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President, Michael Wolfe
Gabbai, Shlomo Fried
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e extend a warm welcome to everyone who is We hope everyone enjoys our Carlebach davening Thank You
Thank you to those providing Divrei Torah this week! These include Rabbi Ben Last, Friday night; Rabbi Dr. Ivan Geller, Shabbat morning; and Dr. Joe Clayman, Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov to Jedd Hakimi, son of our former members Farokh and Dalya Hakimi, now of Toronto, upon his engagement to Sarah Rafson.
Paula Burger, and her new book, were featured on order. An electronic version of the Purim Card is also available. Tomchei Shabbat will provide you with a beautiful PDF Purim Card, personalized with your own custom greeting and name that you will be able to email to EDOS Purim—It's time to plan our Purim
your friends and family! Tomchei Shabbat also accepts celebrations! Contact your local board member or credit card donations via PayPal. This is a great way to help Tomchei Shabbat Of Denver Purim Campaign—The
Bnei Akiva / Youth Activities
annual Purim Card Campaign is officially underway! Annual Ski Shabbaton weekend of February 28th, Snif and Tomchei can provide Purim letters to honor your friends "Rosh Shif" Purim Party March 15th, Annual DU Shabbaton and family. Beautiful full color 2014 Tomchei Shabbat with Chabad Southeast weekend of April 4th! Mishloach Manot Purim letters are available. 25 cards with envelopes are only $36. Contact Susie and Nahum Swinkin Questions? Roshei Snif: Shifra Brandt, or Gillian Hecht, or Steve Feldman 720-394-3020. Office Hours:
Shul Office: Lottie Soble, Manager
Oral announcements are due to the President From The Rabbi's Desk
Our next Shabbat with Rabbi Dani Rapp is March 29th, Almost the entirety of המורת תשרפ is comprised of a discussion of the building and the vessels of the ןכשמ. Similarly, תשרפ The Kiddush today is sponsored by the EDOS הוצת begins with a singular focus on the ידגב Women's Auxiliary and EDOS Kiddush Fund.
הנוהכ - the vestments of the Kohanim.
However, at the very end of the השרפ the Community Events
Torah reverts back to the discussion of the Join The Jewish Experience for Wine, Cheese & Chocolate:
vessels when it discusses the בהזה חבזמ - the Home, Sweet Home, Saturday evening February 8th, 8 PM at smaller, golden altar on which the incense is offered. The Infinity Park Event Center. This year's event celebrates their misplacement of this discussion is so obvious that many New Center at 399 S. Monaco Pkwy, and features an edible commentators try to explain why this topic was not construction competition, a raffle and all the delicious hors d'oeuvres, desserts, wine and schmoozing you've come to There are two basic approaches to this question among the םינושאר. The first approach is presented by the ונרופס Jewish Women Through the Ages—Chabad of Colorado
and others who claim that the vessels mentioned in last presents an evening entitled Jewish Women Through The week’s השרפ were placed in the ןכשמ in order to bring Ages on Sunday, February 23rd, 2-4 PM at the Artwork down the הניכש and have Hashem live among us. The Network, 878 Santa Fe Dr. The event features a unique בהזה חבזמ is of lesser importance, since the purpose of the fashion show-style presentation in costume and song, telling incense is to create a pleasant atmosphere once the הניכש the story of heroic Jewish women. Women of all ages from already dwells in the ןכשמ. Therefore the בהזה חבזמ does the entire Jewish community are invited to attend. Appetizers and a dessert buffet will be served. Tickets are $36 in advance or $40 at the door. Sponsorship The ן"במר and his supporters take a diametrically opportunities are available. For reservations and more opposite approach. They explain that the incense has the information: Chana Feige Abrahams at 720-838-4093 or ability to be effective on its own, even when it is not connected to the other vessels and is therefore more JCRC Date With The State—February 24th, 8AM-1PM,
special. As such, it is listed on its own.
Jewish Colorado invites you to join at the State Capitol, Old Rav Aharon Soloveitchik offered a different, more Supreme Court Chambers for a continental breakfast homiletic, approach. The ןכשמ is similar to the home. All reception with the freshman legislators, briefings by state homes need a ןחלש - a table, and a הרונמ - a source of light. leadership, and remarks by participants in the 2013 Public But what are the altars? Rav Soloveitchik offers that they Official's Mission to Israel. $25 with lunch, $10 without; represent the sacrifices that we must make. The חבזמ advertised as dietary laws observed. Janet Sherman, 303- תשחנ discussed in המורת תשרפ was used daily and represents the daily sacrifices we must make to maintain YTC Melave Malka and Chinese Auction!—Come to an
a Jewish home. Keeping תבש and kosher, attending exciting evening. February 22nd,, 8 PM at Yeshiva Toras minyan, and providing our children with a yeshiva Chaim, 1555 Stuart St. The gala event includes live education - these are the daily sacrifices that we are entertainment by musical sensation Simcha Leiner, called upon to offer. However, the בהזה חבזמ was the Delicious food and great prizes.New this year, an online focus once a year – on Yom Kippur. It represents the rare occasion when we are asked to sacrifice more, whether it 629-8200 or Estelle Klubock – 303-321-4548. be our money, job or even our lives. The importance and Radio Chavura—Sunday, February 9th, 6:30 PM, potential impact of these sacrifices merits that they director of the Builders of Jewish Education organization in Los Angeles, which has helped shape that city's Jewish day Upcoming Events
school system into one of the finest in the nation. Dr. Graff On March 1st, for Shabbat Shekalim/Parashat spells out ways that smaller communities - such as Denver - Pekudei, we are pleased to host Dr. Jeffrey Woolf as can follow the Los Angeles model, buttressing their finances and increasing the quality of their educational offerings.
On Shabbat of March 22nd, Shabbat Parah/Parashat Shabbat Shiur
Shemini, Rabbi Steven Weil, Vice President of the OU, The Shabbat Shiur is 50 minutes before Mincha.
Imagine a week without the Eruv. Do your part to keep it going! It’s only $36 to sponsor a week of the East Side Eruv! Your announcement will be heard by all weekly callers. Call Barbara Schwartz, 303-394-3117, as far in advance as possible to reserve your week.
The ERUV hotline is 303-836-3788: DenverEruv.org: Check each week one hour before candlelighting.
EDOS can mail special cards from the Shul office for births, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, condolences and Mazel Tovs. And your support means so much to the Shul!If you wish to receive these announcements by E-mail, please visit This service is available to members

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”Principen om en bra skola för alla gäller inte längre” Olikvärdig skola. Förr var principen en enhetsskola där villkoren för alla barn skulle vara lika och alla ha samma chans. Men sedan 1990-talet har skolans likvärdighetsuppdrag blivit alltmer uppluckrat. Skolan blir helt enkelt allt mindre en skola för alla och alltmer en skola för dem som har föräldrar med resurser.

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