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BioDetection Systems b.v.
Mr Dr. Peter A. Behnisch, Director Commerce & Marketing BioDetection Sytems b.v. is a Dutch company providing biological detection systems, such as the innovative CALUX® bioassyas for the determination of ultra low levels of a variety of highly potent materials. The innovative BioDetection (cell analyses) is appropriated for food/feed, environment (especially water and wildlife health), Pharma, epidemiology, chemical safety (REACH), phyto-hormones, clinical and occupational health. BDS’s panel of CALUX technologies is for dioxins/ PCB, hormones, drugs screening, Located in Amsterdam in high specification, premier laboratories on the Amsterdam Science Park, BDS is an innovative partner and company. Linked to the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, they are able to draw on a full range of specialist technical resources. As recognised experts in the area of toxicology and exposure to highly potent materials, BDS personnel have extensive experience of providing high quality biological and analytical solutions to complex problems, including those needing innovative approaches. BDS is active in the fields of analytical services, licensing, training, R&D and consultancy. BDS' innovative' CALUX® cells have been tailored so that they produce light in a dose responsive way when exposed to certain chemicals. For example: the DR CALUX® for dioxins and/or dioxin-like PCB's, the ER CALUX® for (anti)estrogens, the GR CALUX® for (anti)glucocorticoids, the TR CALUX® for (anti)thyroids, the PR CALUX® for (anti)progesterons and the AR CALUX® for (anti)androgen compounds. BDS' current core technologies in the marketplace are: > DR CALUX® for dioxins and dioxin-like compounds such as PCBs; > ER CALUX® for estrogens and pseudo estrogens; > GR CALUX® glucocorticoid hormones. • Cheapest dioxin/dl-PCB analysis globally • Only hormone lab globally for all hormone-like compounds NL: RIKILT, KIWA, TNO, Nutreco, Unilever D / intern.: Schering AG/Global Clinical Assurance, University of Duisberg-Essen, State Governmental Institute for Chemical and Veterinarian Food/Feed Analysis, Bayer Health Care AG/Molecular and Special Toxiocology Lab, Gesellschaft f. Bioanalytik Hamburg (GBA), Epidemiologische Methoden und Ursachenforschung - Food and Nutrition Delta / - FP 7 Metaexplore / - World Anti Doping Agency / licensing CALUX- technology in 30 countries (70 licence holders) about 20 local distributors of the CAKUX technology in different BDS is looking forward to find a distributor in Germany Partners for R&D projects, co-operations Furthermore BDS is looking for new clients in the following sectors: > Industrial / manufacturing - pharmaceutical, chemical, agro chemical > Food and fat - dairy products, animal fat, etc. > Regulatory - government, agency > Environmental > Hospitals Endocrinology/Reproduction toxicology/Fertility Center



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