Driving Special Event and Group Revenues through various sales techniques and
SPECIAL LINKS from Main Web Site to “lure” email sign ups and
existing database to enjoy the “promotion” of that time frame • Faxing and Direct Bulk Mailing
Heavy Phone calling to local businesses as well as corporations to entice
their business. Obtaining their email and fax numbers • Keeping abreast of Community & Local Events and how we can take
part in them with donations, coupons, special gift certificates (that employ2 x 1 purchases etc.) • Contact by phone for Public Officials, getting email and fax numbers,
Following through with a special check list (in excel); keeping “notes”
as special column
Special Promotional Envelopes that will include a coupon, a Thank You
letter, a Menu of Services and other pertinent information for everymember that has attended a special function promotedTable Tents, Banners etc., To promote the business and draw attention to
current and upcoming specials, for customers to fill out their informationfor future contact, special forms for customers that have attended or usedcoupon’s to fill out.Contests that can run concurrent with in house staff (best sales, etc.) and
web site for customers and future customers to enter. Can be displayed inand out of house (web site, mailers, email, fax, and display ad’s in localpapers, chamber newsletters etc.). Prerequisite will be to fill in allinformation that includes Snail and Email address. This will begin togenerate a new database of possible customers.Encouraging staff to book parties via their family and friends, they get a
discount, or a kick back for parties booked. • “Guest Book” & Fish Bowl for customers to fill in with their
comments and pertinent contact informationSpecial Gift Certificate (that are disguised as Coupons), Coupons
and Mini Newsletter to be given with each guest check
To Implement a DATA BASE of all Concierges, Sales staff, Special
Event planners contacts and referrals; when they are contacted andhow, how they responded (opt-out, how many people they booked,date, total sale, etc.) as well as when and how often they have used anypromotion. Those that are constant bookers should be awardedaccordingly.
Rewarding very regular customers with a personal touch such as with
a hand written Thank You Letter, and perhaps a small token. Keepingtrack of their celebration dates, and sending off greetings.
Training and informing staff of any and all promotions, especially
the need to get business card from customer to be attached to check (orcustomer info card filled out) so it can be added to database.
Staff Incentives to turn in as many referrals as possible
Data base to include special dates of customers - birthdays,
anniversaries etc., and to send them special coupon/promotion.
ON LINE registration with other pertinent web sites that can drive
interest to business via banner purchase, click through, bannerexchange, registration etc.
Maintaining effective relationships with Concierge’s, Meeting Planners,
Local Businesses and Community Rep’s etc., to solicit Special Event/Group

Concierge and Concierge Associations
To Invite them in for Total or % Comp
Constant Contact to remind them who we are
To Get Updated Names, Email & Fax #’s
Faxing during different shifts with any Specials and Events
Conventions & Trade Show’s generate large numbers, and to keep them
Special Event and Event Planners
To send Via Fax, Email and Snail Mail a promotional press packet • To Invite Them in for Total Comp or % Comp
CCTB and CVB Chicago Convention Tourism Board and Chicago
Visitor’s Bureau - To join and use their guide for large Conventions,Trade Shows and Special Events • Special Events to participate in with booth rental, possible display ad in
program, passing out coupon’s and mini press packetsCCTB faxes to our business leads; these will be contacted and added to
Press Packets to be sent over on a regular basis for CCTB Concierge’s
To Attend Networking Events sponsored by CCTB
To Attend Applicable Conventions and Trade Shows
Stock Brokers, Bankers, Financial Institutions (Event Planners) Law
and Medical
To call and keep abreast of CEO, COO, President, VP, and Event
Planner’s Snail, Email and Fax numbers
Invite them in for Special Comp
Fax and email Special Event Info
Fax for Entire Staff to post at work Special Event Info, Promotions,
Coupons etc. (this trickles down to other contacts within a corporation)Sales - Car, Real Estate, Property Managers, Cemetery, any and All
Service Industries in nearby Local Area
Contact by phone, mail and email and supply them with Coupons,
Discounts, Promotions etc. offering them a % discount or 2x1 or TotalComp to generate their interestTo Influence Them by supplying them with generous amounts of discount
coupons for them to pass out to their customer contactsFax for Entire Staff to attend special functions and use coupons
Chamber of Commerce
Join and attend functions. Use all names on their member list to add to
Chamber Discounts to members
Newsletter write ups, and insertion of pertinent material
Legal Leagues & Committee's to encourage them to have their functions
Wedding Planners, Trade Shows & Magazines, Web sites to contact
them, join their service/publication, display ad’s etc., and to use their online database supplied to subscriber’s to email and snail mail incentivesfor brides to be. • To offer these Brides all of our special services and give them discounts • Charity Donations Requests must be in writing with logo on letterhead,
and only those that are not taking place too far away will be honored withspecial gift certificates (for tracking) and to entice them by keeping a database of all contacts to hold their function with us.
Professional Courtesy to other businesses similar to ours by offering a %
Display Ads in local press and applicable trade journals
Crains Magazine offers top Fortune 500 etc. business listings to be
contacted to obtain pertinent information. Then to email, fax and snailmail mini press packets • Media and Newspaper Contacts Contact them regarding our business
and any special events that may be taking place.
Promoters of Musical Venue’s to hold their events (CD Release and
Web Site Design Design special pages regarding events, coupons etc.
Search Engine Submittal Individually on a monthly basis or with
purchase of software to automatically upload to all.
Formulating and Implementing Sales Promotions and Strategies
Through the use of my own web site building techniques, many
different venues can be approached.

