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IBANEZ P., BONNET A.M., DEBARGES B., LOHMANN E., TISON F., POLLAK P., AGID Y., DURR A., BRICE A. and the French Parkinson’s Disease Genetics Study Group. Causal relation between -synuclein gene duplication and familial Parkinson’s disease.
MALTETE D., NAVARRO S., WELTER M.L., ROCHE S., BONNET A.M., HOUETO J.L., PIDOUX B., Subthalamic stimulation in Parkinson’s disease : with or without anesthesia ?
MESNAGE V., HOUETO J.L., BONNET A.M., CLAVIER I., ARNULF I., CATTELIN F., LE FUR G., DAMIER P., Neurokinin B, neurotensin and cannabinoid receptor antagonists and Parkinson’s disease.
Clin.Neuropharmacol., 2004, 27(3), 108-110. PAYOUX P., REMY P., DAMIER P., MILOUDI M., LOUBINOUX I., PIDOUX B., GAURA V., RASCOL O., Subthalamic nucleus stimulation reduces abnormal motor cortical overactivity in Parkinson’s

WELTER M.L., HOUETO J.L., BONNET A.M., BEJJANI B.J., MESNAGE V.DORMONT D., NAVARRO S., Effects of high-frequency stimulation on subthalamic neuronal activity in Parkinsonian patients.
IBANEZ P., LOHMANN E., POLLAK P., DURIF F., TRANCHANT C., AGID Y., DURR A., BRICE A. for the French Parkinson’ s Disease Genetics Study Group. Absence of NR4A2 exon 1 mutations in 108 families with autosomal dominant Parkinson

Primary orthostatic tremor and unsteadiness.
Centre d'investigation Clinique - Groupe Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière - Batiment Paul Castaigne
47, boulevard de l'Hôpital - 75651 Paris Cedex 13 – France Tél. +33 1 42 16 19 50 POLLAK, P., TISON, F, DESTEE, A., PERE, J.J., SENARD, J.M., DURIF, F., BOURDEIX I., and behalf of the Clozapine in drug-induced psychosis in Parkinson’s disease : randomized, placebo controlled
study with open follow up.

J. Neurol. Neurosurg. Psy., 2004, 75, 689-695. OLANOW W., AGID Y., MIZUNO Y., ALBANESE A., BONUCELLI U., DAMIER P., DE YEBENES J., GERSHANIK O., GUTTMAN M., GRANDAS F., HALLETT M., and al. Levodopa in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease : Current Controversies.
DORMONT D., RICCIARDI K.G., TANDE D., PARAIN K., MENUEL C., GALANAUD D., NAVARRO S., CORNU Is the subthalamic nucleus hypointense on T2-Weighted Images ? A correlation study using MR
and stereotaxic atlas data.

Am. J. Neuroradiol., 2004, 25, 1516-1523. CHARFI F., COHEN D., HOUETO J.L., SOUBRIE C., MAZET P. Tardive dystonia induced by atypical neuroleptics : a case report with Olanzapine. J. of Child and

Psychopharmacology, 2004, 14, 1, 151-154. KREISLER A., STANKOFF B., RIBEIRO M.J., AGID Y., LUBETZKI C., FONTAINE B. Unexpected aggravation of Parkinson’s disease by a mesencephalic multiple sclerosis lesion.
J. of Neurol., 2004, 215, 12, 1526-1527. Centre d'investigation Clinique - Groupe Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière - Batiment Paul Castaigne
47, boulevard de l'Hôpital - 75651 Paris Cedex 13 – France Tél. +33 1 42 16 19 50


Dopo la stomia – Leandro Eto Sono ormai passati ben 18 mesi, dall'inizio della mia nuova "avventura" professionale. Prima di ricevere l'incarico formale, mi fu chiesto tramite colloquio con il direttore Sanitario, quali fossero le mie aspettative e, a scelta del sottoscritto, quale fosse il gruppo infermieristico che avrei voluto coordinare. Scelsi il Dipartimento Enteroproc

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