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May 2009

CVAS Regular Meeting: May 28, 2009 7:00 P.M. Ft. Concho Commissary Bldg Refreshments served President: Sue Meacham, (325-949-5156) Vice President: Cynthia Purcell, (947-8195) Secretary: Marcia Esser, (224-0290) Treasurer: Ward Gregory, (942-8370) Director: Larry Reimanschneider, (653-8216)
Meeting Agenda: An agenda will be available at the meeting.
April Program: Evans Turpin
Dorris Ranch Rock Art Shelter 41PC595
A rock shelter with a large talus slope in east central Pecos County, Texas has been found to contain pictographs of hand prints, anthropomorphs, and possible zoomorphs. The rock shelter is located on the Dorris Ranch. This rock art is located on the smoke blackened ceiling of the rock shelter just below the middle caprock of Cretaceous limestone. Middens and mortar holes on a nearby pour-off of this cap rock appear to be associated with this rock shelter. Flint artifacts from the talus slope and the middens have indicated an age of late archaic. The anthropomorphs, however, appear to be younger in age because they are similar in style to the Tall Rockshelter pictographs of prehistoric age in the Davis Mountains as reported by the Center for Big Bend Studies. The negative hand prints and possible zoomorphs from this shelter are similar to late archaic rock art found in other reported sites in eastern Pecos County. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- President’s note: Hope all are survived the heat wave. Now it’s cool again. We had a great time at Fort Chadbourne in May. Thanks to all of you who helped make this day a great success. Thanks to Garland and Lana Richards for having us .feeding us and entertaining us. Sue Meacham ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From Hill Country Archeological Association, Kerville, TX. Guest speaker Dr. Raymond Mauldin, Asst Director of the Center for Archeological Research at UT @ San Antonio, discussed then ongoing research on burned rock features at the Cannon Ranch in Pecos County. Surveys conducted since the late 1970's have recorded several hundred burned rock features, including more than 100 burned rock middens. Archeologist from CAR have conducted limited work at the ranch. This Newsletter will be available at the meeting. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Calan Clark is graduating from Bronte High School May 29th and wishes everyone that can attend to please come and see him walk across the stage and receive his diploma. Then he is on to Howard College in the fall of 2009. He will be getting some of his basic courses done at Howard to be able to go on to the University. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Reminder: All artifacts found on a landowner’s property is the property of that landowner. CVAS members keep no artifacts. If an archeological site is identified on private property the location is to remain confidential. WE visit private property ONLY with the landowner’s express permission, and as an organized group, not individually We encourage and enjoy the participation of the landowner in out activities. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009 Membership Application
Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Address:__________________________ ________________________________________
City: ______________________________ Zip _________
Phone: Hm. _________________ Cell ________________
Email address: ___________________________________
Newsletter delivered by: email? ____ Postal ?______
Family Members:_______________________________________________________________
Individual: $15.00____ Family: $20.00 ____ Student/Military: N/C ____
Pay by : Check # ________ Cash______
Please read and sign and understand the importance of this statement.
I pledge that I will not intentionally violate the terms and conditions of any present or future Federal, State, County, or City
statute concerning cultural resources. I will not engage in the practice of buying or selling of artifacts for any purpose. I will not engage in the willful destruction of an archeological site, or data, or disregard the privacy of a landowner. I will engage in proper archeological field work as directed by an archeological project director or principal investigator. Signature (printed)____________________________________________ Signature: (written) ___________________________________________ Please list any physical restrictions so that we may serve you better. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please mail this application and your payment to: CVAS c/o Cynthia Purcell 1532 Loop Dr. San Angelo, TX. 76904 CVAS is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to bring together people who have an interest in archeology and whose mission is to protect the historic and prehistoric resources of the region.



OVERNIGHT SLEEP STUDY INFORMATION FOR PATIENTS 12-18 YEARS OF AGE Dear Patient / Parent / Guardian, An overnight sleep study has been arranged for you at the Ashford Hospital on: Date of Study _______ at 8.00pm Please check in at the hospital’s main reception area at 8pm to be admitted. The admission process will take approximately 15 min. A sleep technician will arrive a

ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS CHASE: Cut Holes and Sink ’EmCHATH: Chemically Hardened Air Transportable HospitalADAPC: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and ControlCP DEPMEDS: Chemically Protected Deployable MedicalCPAP: continuous positive airway pressureCPRP: Chemical Personnel Reliability ProgramARDS: adult respiratory distress syndromeCSEPP: Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness

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