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Effects of Recombinant Growth Hormone and Salbutamol
on Blood Biochemical Parameters, and Reproductive
Performance in Rabbits
Khalid Mushabab Al-syaad , Saleh Abdel-Hamid
Ibrahim Mohammad Alhazz
1-Department of Biology, College of Science, King Khalid University,
2 Departm
ent of Zoology, College of Science, King Saud University, Abstract
Recognizing the importance of the role of growth promoters, which have been overused recently by animal breeders to increase growth, raising feed efficiency and reproductive performance of animals, or randomly by many athletes to improve performance or body building, and clarification of their effects on biological processes within the bodies of treated animals; this research has been proposed to identify the vital role played by some growth promoters such as Recombinant Growth Hormone (rGH) and Salbutamol on growth and functions of the liver, kidneys and blood biochemical parameters and reproductive efficiency and levels of some sex horm in rabbits. Practical experimentation has been applied using (36) of males and females New Zealand white rabbits mature sexually, and distributed randomly into three equal gr ps of (12) Rabbits (6 males+6 females) in each group. The first group was injected by rGH under the skin (subcutaneously) with a dose of (0.5 mg / kg of live weight / day). The second group was given Salbutamol orally (gavage) with a dose of (0.8 mg / kg of live weight / day). The third group, was used as a control. The duration of the experim Data were statistically analyzed using the SPSS 15 program.
twice a week.
The results showed that Feed conversion ratio and feed efficiency were treated with salbutamol showed a significant increase ( <0.05) in the average weight of the kidneys, weights and sizes of the testes, tail epididymis stocks of sperm, average number of live spermatozoa, level of the liver enzyme s(AST and ALT). However, it showed a significant On the other hand, treatment with rGH showed significant increase ( <0.05) in the propo rtion of sperm which had progressive motility and showed that each of the testosterone hormone in males, and the estradiol hormone in females was likely to rise insignificantly.Through histological examination, serious dama animals with salbutamol which included fat degeneration spread in renal tubules, necrosis and desquamation in the epithelial cells of the tubules.No pathological changes in testes were seen with any of the treatments. Results of this study were discussed with literature review based on the clarification of the potential effects of these promoters. It can be concluded from this study, that the treatment of rGH and salbutamol might have different effects on vital processes inside the body. Although, there are some results that indicated the possibility of raising the feed efficiency and reproductive performance with treatment of these promoters. However, the negative results that may be accompanied were the reason for their lim study recommends cautious use and promotion in either animal production Keywords; Recom
Biochemical Parameters Reproductive Perform


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