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The Company

Natural South is a company resided in the town El Hoyo, located in the Andean district of the parallel 42, in margins of the river Epuyén, country of Chubut, Patagonia Argentine. Our principal activity is the production of natural organic rose hip oil, starting with the cold pressed of seeds, and obtains from manually harvest in areas free of pollution. The Rose hip The Rose hip (Rosa affinis rubiginosa) is a wild plant with an oriental origin, well known in Europe from many centuries. It was not valued neither for their flower, neither for their fruit; but for their thorns was used as a natural barrier against the intruders. With this function was taken to South America by spaniels, where it found ideal climatic conditions. It adapted and occupied each sunny place, expelling and killing other species, with the collaboration of ruminants and birds that spread them after their ingest. Now we found it as a plague in the Patagonic Andean region, and in other regions of the country. Its orange-reddish fruit is marketed in different forms and every time in a bigger scale from the seventy of last century, when started the studies about chemical composition of the oil obtains from seeds of this fruit. In those investigations, was made a clinic study based on the rose hip oil regenerative properties, in 180 patients with surgical scars, burns and others affections that caused premature skin aging. The application of rose hip oil helped in an effective way to attenuate scars and wrinkles and to prevent the skin aging. The high content in fatty acids confers to rose hip oil specific properties on differents parts of dermal tissue, skin. The pure rose hip oil extracted by cold pressed, has 95% of fatty acids, as palmitic, stearic, linolenic, linoleic,oleic, considered as essential. It also contains a great quantity of vitamin C, retinoic acid, carotenoids, flavanone, pectins, polyphenols, rivoflavin, etc. The acids contains in rose hip oil are known as vitamin F, they are essential fatty acids from the serie omega-6. They are responsible direct in the formation of prostaglandines, necessary for the answer and control of the inmunologic system. Also, the linolenic and linoleic acid are directly related with the synthesis of collagen that regulates the mechanisms of cellular growth and tissues regeneration. In fact, people that suffer of skin and dry hair present a systematic lack of these acids. Rose hip oil acts at different levels of the skin, it offers elasticity to the skin , it performes superficial hydration because it acts on a natural factor of humidification, reinforces and multiplies ceramides barriers inside epidermal, it reduces the loss of water of the skin because its deep penetration, it produces dermal changes that benefit deep hydration, the place, where wrinkles are produce. It helps general skin hydration activing the three barriers. Another important effect of rose hip oil is the capacity to reinforce fibroblast the dermal cell that produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and is direct responsible of the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Rose hip oil gives excellent results in treatment of post-pelling, scars, surgical scars, burns, stretch marks, wrinkles and any other damage on the skin which requieres efficiently and quickly regeneration. Its use is recomended in smokers because of the high content in vitamin C. It also prevents and corrects photo-aging, it helps to correct pigmentation giving an uniform skin colour. At the present time, are studying the effect of rose hip oil to prevent and combat cellulitis, because it makes more resistance conective tissue. Rose hip oil has not toxic effect like other vegetable oils, thanks to its pH 5.1 which is compatibly and healthy for the skin. In conclusion, the properties of rose hip oil are fabulous and who benefits from its use can verify it. When the rose hip oil is more pure, like the oil obtain by cold press, the action of the product is potently.
Extract oil process

The oil extraction by cold pressed with temperatures less than 50º C, could be done with antique methods, like crushed by stone, mills, or like it is our case, we pressed seed with expellers of low resistance where the speed of the screw is controlled , with temperatures that do not exceded the 50º C. The use of other methods with more yield, need to use chemical products, like hexanal, whose compounds are considered carcinogen and classified as a substance dangerous for health and the environment. These oil should be refined and the oil must be expose to temperature more than 243º C. We can assure that our oil is 100% natural without use of chemical products during the process, saving their essential properties. The pure rose hip oil extracted by cold pressed contains 95% of essential fatty acids, as palmitic, stearic, linolenic, linoleic, oleic. The human body is unable to synthesize them and he should obtain them of the nature. These acids are fundamentally, they are essential nutrients to synthesize prostaglandines, to generate and growth cells and others physiologic and biochemical processes related to tissues regeneration. These are one of the reasons for good results in the use of rose hip oil. Rose hip oil is also composed with Vitamin C, trans-retinoic acid, flavanone, pectin, riboflavin, polyphenol, etc. The trans-retinoic acid known as tretinoin stimulates cellular differentiation and skin regeneration. Analysis of the oil produced by Natural South DETERMINATION
AOAC 922.11
92.9g/00g of the sample
Linoleic acid (C182)
AOAC 922.11
52.0g/100g of the sample
Oleic acid (C18:1)
AOAC 922.11
40.1g/100g of the sample
Euricic acid (C22:1)
AOAC 922.11
0.8g/100g of the sample

AOAC 922.11
6,9g/100g of the sample
Palmitic acid (12:0)
AOAC 922.11
4,5g/100g of the sample

Miristic acid (C13:0).
AOAC 922.11
0,4g/100g of the sample
Stearic acid (C18:0).
AOAC 922.11
2,0g/100g of the sample
AOAC 922.11
0.2g/100g of sample

translucent of orange
AOCS Off. Met Cc 10c-95
0.9267 g/ml.

20ºC AOAC 17º ED 921.08
ISO 660:1996 (E)
0,28 g KOH/100g of sample
AOCS Off.Met Cd 8-53
0,07 meq/100g of sample.

AOCS Off.Met Cd 3-25
188.4 mgKOH/1g of sample
AOCS Off. Met Cd 1-25
129g/100g of oil.
AOCS Off.Met Ca 6a-40
0.895g/00G of sample

- Moisturizes and nurtures the skin of the whole body naturally. - Reduces wrinkles and sings of premature aging. - Reverses dry effects of the sun, - Reduces surgical and accidental scars, and reduces reddish or hiper-pigmentated skin around it. - Redistributes the pigmentation eliminating stains of the skin. - Avoids the formation of keloid´s scars, that can appear before a surgery. - Reduces scars or marks left by acne or pock. - Gives good results in the treatment of burnt skin or expose to radiotherapy. - Prevents and diminishes stretch marks. - Attenuates simptoms in persons affected by psoriasis. Use way and contra-indication Apply a few drops on the affected area with a soft massage until their total absorption. It is recomended not to use this product in fatty areas or with acne, because of the high lipidic content. Avoid expose into the sun until their complete absorption.


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