I have promoted Live Entertainment
I have also worked with Independent Promoters, Singles Groups, Dating
Services etc. for parties
Designing Coupons on and off line as well as Brochures, Post cards etc. I
know basic printers requirements and have a list of those I’ve worked
with before

Entertainment Book Contacts and Requirements
Coupon Mailers especially those with web site links
On Line Yellow Pages
Trade & Barter To encourage it from any and all purveyors OBJECTIVE: COMMUNITY
Community Events
Booth Rental at local events to pass out literature
Career Day at local High Schools with appropriate staff
A Honor Roll Gift Certificate for students who have achieved it; to
distribute to participating local schools special gift certificates that would onlybe valid if purchase is made by an adult (parent) • High School Dances & Newspapers To advertise our services and offer
Graduation For all school levels to advertise our services and offer special
Teacher and PTA Functions To offer special incentives for special events,
banquets, catering (in and out of house) and to pass out mini press packets • Fraternal Organizations Such as Jaycee’s, Knights of Columbus, Masons,
etc. to offer facilities for Gala Banquets, Awards Dinners etc., as well as minipress packets for attendee’s • Local Community Guide If one exists to register and create display ad
Internships & Scholarships To contact local community and university
Vocational Schools The same as Internships
Non Profits, Churches, Government Agencies To entice them to hold their
Cab Drivers & Limo Services To supply them with a sufficient amount of
coupons/post cards etc. to generate business. Also to offer them an incentiveto do so by keeping track of those (individuals) that outside promote for us by“a token of our appreciation” • Local Vendor Sponsorship If a special event is taking place to do trade
and/or generate interest in participating Special Events To come up with Holiday and Special Events to generate
interest in business and to appropriately advertise by all of the above including
existing databases to generate interest OBJECTIVE: CO-ORDINATE
Co-Coordinating the Planning and Execution of Booked Events to ensure

Being Ready for just about any situation, keeping calm, resolving and
solving any faux pas that may come up.
Suggesting any and all upgrades in a positive manner to increase sale
Check List of any and all legalities, insurance, event list for establishment,
the customer, staff well in advance; verbiage in contracts, and posting
appropriate information for staff so all will be aware of event to take place

Assisting in General Marketing Duties, Efforts and Activities
To Meet and Greet as many people as possible, especially if they are
Offer Tastings for interested groups to hold their event

Staff & Purveyor Incentives for supplying contacts
Faxing, Emailing, Snail Mailing
Everyone on database on a regular basis
Special Events, Promotions, Coupons
Menu’s and Mini Press packet

Repeat Customers and to get Returning Customers CUSTOMER FEED BACK
Possible Punch Card for each purchase with reward when all full. The
Recognizing Regulars and offering them on occasion a small
No Customer Leaves WITHOUT some type of information about
Comment Cards to gage input and advice
Possible Local Origination Show Produced
Rates for Production and Air Time


Microsoft word - eipfs3105tych data sheet.doc

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