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Traveler's First Aid Kit
A personal first aid kit is an efficient way to prepare for unexpected emergencies, both while traveling and at home. A standard kit canbe purchased at most pharmacies and department stores or you may wish to design a specialized first aid kit that meets your ownparticular needs. A tote bag is a convenient way to store all of the supplies in your kit. It allows enough room for all of the essentialitems and it ensures easy portability for travel. The following are items that you should consider for your kit: A small flashlight is very handy if there is a
Lip balm, canker gel, dental floss.
power outage or if the kit is needed out of doors.
Pen & notepad to keep track of supplies and
Cough medicine & throat lozenges.
make notations about important incidents.
Aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen are
Antihistamine/decongestant medications for
effective for the treatment of pain and fever.
allergic symptoms & congestion. Eye drops (saline,
Acetaminophen is the preferred medication for Oil of cloves (Eugenol) for toothache.
Hydrocortisone cream for insect bites & itch.
A pair of rounded tip scissors* are useful for
Antacid and heartburn relief tablets.
Tweezers, safety pins, and a Swiss Army type
Laxative and anti-diarrheal medications.
Knife* are all tools that have multiple uses.
Tape, bandages, cotton swabs and antibiotic
Sea/motion sickness tablets (dimenhydrinate,
ointment are used to treat scrapes, cuts and
meclizine, scopolamine patch/tablet, ginger).
burns. Moleskin for blisters.
Elastic wraps and triangular bandages can
Sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or greater.
Rubber gloves protect your hands and reduce
Insect repellent (DEET, permethrin, oil of
the risk of infection when treating open wounds.
eucalyptus) when traveling to insect prone
destinations. Mosquito net.
Instant ice pack (or disposable freezer bag).
N95 mask.
Thermometer strips.
Alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
Eyeglass repair kit.
Personal Medications & Prescriptions.
Spare eyeglasses, contacts & sunglasses.
Personal Medical Information Form.
Anti-fungal cream for athlete's foot and other
yeast/fungal infections.
* Due to airline safety regulations, these items may need to be packed in your checked luggage.
Remember to store all medications out of reach of children and only use products with child safety caps.
Keep your first aid kit with you in a carry-on bag, not in your checked luggage.
Before you leave on your trip, check with your travel medicine specialist to see if any other specific medications or supplies (such as
needles & syringes, water purification tablets & filter, rehydration powder packets) should be added to the kit. Contact your health
insurance provider about medical coverage outside of the United States.
On Call International / 800.407.7307 / 603.898.9159 /



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