11am – Workshop

Fillers - Demonstration of filling wrinkles on the face with hyaluronic acid.
Dr Sophocles NicolaidesTel: 99 559 715E-Mail: 12 Noon – Workshop
Know Yourself: Meet your Soul Mate.
You will learn the first and most vital step to attracting your soul mate: getting to know yourself. When you are fully aligned and fulfilled as an individual you are better able to attract someone who shares your values and life vision.
Carol PageTel: 99 078 1pm – Lecture
Membrane plasmapheresis in different diseases and conditions. Removing Virus’ and Cleansing the Blood.
Igor FaskevichPlasmatherapy DoctorTel: 99 559 715E-Mail: Understanding and resolving arthritis naturally. Working with the cause of this disease as well as easing the symptoms! Learn all about the ins and outs of arthritis, how to best prevent and resolve it. Caroline Evans (Herbalist, Nutritionist and Naturopath) 96 425 879 and Clement Rhein (Osteopath) 99 993 412 will work together to convey the intricate details of approaching arthritis holistically and naturally.
E-Mail: & 3pm – Workshop
An in depth discussion about the classes and services of Fusion7Healing, including a sample of a Fusion7 spiritual journey.
Helen ChristodoulouTel: 99 401 4pm – Lecture
Breaking the Mold -How Identifying and Overcoming Unconscious Fears Saved My Daughter.
Margarita shares the story of how, through identifying and resolving her own hidden fears, she was able to bring her daughter back from the jaws of alcoholism to become the healthy and happy young woman that she is today.
Margarita BerdanisTel: 96 472 LECTURES – ROOM 2

How e-cigarettes work and their health benefitsChristian EverettTel: 96 377 A lecture will be given with indications and the contra indications of surgery for obesity as well as a description of various types of surgery available.
Dr.Simos KyriakidesKyriakides Surgical ClinicTel: 99 559 715E-Mail: Be Inspired to create change in your life with ‘Gabriella’ Be Inspired To Move Into The Future By Healing The Past, Creating Change and Magic In Your Life With Colour Healing and A Positive Attitude Learn about the unique colour system of Aura – Soma and phytobiophysics.
Gabriella DivineTel: 99 922 (click on practitioners) 2pm
The traders you can trust- Come and hear from local therapists and trades-people about their tried and tested goods
and services. All have the know, like and trust stamp of approval from iCC – Mick Page (L)
Tel: 96 723 118
Dr Anna-Maria YiannikouCosmeticDental SurgeonTel: : 99 559 715E-Mail: Lecture on the up to date technique which are available to women who have had a mastectomy procedure for breast cancer.
Dr Christian FessasTel: : 99 559 715E-Mail: CLASSES – EXHIBITION HALL

Haltha Yoga with Pilates to stretch and strengthen the whole body.
Wanda ClarkeTel: 99 525013E-Mail: Bodyweight Toning and Fat Loss for Busy PeopleBodyshape FitnessTel: 96 658 813E-Mail: Dance yourself fit, burn calories, lose weight and tone muscles.
Suzanne KeatsTel. 96 333 228E-Mail: Vinyasa Flow means allowing the movement to flow with each breath. Vanessa will be flowing through a 20 minute heart opening practise.
Vanessa MartenTel: 99 289 134E-Mail: Fluid movement stretch and balance in slow motion to aid mobility and back release.
Alexandra BelingherTel. 97 635 639E-Mail


Microsoft word - childrens illness policy.doc

Children’s Illness Policy If children appear unwell during the day – have a temperature, sickness, diarrhea or pains, particularly in the head or stomach – the manager or a member of staff calls the parents and asks them to collect the child, or send a known carer to collect on their behalf. If a child has a temperature, they are kept cool by removing top clothing, sponging their head

Omnis 7

1. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION (For more information please refer to our technical information sheet)Belgium : +32 70 245 245Switzerland : +41 01 251 51 512.1. Classification of the substanceor mixture: No particular risk when handled in accordance with good occupational hygiene: Presents no particular risk to the environment, provided the recommendationsconcerning disposal

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