Grey EMEA Named Agency Network of the Year Third Year Running Brussels, September 26 2007. Grey EMEA scooped Agency Network of the Year for the third consecutive year at
the EACA Euro Effie awards ceremony held in Brussels tonight, after landing eight trophies in six categories
including long-term effectiveness, FMCG, brand activation and social responsibility communications.

Comments Carolyn Carter, president and CEO, Grey Group Europe, Middle East & Africa: “We are enormously
proud of this award. This is an outstanding tribute to our agencies and our brand-building partnership with clients. It
truly reflects our mission – to accelerate the potential of our clients’ brands – and the way we measure success:
clearly and tangibly by delivering growth”.
The Euro Effies are the premier awards for proven communications effectiveness across Europe – rewarding
campaigns that build brands across borders. The competition is organised by The European Association of
Communications Agencies (EACA) and is considered the gold standard in commercial communications
Since 2005 Grey EMEA has landed a total of 22 Euro Effie awards, making Grey consistently the most effective
agency network of the region. This total includes ten awards for P&G, three for SEAT, two for GlaxoSmithKline, in
addition to awards for Deichmann and Novartis.
Comments Dominic Lyle, director general EACA, “Grey has achieved what no other agency network has
accomplished since the launch of the Euro Effies – it has landed the coveted Agency Network of the Year Award
three years running – solidly confirming Grey’s ability to build its clients’ brands across Europe in some of the
toughest categories in the world”.
Grey EMEA’s 2007 Euro Effie campaign winners include:
Long-term effectiveness
Callegari Berville Grey
P&G Boss Bottled “Dressing Ritual
Now in its 9th year, Boss Bottled continues its phenomenal success. Surpassing its goal to remain in the top 10 in Germany and France – it has been a top five fragrance in both markets for over six years. Callegari Berville Grey
P&G Boss “Range”
Boss fragrances’ market share leapt ahead of all competitors during the critical 2006 Christmas season. In France, Boss value share grew from 10.4% end November up to 14% on Christmas Eve – giving Boss leadership the week before Christmas when category sales are the highest. The campaign overturned accepted wisdom that range advertising doesn’t work. Grey London
P&G Pantene Pro-V Colour Expressions
The holistic campaign delivered beyond highly aggressive business goals. Colour Expressions became a top three brand in the UK and Germany in under a year. Brussels
In France volume and value shares grew to 26% and 18% respectively by December vs August and brand decline reversed. In Spain Mr Proper returned to growth, achieving its highest value (14.1%) and volume share (11.9%) of the year. Grey Madrid
P&G Fairy “Saving Tips”
Market leader Fairy successfully re-captured its crown in the Iberian market with a campaign that saw growth rise to over 44% and loyalty soar to 78%. Grey Düsseldorf
Heinrich Deichmann Schuhe
Deichmann has enjoyed the best sales and image results in its history, with volume sales in Germany increasing by 28% and 71% in Austria between 2003 and 2006. Sales have been equally robust: by the end of 2006, revenues in Germany were 23% higher than in 2003, with the comparative figure in Austria 61%. Düsseldorf
The integrated campaign for Lamisil Once resulted in significant sales and share growth across Europe, with the UK and Germany enjoying particularly impressive return on investment. Socially Responsible
Grey London
Women’s Aid
Campaign Award 2007
“Valentine’s Day: Saying it With Roses”
Editorial coverage worth up to €613,000 gave 52% of the UK adult population the opportunity to see the advertising at least once. Women’s Aid website saw an uplift of 25% in visits. The campaign culminated in debate in the House of Commons, making the campaign the most talked-about in the country.
In addition, Grey Lisbon has been commended for social responsibility ANEBE “100% Cool” drink driving

Grey Group’s European network, Grey EMEA, covers 80 cities in 59 markets with over 5,300 employees and is the
group’s largest operating region. Grey Group ranks among the largest global communications companies. Its parent
company is WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY). Grey Group’s total offer includes Grey, advertising, G2, activation
marketing, Grey Healthcare Group, healthcare communications, MediaCom, media planning and buying and GCI
Group, public relations. Key EMEA domestic clients include Karstadt, Deutsche Bank, REWE (Germany); Nicolas
Feuillatte, Francaise des Jeux, Essilor/Varilux, (France); Goldfish, Toshiba, Dairy Crest (UK); Allianz, City of Madrid,
Lindt (Spain); Efes, Romtelecom, Polkomtel/Plus (CEE); Ulker (Turkey); Fakta, Coca-Cola, Ocean Spray
(Nordics); Canon, Al Arabiya, Al Bilad Bank (Middle East & Africa).

About the Euro Effies
The EURO EFFIE® awards, presented by the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA), go to
campaigns which have achieved proven success in two or more European markets. The awards are open to
campaigns from all marketing disciplines and are assessed on effectiveness. These awards support and promote
the role of advertising as an effective and efficient use of marketing resources. More information can be found at


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