Fluke Ti32 and TiR32 Thermal Imagers and Accessories
Introducing a
new line of High Definition Thermal Imagers!
High definition thermal imagers have never been this affordable…
This rugged… Or this easy to use … until now

Fluke is excited to announce the addition of two new, High Definition, thermal imagers to our portfolio of rugged, reliable, and easy to use imagers. The new Fluke Ti32 and TiR32 thermal imagers combine a powerful 320x240 FPA sensor with field upgradeable lenses, removable batteries and many new features. Built on the award winning design of the Ti25 family, these new imagers deliver amazingly clear image quality in a package that will withstand the toughest environments. Intended for industrial and building diagnostic applications, the Ti32 and TiR32 will allow our customers to find, fix and prove problems and repairs fast. In these tough economic times, we all have to do more with less. These new imagers help our customers do exactly that.
Included Accessories (all models):

• SmartView® analysis and reporting software • 2 GB SD memory card • Multi-function card reader for downloading images into your computer • Rugged hard carry case and portable soft carry case • Hand strap, for right or left-handed use • 2 Lithium Ion removable and rechargeable smart batteries • AC charger/power supply and two-bay external charger with mains adapters • Printed Users Manuals (16 languages) • Interactive training DVD
Optional Accessories (all models):
• Thermal Imager Car Charger (TI-CAR CHARGER) • Telephoto Infrared Lens (FLK-LENS/TELE1) • Wide-angle Infrared Lens (FLK-LENS/WIDE1) • Additional Smart Battery (FLK-TI-SBP3) • Additional Smart Battery Charger (FLK-TI-SBC3) • Thermal Imager Visor (TI-VISOR) • Tripod Mounting Accessory (TI-TRIPOD, expected to be available late 2009) Service Plan:

• Standard two year warranty
• Recommended Calibration Cycle: Two Years
• Calibration and service location: Eindhoven, NL
Gold/Silver/Bronze Level Service Plans available Q4 2009 Details in separate announcement.

Fluke Partner Portal Information:
Get the information you need to market and sell these tools instantly!
Download digital files from the Fluke Partner Portal, including: • Brochures • Advertisements • Press DESCRIPTION
Brochure with market, application and product Available in eng, fre, ger, spa, ita, dut, dan, nor, swe, fin, por, cze, rus, pol, tur. Brochure with market, application and product Available on request in local language and desired size. Contact your Fluke representative. Featuring an application and solution driven setup with key benefits Via call for order from your Fluke contact. With distributor specific URL in order the leads will be directed to the distributor Via call for order from your Fluke contact With distributor specific URL in order the leads will be directed to the distributor Application photography showing the Ti32 and TiR32 in use. “Beauty shots” of the Ti32 and Interactive Selection Guide FOV calculator Ti32 and TiR32 Features and Benefits:

• Award-winning Ti25/TiR1 design • 320X240 ≤50mK thermal sensitivity (NETD) to see even the smallest temperature differences which • Two (2) replaceable, rechargeable LiON batteries for extended use situations • External charging bay or in-imager charging • Field-installable optional telephoto and wide-angle lenses • New .IS2, .BMP, and .JPG File formats on imager • Patented Fluke IR-Fusion® Technology both in camera and software combines visible (visual) image with IR image in full screen or picture-in-picture views for easy identification and reporting of problems • Rugged and reliable: Engineered to withstand a 2 meter drop • 640 x 480 large 3.6” diagonal color LCD display (landscape format) • SmartView® analysis and reporting software (with free upgrades through life of product) • Removable 2 GB SD memory card for easy storage and transfer of thermal and visible images • Multi-function memory card reader • Complete solution includes hardware and software to get you going • Two-year • Extended service and warranty options
Customer Applications:

Who uses it?
Where is it used?
(manufacturing, process, petrochemical, etc) Restoration and remediation professionals
Basic Product Specifications for Ti32 and TiR32:

Fluke Ti32
Fluke TiR32
Temperature measurement range
(not calibrated below -10 °C)
Temperature measurement
(at 25 °C nominal, whichever is greater) (at 25 °C nominal, whichever is greater) On-screen emissivity correction
On-screen reflected background
temperature compensation
On-screen transmission correction
Detector type
Infrared spectral band
Thermal sensitivity (NETD)
≤ 0.05 °C at 30 °C target temp. (50 mK) ≤ 0.05 °C at 30 °C target temp. (50 mK) File formats (on imager)
Memory review
Standard palettes
Ultra Contrast™ palettes
Fast auto toggle between manual
and auto modes
Fast auto-rescale in manual mode
Minimum span (in manual mode)
Minimum span (in auto mode)
Color alarms (temperature alarms)
High-temperature alarm (user-selectable) Dewpoint temperature alarm (user-selectable) Batteries
Four+ hours continuous use per battery pack Four+ hours continuous use per battery pack Battery life
Drop Test
Size (H x W x L)
Weight (battery included)
Supported Languages

Note: for detailed specifications, please see new brochures: Ti Industrial Series (11564-xxx) and TIR Building Diagnostics Series (11565-xxx)

Fluke introduces a new version of the customer-preferred
SmartView® Analysis and Reporting Software!

The powerful SmartView® thermal imaging software package just got better! New enhancements have extended the
capabilities of this already popular and easy-to-use tool, which comes standard with each Fluke Thermal Imager.
For applications ranging from troubleshooting to comprehensive predictive maintenance programs, or building
diagnostic inspections, SmartView® 3.0 delivers the analysis and reporting functionality you need!
SmartView® 3.0 Features and Benefits:

ƒ New industry specific report templates
o Basic electromechanical template o Basic building diagnostic template ƒ Enhanced Text Annotation Capabilities
Standard and Metric unit specific text annotation files included ƒ Keep your product updated with automatic web updates
o SmartView automatically checks for updates every time you start the application o Provide feedback to Fluke marketing and engineering personnel on recommendations for enhancements to existing features or to suggest new features that will increase your productivity Download location: (Requires product registration) Please bookmark this page!


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