To the head of laboratory

LABORATORY NAME: Laboratory of Psychopathology - Neuropsychology
POSTAL ADDRESS: 123 Papadamantopoulou St, Goudi, 11527 Athens, Greece
TEL.Nr: +30 210 7461463, +30210 7718320
FAX: +30 210 7718320
NAME OF THE HEAD OF THE LABORATORY: Danai Papadatou, Professor of Clinical

Danai Papadatou is a Professor of Clinical Psychology whose clinical experience, research interests and publications focus on issues related to health psychology, palliative care, childhood bereavement support, and community interventions in disaster situations. She has received awards for her work from „Children‟s Hospice International‟ and the „Association for Death Education and Counseling‟. She is an active member of the International Work Group on Death, Dying, and Bereavement, an organization of leaders in thanatology. The laboratory was founded in 1998, by Athanassios Tzavaras, Emeritus Professor of
Psychiatry. Since April 2000, in the context of this Laboratory, Michalis Madianos, Professor
of Psychiatry developed the Community Mental Health Center of Zografou. This Center is
located at 42, Davaki – Pindou Str., provides services to adults inhabitants of the
Zogrpahou,Goudi, Ilisia, Ampelokipoi and Gyzi areas that belong the 8th Psychiatric Sector
of Attica, (350,000 population). It runs under the direction of Giorgos Alevizopoulos,
Associate Professor in Psychiatry, and is staffed by 4 psychiatrists, 2 psychiatric nurses, 1
psychologist, 1 social worker, 1 occupational therapist and 2 secretaries. To this day, the
Zographou Community Mental Health Center, constitutes the main activity of the Laboratory
of Psychopathology and Neuropsychology in addition to the research that is conducted on
mental health issues by members of the Department of Mental Health and Behavioral
The Center‟s purpose is fourfold:
 to provide education to the community on mental health issues and clinical training for undergraduate, postgraduate students, and other mental health professionals  to provide evidence based recommendations on various mental health issues, to the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity, and other State Authorities (National Drug Organization, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice etc)  to conduct research on mental health issues. Clinical services include
 Psychosocial rehabilitation for individuals with serious chronic psychotic disorders.  Counseling for adults and families that experience mental health difficulties.  Counseling for undergraduate students.  Social services – database information for medical, social and pension issues for individuals with mental health disorders.
Other activities in the community
 Sensitization of the habitants in the 8th Psychiatric Sector on mental health issues.  Community oriented training for mental health care professionals  Community intervention programs in collaboration with local authorities and community  Research studies that have been the subject of various master theses and doctoral  Annual Conference on Community Mental Health Issues Tel.Nr/Fax
Clinical , Teaching & Research Staff
+30 210 7718320 giorgosalevizopoulos@gmail PhD Candidate
Community Mental Health Center Secretariat
Syrigou Evangelia Tel/Fax:+30 210 7718320 Laboratory Secretariat
Angeliki Koula Tel/Fax:+30 210 7718320 CURRICULUM
Undergraduate Program (2010 - 2011)
Postgraduate Program of Lectures
 Forensic Psychiatry (School of Medicine)  CNS Clinical Pharmacology (School of Pharmacy)  Special issues in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing  Communication skills and interpersonal relationships  Pediatric palliative care (Nursing & Medical School)  Oncology nursing and palliative care (co-teaching)  Loss and grief (Nursing & Medical School) Other Teaching Activities
 (2010-2011) Seminar for medical students on communication skills  (2009-2010) Cyprus University of Technology – Courses “Mental Health Nursing” and RESEARCH PROJECTS
1. Parents‟ experience of caring for their psychotic child (Darmi E.) PhD- Recently completed followed by 1 publication and others submitted for publication 2. Pre-morbid symptoms in schizophrenia: A retrospective assessment (Bakola E.) PhD recently completed and submitted for publication 3. Raising a child with Duchenne: Parents‟ experience (Moraiti K) PhD – in progress 4. Being raised by a substance addicted parent: The child‟s experience (Kerassioti A.) PhD - 5. Risk factors of violent behavior in persons with schizophrenia in the community: A National Study (Papadimitriou M) PhD-in progress 6. Adherence of persons with schizophrenia on LAI-antipsychotics: A multi-center National Study (Nystazaki M) –PhD in progress 7. Self-assessment of psychopathology and the availability of treatment of disease of people with chronic renal failure undergoing hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis (Moissiadou E) - PhD in progress. 8. Relation of emotional intelligence of nurses working in intensive care unit and psychological manifestations (Kontou C) - PhD in progress 9. Autism: psychoeducation and rehabilitation (Katafigioti V) Master- in progress 10. Mental illness among Greek male prisoners: Connection to crime history (Alevizopoulos G.) recently competed and submitted for publication 11. Fatigue and excessive sleepiness in major depression: A multi-center national study (Alevizopoulos G). –under final revision 12. Reactions of adolescents following a wildfire disaster in Greece. (Papadatou, D., 13. Internet Addiction and Psychopathology in Greek Students (Koukia E. ) in International
