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Thought of the Week
This week's parashah speaks extensively of the praises of Eretz Yisrael. R' Chaim Palagi z"l (1788-1868; chief rabbi of Izmir, Turkey) writes: The sefer Reishit Chochmah [quoting the midrash Kohelet Rabbah] notes that Tanach uses similar terminology to describe the human body and the earth. This is because, just as a person's limbs and organs differ in their qualities, so do various parts of the world differ in their qualities. Some produce iron, some copper, some silver, some gold, and some produce gems. Incontrast, Eretz Yisrael's worth is not determined by the minerals it produces, but rather by the fact that it is infused with theShechinah, which is more precious than gems.
Stone Chumash page 980; Haftarah, page 1197.
Why then, asks R' Palagi, does our parashah (8:9) seem to praiseEretz Yisrael as: "A Land whose stones are iron and from whose Shabbos Schedule
mountains you will mine copper"? He answers: The correctinterpretation of this verse is that, after the Torah praised theLand, it added that if we do not observe the mitzvot, the Land will not produce fruits, as if it was made of iron or copper. The reasonfor this is that Eretz Yisrael does not produce fruits naturally, as do other lands. Rather, as we read later in the parashah (11:13-14), "It will be that if you listen to My commandments . . . then I shall provide rain for your Land in its proper time, the early and the laterains, that you may gather in your grain, your wine, and your oil." R' Palagi adds in the name of his son, R' Yitzchak Palagi [z"l]: In the verse quoted above, the Hebrew word "Avanehah" / "itsstones" has the same letters as "Bana'ehah" / "its builders." The initial letters of the Hebrew phrase, "Avanehah barzel Shalosh Seudos is communally sponsored.
u'mei'hararehah tachtzov" / "its stones are iron and from its Medical Halacha Shiur given by Dr Daniel Eisenberg.
mountains you will mine [copper]" spells "Avot" / the Patriarchs.
And, "barzel" / "iron" is the initial letters of Yaakov Avinu's fourwives: Bilhah, Rachel, Zilpah, and Leah. This teaches that EretzYisrael is built on the merits of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs.
Rabbi - Away
Please note that Rabbi Steinberg will be away from this Sundaythrough next. Anyone needing to reach the Rabbi (in case of Adapted from by Shlomo Katz.
emergency), should contact Shul President, Sherman Frager.
Weekday Davening Times
Kivrei Tzadikim Trip For Women
Visiting the Graves of the Gaonim and Tzadikim buried in Queens, NY. Sunday, September 4th. The trip will begin with abreakfast at YIML at 9am, at which Rabbi Steinberg will speak about the illustrious personalities to be visited. The group will then travel to the Bais HaChaim to learn more, daven, and recite Tehillim. Tentative cost: $25 (does not include cost of lunch at a Queens restaurant).In order to help us plan, pleasesend an e-mail to Rabbi Steinberg if you think you would like toparticipate in this trip – Weekday Shiurim
YIML Annual Barbeque
Our Community BBQ will be Sunday, August 21 from 4 to 7pm at South Ardmore Park (near Torah Academy).
Women's Learning Experience – August Schedule
Mondays at 9:45am: Tehillim for Cholim.
Mondays at 10:15am: Rabbi Greenspan - Parsha haShavua.
Cost, reserved in advance, $15 single, $25 couple, $8 per child Thursdays at 9:30am: Rabbi Steinberg - Gesher HaChaim.
(2-12) , $54 family max. Cost at BBQ: $18 single, $36 couple, No Gesher HaChaim class the last week of August.
$10 per child, $72 family max. Prepayment due Motzai Classes during August at 403 Bala Circle. Free babysitting is Shabbos, August 20. Give payment to Richie and Janis Fine, available, reservations must be made in advance. For Sherman Frager, or Sid Laytin. Gourmet Foods with a Baltic information or babysitting, call Janis Fine 610-888-0477.
flavor, prepared by Master Chef, Israel Pendrak. Bring baseballgloves, frisbees, etc.
Please see sign-up sheets around Shul to volunteer to help.
Chevra Mishnayos
The Chevra Mishnayos is learning Seder Taharos. See shul New Kosher Restaurant in Philadelphia
bulletin board to sign up or email with yourname and the masechta (and chapters) you intend to learn.
"Chicken.Org," located at 534 South 4th Street in Philadelphia,is newly certified by Community Kashrus of GreaterPhiladelphia.
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