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November 29, 2010
EVS-25 in Shenzhen
Resolve for Intel igent Energy
Companies from the United Kingdom pooled their TM4 Seeks Partners
resources for a UK display at EVS-25. Almost all of themare participants in a new project, backed by £2.6 million “These guys now need the technology, and fast,” says Eric (nearly $4.2 million U.S.) from the Technology Strategy Azeroual, business development chief at Quebec drivetrain Board, to design a battery-dominant, plug-in hybrid specialist TM4. That gives TM4 and other Western firms electric vehicle that will be ready to receive a zero-emission that want to pare their manufacturing costs in China new hydrogen drivetrain when fuel cells are economical — in leverage as they bargain with potential local partners.
2017 or so, Revolve Technologies technical director The Chinese “don’t have time” to reverse-engineer Paul Turner told F&F in Shenzhen.
Western products, Azeroual told F&F. TM4 claims more than 100 patents for its efficient and power-dense permanent magnet brushless motors, as well Energy, a hydrogen fuel cell specialist.
as authoritative expertise in thermal management, coil- “We’re sourcing all the major system supplies in the winding, inversed-rotor topology and inverter control algo- UK,” Turner says, to help develop a “UK supply base.” The vehicle, aimed at postal and related delivery markets, will have a battery pack by Scotland’s Axeon with Kokam lithium ion cells. The motor will be supplied by Woking-based Evo Electric. Project partner Carparo will supply an ergonomic driver cockpit and Lotus a lightweight aluminum chassis. Ricardo will supply a GPS drivetrain management system — the vehicle will be able to anticipate hills and adjust its balance of fuel and electricity to maximize efficiency, Turner says. The plug-in hybrid will have a 1.4-liter diesel engine from Ford and a comparable partner that’s truly Chinese. “If you partner with a gasoline powerplant for the U.S. market.
company that’s not owned by the federal government, Revolve, Paul Turner, +44-1277-261400; mobile +44-7798- you’re not partnering with a winner,” he says, predicting 627949;; that private firms developing an edge in China may well Intelligent Energy, VP Steve Hunton, +44-1509-271208; find themselves absorbed by government entities.; TM4, Eric Azeroual, 450-645-1444, ext 332; mobile +44-7595-284125;; Evo Electric, CEO Michael Lamperth, +44-1483-745010; We Want Your Batteries
mobile +44-7970-058033;; The Shenzhen Tele Disused Battery Recycle Company is looking for discarded batteries of all types to recycle in Axeon, George Paterson, +44-1382-400044; mobile +44- Shaoguan, where lithium, cobalt and other materials are 7788-417873;; reclaimed. The firm has a receiving facility in Hong Kong.
Odyssee and Pegasus from Belgium
Shenzhen Tele Disused Battery, buyer Susan Chang, Sietze Swolfs and Nicolas Dekeyser were among the +86-755-2788-5006; mobile +86-158-8964-9683; enterprising student developers from Leuven, in Flemish or; Belgium, promoting the CQS Group T Racing Team’s skype fengye376; Odyssee lithium iron phosphate battery EV and Pegasusflex-fuel hybrid in Shenzhen.
on the classic Citroën 2CV fromFrance but were built usingbiodegradable composite materials.
motors, a technology which according to Swolfs avoidsdependence on costly and supply-vulnerable rare earthmagnetic materials.
Swolfs is team manager and Dekeyser heads up energy storage work.
CQS Group T Racing Team, Sietze Swolfs, +32-494-858688; Shenzhen-based Green Wheel Electric Vehicle was among the firms or Nicolas Dekeyser, +32-474-749903; employing traditional auto show promotional techniques, for vehicles including the lithium ion-powered Jimma, above, at EVS-25


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