Agilent E4444A BenchLink
Spectrum Analyzer

PC Software for Portable Spectrum,
EMC, and Sweep/Ingress Analyzers
Product Overview
Easily transfer screen images and
E7400 series EMC analyzers; and
Capture your measurement
trace data from the Agilent
the CaLan 2010/3010 series
results and:
Technologies 8560 series*, 8590
sweep/ingress analyzers over
series, and ESA-E/L series
GPIB or RS-232 interfaces to a
portable spectrum analyzers; the
Windows®-based PC.
Easy to use
restore previous instrument setups for ease in capturing repetitive measurements. Screen images
1. HP-GL images can only be saved in an HP-GL file format. 2. HP-GL images are not available from the Agilent ESA-L1500A, ESA-E/L series, E7400 series, or CaLan 2010/3010 series analyzers. Trace data
Free trial demo
Evaluate a demo version of the
BenchLink Spectrum Analyzer on
your PC for up to four weeks. Visit
Agilent Technologies’ Web site at
to download this demo program to
your PC.
Ordering information
Agilent Technologies’ Test and Measurement Support,
Services, and Assistance

Model Description
Agilent Technologies aims to maximize the value you receive, while minimizing your risk and problems. Westrive to ensure that you get the test and measurementcapabilities you paid for and obtain the support you Accessories
need. Our extensive support resources and services can help you choose the right Agilent products for your RS-232 cable (3 meter, 9 pin F to 9 pin F) applications and apply them successfully. Every instru-ment and system we sell has a global warranty. Support RS-232 cable (3 meter, 25 pin M to 9 pin F) is available for at least five years beyond the production RS-232 cable (5 meter, 25 pin M to 25 pin M) life of the product. Two concepts underlie Agilent’s over- RS-232 cable (3 meter, 9 pin F to 9 pin M) all support policy: “Our Promise” and “Your Advantage.” Our Promise
Additional BenchLink PC software
Our Promise means your Agilent test and measurement equipment will meet its advertised performance and functionality. When you are choosing new equipment,we will help you with product information, including realistic performance specifications and practical recom- mendations from experienced test engineers. When youuse Agilent equipment, we can verify that it works prop-erly, help with product operation, and provide basicmeasurement assistance for the use of specified capa-bilities, at no extra cost upon request. Many self-help *8560 Series does not include 8566/68 analyzers.
Your Advantage
Windows, Windows NT, and MS-DOS are U.S. registered trademarks of Your Advantage means that Agilent offers a wide range of additional expert test and measurement services,which you can purchase according to your unique tech-nical and business needs. Solve problems efficiently andgain a competitive edge by contracting with us for cali-bration, extra-cost upgrades, out-of-warranty repairs,and on-site education and training, as well as design,system integration, project management, and other pro-fessional engineering services. Experienced Agilentengineers and technicians worldwide can help you maxi-mize your productivity, optimize the return on investmentof your Agilent instruments and systems, and obtaindependable measurement accuracy for the life of thoseproducts.
By internet, phone, or fax, get assistance with all your
test and measurement needs.

Online assistance:

Phone or Fax
United States:
(tel) (81) 426 56 7832(fax) (81) 426 56 7840 (tel) (82 2) 2004 5004 (fax) (82 2) 2004 5115 (tel) 080 004 7866 (fax) (886 2) 2545 6723 Product specifications and descriptions in this document subject to change without notice.
Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2001Printed in USA, January 15, 20025966-0676E

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