the doctor has
released him and/or all symptoms of illnesses have disappeared. Any child sent home
with fever or diarrhea may not return to the center until he has remained fever or
diarrhea free for 24 hours.
*Toys, cribs, cots, high chairs changing areas and other items used by the children are
cleaned and disinfected to help prevent the spread of disease.
*Parents must keep current the name of the child’s doctor and the name of other adults to contact in the event that a parent cannot be reached. *Parents shall report any illnesses or exposures to communicable diseases outside the center to the staff, in order that the Director may alert other parents. The staff in turn shall inform the parents when the child has been exposed to communicable disease at the center. *The center will only administer medication which has been prescribed by a doctor, and only with written permission which has been dated and signed by the parent. *All medicine shall be stored in the kitchenette. No medicine shall remain in a child’s bag/cubby during the day. Discipline
Children are not allowed to mistreat themselves, others or property. Children desire adult attention (positive or negative) at all cost. It has been shown that children exhibit behavior that is rewarded most frequently. We praise appropriate behavior to reinforce that behavior. If inappropriate behavior continues, a time-out procedure is implemented. It may become necessary to ask your assistance in correcting a persistent problem. The center reserves the right to dismiss any child if, after entering, he seems unable to participate in group experiences. Failure of the parents to cooperate with the center also qualifies for dismissal. Home-Center Cooperation
Children are discouraged from bringing toys from home unless they would contribute to the child’s learning experiences at the center. Items brought from home could be lost or broken and the center cannot be responsible for them. If toys are brought, these must be safe for the group’s use. War toys are not permissible. Books, tapes and CD’s are always welcomed. Security toys for naptime are permissible. Parents are asked to see that children do not bring food into the center unless planned in advance by the parent and staff. Food exceptions are not made for the individual child except in case of medical Each child’s birthday is recognized at the center. If parents wish to bring special birthday goodies, arrangements should be made with the child’s teacher. Parents are welcomed at the center at any time. Parents of children enrolled at the center are invited to make suggestions for improvement of services at anytime. These suggestions should be made to the child’s teacher or the director. Suggestions calling for changes in policy should be made to the director. We appreciate the suggestions and concerns of our parents. If a parent has a complaint of any nature, he is encouraged to place it in writing and give it to the director. Suggestions or complaints will be carefully considered and the parent will receive a response. Any family causing harm or disruption to CDC programs will be terminated from Heritage Child Development Center without a two week notice. Heritage Kidz Club
Our KIDZ CLUB provides full day care for summer months and public school holidays. School age children, ages 5 – 11, will be admitted to the program. After completion of 5th grade, children may attend the summer program but once they have entered 6th grade they may not attend Kidz Club any longer. We accept only well children. We are depending on you to maintain this policy. If symptoms of illness are observed, the child will be sent home. A nutritious snack will be provided. If your child is on a special diet due to allergies, please make arrangement with the center. On school holidays we endeavor to provide a relaxed atmosphere. The children enjoy special craft projects, movies and occasional field trips. Our summer program is extra special. We plan for months to provide a program that is equal to none for your school age child. Each week has its own theme with activities that revolve around it. Each day is well planned. The children stay involved in special crafts, lots of local field trips, Vacations Bible School and much more! Parents may pay on a daily basis if the child will not be attending full time. The charge for this special arrangement will be the drop-in rate of $32.00 per day. During summer months, parents are required to give a start date and a withdrawal date. Tuition will be assessed weekly and a $20.00 fee will be charged for each week the child does not attend Kidz Club and they have signed up for that week. The center reserves the right to dismiss any child if he seems unable to participate in group activities. Failure of the parents to cooperate with the center also qualifies for dismissal. Operational Policies
Admission Procedure

All required forms must be completed and returned to the Director, along with the annual, non-refundable registration fee and the first week’s/month’s tuition, prior to the
child’s first day at the center. Forms include: enrollment application, parent agreement
forms, blue immunization record and white medical record for all children 5 years old or
Financial Arrangements

REGISTRATION FEE: An annual, non-refundable fee of $50 is charged of all
applicants at the time of enrollment and every June 1st thereafter.
SUPPLY FEE: An annual, non-refundable fee of $50 is charged of all applicants at the
time of enrollment and every September 1st thereafter.
The tuition is payable in advance, and may be paid on Friday or Monday morning for the
coming week. Fees may be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, by check if possible.
LATE TUITION: A late fee of $10 is charged for tuition that is not paid by Wednesday
of the week that tuition is charged.
No parent will be allowed to be more that two weeks in arrears. If no arrangements
are made, the child will be automatically disenrolled. The center is completely
dependent upon tuition fees to operate.
ABSENCES: Full payment is due unless your child is absent for a complete week,
Monday through Friday, in which case one-half payment is required.
RETURNED CHECK CHARGE: There is a $30 charge for each returned check. If
more than one check is returned, the parent will be required to pay in cash, cashier’s
check, money order, or credit card. No exceptions.
UNPAID TUITION: Any unpaid tuition will be reported to the Credit Bureau and turned
over to a collection agency. There will be a fee of 33 1/3% added to any account that is
placed in collections. Any fees accrued by Holloway Credit in obtaining payment for
debt will be the responsibility of the parent.
TERMINATION OF SERVICES: If for some reason the center is unable to continue to
provide services for any child; the parent will be given two weeks notice. Likewise,
parents are required to give two weeks notice if the child will no longer attend the center.
Full fees are required during that time.
The center will observe the following holidays: Floating Inservice Day (Friday in May or Early June) Full fees will be charged for the weeks in which these holidays occur.


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