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Hi, I'm Conor Knighton, and welcome to Google Current. Dripping al over the rising Google searches recently is "Blue Bel Ice Cream," an ice creamery that's about to celebrate 100 years of deliciousness. Now, coastal dwel ers may not have heard of them , but the East Texas company is huge in the Southern states. So huge, in fact, that it's the third biggest sel er of ice cream in the country, just behind Dreyer's and Breyer's. Sorry, Ben and Jerry's. Don't mess with Texas. Because ice cream on its own just isn't fattening enough, Google dieticians have also been searching for "fried ice cream." <fi> This recipe from "" tel s how you too can take a scoop of ice cream, rol it in corn flakes, and deep fry the hel out of it. <fo> "But Conor," I hear you saying. "I want to take my frying to the next level. I want to fry what should not be fried." Head over to, and you can read a bite-by-bite review of a fried Snickers bar. Just when you thought the Snickers couldn't get more satisfying. For the recipe, "" advises that "fun-size" candy bars work especial y wel , and that Snickers may be substituted with Mars, Almond Joy, Kit Kat or Twix, if desired. Add salt to taste. And if, somehow, you get bored with fried things (though I don't see how that's possible), you can always whip up a batch of their Snickers Muffins, M&M pizzas, or the always-classy Butterfinger Brulee <"bru-lay">. Makes a great impression on a first date. In other candy searches, "Power Pops" are licking the competition in recent Google searches. Apparently, these tasty suckers contain a dietary supplement known as "hoodia," which comes from an African cactus. Hoodia acts as an appetite suppressant, and according to "," has no known side effects. If it's on TV, it must be true. Al this talk about appetite suppressants has me thinking of my favorite candies from days-gone-by. <fi> Merciful y, "" sel s a lot of the candy you used to like, but can't find anymore. # Oh, Zagnut, how I've missed you. # Chick-o-stick, let's never fight again.<fo> And because I stil gots a candy jones, a Google search for "weird candy" takes us back to the dealers at "" and their "weird candy" section. You'l find a variety real y messed up candy, including Chocolate Cat Tongues, Gummi Chicken feet, and, believe it, an "explosive chocolate bomb." This highly-classified ordnance has an actual fuse, and real y does explode, sending a rain of chocolate terror in al directions. The "choco-bomb" (as it's known in military circles--maybe), can be found bought at "" Sadly, according the the website, "Due to the "explosive nature" of this bomb we can not deliver to outside the UK. " Keep searching. Google Current returns in 30.



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Policy and Procedures on First Aid and Administration of Medicines Rossall School is committed to providing adequate and appropriate First Aid raining throughout all areas of the school. Houseparents and sports coaches in the senior, junior, infant and nursery are required to complete basic First Aid training as part of a three-yearly cycle of Inset provision. First Aid boxes are accessibl

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