1. European Commission. Placement and Treatment of Mentally Disordered Offenders- Legislation and Practice in European Union. (Alevizopoulos G) completed 2. European Commission. Mentally Disordered Persons in European Prison Systems- Needs, Programmes and Outcomes (EUPRIS). (Alevizopoulos Giorgos) completed 3. European Commission – Leonardo daVinci «Further training of outpatient Psychiatric Nursing-care providers in Greece»WPA2/Multilateral Transfer of
Innovation. (Koukia E) completed
4. CYP450 genetic influence and role of the expression of glycogen synthase kinase-3b (GSK3b), Brain Derived Growth Factor (BDNF) in mononuclear cells (lymphocytes) of patients during the treatment with antipsychotic agents. Comparison with therapeutic levels (Alevizopoulos G) in progress. PUBLICATIONS (recent publications and those that you consider having great impact)
1. Alevizopoulos GA (2003) Mentally disordered offenders as victims: from classic Greek poetry to modern psychiatry. Journal of American Academy of Psychiatry Law, 31(1):110-116 2. Stefanidou M, Alevizopoulos, GA, Spiliopoulou C. (2008) DNA content of T. pyriformis as biomarker for different toxic agents. Chemosphere, 74:178-180 3. Nakos G, Karagiannis S, Ballas S, Galanis P, Alevizopoulos G, Nakos A, Mavrogiannis C.(2009) A study comparing tolerability, satisfaction and acceptance of three different techniques for esophageal endoscopy: sedated conventional, unsedated peroral ultra thin, and esophageal capsule. Diseases Esophagus, 22(5):447-52. 4. Vardakou I, Dona A, Pistos C, Alevizopoulos G, Athanaselis S, Maravelias C, Spiliopoulou C. (2010) Validated GC/MS method for the simultaneous determination of clozapine and norclozapine in human plasma. Application in psychiatric patients under clozapine treatment. Journal of Chromatography B Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences, 878 :2327-32. 5. Stefanidou M., Alevizopoulos G., Spiliopoulou C (2010) Fundamental issues in forensic semen detection. West Indian Medical Journal, 59,280-283 6. Madianos MG, Zartaloudi A, Alevizopoulos G, Katostaras T. (2011) 7. Attitudes toward help-seeking and duration of untreated mental disorders in a Sectorized Athens Area of Greece. Community Mental Health Journal. (Epub ahead of print) 8. Madianos SM, Zartaloudi A., Kallergis G., Alevizopoulos G. (2008) Duration of untreated menatal disorders and help seeking in a sectorized Athens area. Primary Care and Community Psychiatry, 13, (4)148-154. 9. Madianos M, Alevizopoulos, Kallergis G., Koukia E. Rouvali O., Tomaras V. (2004) Changes in utilization of community mental health services in three Athens areas. The European Journal of Psychiatry. 22 (4), 225-234. 10. Kallergis G. (2008) Using personality characteristics to individualize information to cancer patient. Journal of B.U.ON., 13(3):415-20. 11. Kallergis G. (2008) Using the denial mechanism to inform the cancer patient. 12. Journal of B.U.ON., 13(4)559-63 13. Kallergis G. (2009) Informing the cancer patient and family. 14. Journal of B.U.ON., 14(1):109-14. 15. Kallergis G. (2010) Informing the cancer patient in relation to his type of personality: The controlling orderly (obsessive) patient Journal of B.U.ON., 15(3):601-6. 16. Kallergis G. Informing the cancer patient in relation to his type of personality: The dependent (oral) patient. Journal of B.U.ON. (submitted for publication) 17. Madianos MG., Alevisopoulos G., Kallergis G., Koukia E., Rouvali O. & Tomaras V. (2008). Changes in utilization of community mental health services in three boroughs of Athens (1979/1983 – 2000/2004). The European Journal of Psychiatry, 22(4), 225-234 18. Koukia E., Madianos M., Katostaras Th. (2009). On-the spot Interventions by mental health nurses in Inpatient Psychiatric Wards. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 30(5), 327-336 . 19. Koukia E., Giannouli E., Gonis N., Douzenis A. (2010). Security Rules and banned items on psychiatric acute admission wards in Athens-Greece: The role of the mental health nurse: a questionnaire survey. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 19(6), 428-436 20. Madianos MG., Koukia E. (2010). Trauma and natural disaster: the case of earthquakes in Greece. Journal of Loss and Trauma, 15, 138-150 21. Papadatou, D., Giannopoulou, I., Bitsakou, E., Tallias, M., Tselepi, D. (2011) Reactions of adolescents following a wildfire disaster in Greece. Journal of Traumatic Stress (final revisions) 22. Madianos M.G., Sarhan A.L., Koukia E. (2010) Posttraumatic stress disorders comorbid with major depression in West Bank Palestine: A general population cross sectional study. European Journal of Psychiatry (accepted for publication)


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