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Smoke Alarm
EIPFS3105TYCH - Photoelectric
9 Volt Primary Lithium Power with Hush and

• Lithium 10 year battery to provide long lasting life • No changing of battery required - soldered into the printed circuit board • High performance optical chamber with integral insect screen • Advanced suppression and calibration technology • Simple 2 core wiring for interconnection • Interconnect up to 20 other TY series alarms • Accredited to AS3786 - ActivFire Listed Applications
The EIPFS3105TYCH is easily installed and comes supplied with all necessary The non removable battery is designed to screw fixings. Unlike its 230 volt equivalent batteries to replace. This makes this the licenced electrician, a significant cost The EIPFS3105TYCH is particularly useful battery removal by a tenant is of concern. Ideal for rental properties – no battery silence nuisance alarms from cooking etc, if they occur, for 10 minutes. Product Description
The EIPFS3105TYCH has an advanced high performance optical chamber fitted with integral insect screens to reduce the 10 year lithium battery to provide a long lasting life. What makes the EIPFS3105TYCH different from other “so called” 10 year devices? - Its lithium Optical smoke alarms use the light scatter battery is integrated into the alarm printed principle to detect smoke particles entering circuit board not just a plug in battery with Photoelectric (Optical) smoke alarms are addition the battery is of a type not used in other household appliances; therefore the temptation to remove the battery has itself smouldering bed linen, plastics, and fused significantly increases the audible warning provided and the chances of waking Visibly dense smoke, which also contains toxic fumes, impairs the occupant’s ability warning throughout the building, no lost to see and make their way to an exit. The use of photoelectric smoke detection in all The EIPFS3105TYCH has built in circuitry to aid suppression of RF interference to further reduce the chances of false alarms; interconnect up to twenty TY series alarms contacts to prevent sounder failure due to to allow all alarms to sound if just one of pressure fit contact corrosion, an identified Operation
The test button will flash red every 40 seconds to show that the detector has The red indicator will flash rapidly to show an alarm condition for the smoke detector The "Test/Hush" button will either silence false alarms or perform a unit self test In "Test" mode the alarm will perform a self test and sound the horn Interconnect up to 20 other alarms (EIPFS100TYC and EIPFS3105TYCH). When interconnected an alarm in one sensor will trigger all other interconnected alarms within one second (only the triggered alarm will flash a red indicator). Interconnection helps ensure that the warning will be heard throughout the Dwelling. At the end of its service life (10 years+) the EIPFS3105TYCH will emit a beep every 40 seconds to indicate that the battery is depleted and the unit needs replacing. For further details see the operator and installer manuals
National Call – 1300 78 FIRE
Technical Specification
Optical, uses light scatter from smoke
(Note: Sensing chamber meets the 25mm stand-off installation
requirements of AS1670.1 and AS1670.6)

Ambient Light:
Chamber housing and compensation overcomes possible Sensitivity:
Complies with AS 3786 (Nominal 10%Obs/m) Airspeed:
Essentially immune to the effects of airspeed Test Facility:
Simulates the effect of smoke and checks electronics and horn
Automatic Self-Test:
Smoke chamber is tested every 40 seconds and unit beeps (without LED flash) if the sensor is de-graded Insect Screen:
1mm diameter stainless steel mesh mitigates insect and Integrated 9 Volt 10 year lithium battery Power ‘ON’ Indicator:
Low Battery Warning:
Beeps every 40 second when the stand-by battery reaches it depletion threshold Alarm Sounder:
Alarm Sounder Connection: Piezo contacts are soldered to prevent failure due to contact
corrosion over time – enhanced reliability. Alarm Sounder Output:
Alarm Status Indicator:
Red LED flashes every second on device sensing fire. Temperature Range:
Humidity Range:
Conformal Coating:
Wax coating applied to PCB to mitigate the effects of contamination
Up to 20 TY series smoke or heat alarms may be (NOTE: Do not interconnect to other manufacturer’s devices) Enclosure Material:
Weight: 281g
Australian - Certified to AS3786 CSIRO afp 1692 International - Kitemarked to BS5446-1:2000, CE Approved Specifications subject to change

BAALOC – Alarm locator module
National Call – 1300 78 FIRE


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