Here are 11 really good reasons to enjoy your coffee with a good conscience.
1) You will be refreshed
It's the caffeine in coffee which accounts for the stimulant effect. It stimulates the central
nervous system and strengthens your short term memory, attention, and your brain
ability to process information. Caffeine binds to receptors in the brain that allows
the level of signal substances dopamine and serotonin increases. It affects your brain
reward center, makes you happy and gives you a feeling of freshness.
Studies from the University of Barcelona shows that the effect lasts up to 5 hours.
2) Your brain is protected against dementia and Parkinson's disease
There is some evidence to suggest that it is not only short-term memory, which improves the
of coffee. A Finnish-Swedish study in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease shows that coffee drinking
reduces the risk of developing dementia. The study made three cups of coffee daily to
older women had better memory, so did their risk of developing Parkinson's
disease was reduced by up to 80%. Protection against Parkinson's because the coffee
prevent a reduction of the hormone dopamine in the brain. Parkinson's disease is
sign of loss of dopamine-producing cells.
3) You get a more positive attitude to others
Maybe you should provide your manager with a steaming cup of hot coffee the next time you should
have wage bargaining, namely, positive thinking when you have a hot cup of coffee in
the hand. U.S. researchers gave the subjects an attempt either a hot cup
coffee or a cold drink in your hand when they were presented to a new acquaintance. Those who
got the hot coffee felt more joy over the new acquaintance and got hotter
thoughts of the person opposite.
4) Your risk of developing breast cancer decreases
The Swedish researcher Helena Jernström have found that coffee reduces the risk
for breast cancer because caffeine inhibits cell growth in the breast. And coffee is not
only a preventive effect, it also improves the prognosis for those affected by
breast cancer. The effect you get if you drink three cups a day and has gentypen
CYPIA2 - and it has about half of all Swedish women.
5) Your liver is protected against cancer
According to a Japanese study reduces a single cup of coffee the risk of developing liver cancer.
The study is based on experiments with rats fed with instant coffee. Several studies show
In addition to coffee protects the liver against damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption.
Unfortunately you can not cure a hangover after a wet night with friends with a
can caffeine. It would only cause stomach irritation and dry you out further.
6) You can prevent gallstones.
If you drink three cups of coffee a day reduces your risk of gallstones by 40
percent. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health followed 46,000 men for ten
years and found that the more coffee, the better, when it comes to avoiding gallstones.
Scientists suspect that the active ingredient is caffeine, because it allows the gallbladder
contract and emptied more often, so that no stones have time to be formed.
7) Your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is reduced.
Each cup of coffee reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Scientists do not know
exactly which substances in coffee that will take credit for himself for the positive effect;
decaffeinated coffee works just as well, so we suppose it must depend on coffee
many antioxidants, or the content of magnesium. A study done at Harvard
School of Public Health shows that women who drink six cups of coffee daily
runs about 40 percent lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The result is backed up
of several domestic studies and studies by including Australia and England. A
Swedish study in 8000 persons show that female high consumers of coffee
reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 75 percent.
8) Your cardiovascular system is strengthened
Directly after drinking coffee increases your blood pressure and pulse, but it is harmless
as the pressure decreases again after a few hours. A Norwegian study of more than 23
000 nurses show that 1-3 cups of brewed coffee a day reduces the risk of dying from
cardiovascular disease by 24 percent. This is supported by several U.S. studies that
also shows that people who drink coffee are at lower risk of having problems with
the heart.
9) You can help your stomach
Many people associate coffee with something that irritates the stomach and allows it to produce
more acid. But dark-roasted coffee beans actually contains a substance that reduces
stomach acid production. Researchers at the University of Vienna have found that
Coffee is rich in substance N-metylpyridinium which apparently blocks the cell
acid production. If you drink much coffee can other substances, including caffeine,
still be troublesome for the stomach.
10) Your risk of developing bowel cancer reduced
With four cups of coffee daily can reduce the risk of getting bowel cancer, according to a
Swedish study. One presumes that it is because the food is transported faster
through the system when you drink some coffee, and that coffee reduces the body's excretion
of bile acids.
11) Your training works even better
Research in ten cyclists who first got decaf and regular coffee after a
hour before the exercise has shown that endurance was significantly improved after intake
of regular coffee. The cyclists, who exerted themselves to their utmost, passed the fourth
longer after ingestion of 330 mg of caffeine, while the assessed that there had
been so exhausting that when they drank decaffeinated coffee before. Probably because
Coffee affects the sympathetic nervous system. Although fat loss was significantly
improved after consumption of decaffeinated coffee, whereas carbohydrate combustion is not
were affected.
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