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What is the contraceptive injection?
What are the advantages of the
Do you continue to menstruate when
The contraceptive injection is an injection with a sin- contraceptive injection?
using the contraceptive injection?
gle female hormone. This hormone is not harmful to • Since the contraceptive injection provides protec- Menstruation changes due to the use of the con- your health. In Belgium, the contraceptive injection tion for 3 months, you only need to think about traceptive injection. Some women menstruate ir- is marketed under the brand Depo-Provera®. regularly when using the contraceptive injection. • The contraceptive injection is inexpensive.
Frequent, irregular and light bleeding can occur (in- How does the contraceptive
• It can happen that you menstruate less or not at terim menstruation), especially in the beginning.
injection work?
all after some time. Some women see this as an For some women, menstruation stops entirely after The hormone in the contraceptive injection ensures a while. Some women see this as an advantage. that no mature eggs are released. It also causes Others become concerned if they do not menstru- the cervical mucus to thicken, making it less recep- What are the disadvantages of the
ate because they believe that old blood remains in tive to sperm cells. Finally, it makes the lining of the contraceptive injection?
their body. However, this is not the case.
• During the initial months, your body must adjust to the hormones, and side effects can occur: nau- The contraceptive injection contains enough hor- sea, headache, tenseness of the breasts, interim mone to protect you against pregnancy for 3 bleeding or mood swings. These side effects usu- ally disappear on their own. If they do not, consult your family doctor or gynaecologist. How to use the contraceptive injection?
• When you stop receiving the contraceptive injec- At the beginning of menstruation, your doctor will tions, it can take a while (an average of 6 months) administer the injection in your buttock. A second before your own hormonal cycle is restored and injection is required after 10 weeks. Then you will you can become pregnant. Women who wish to become pregnant in the short-term are advised not to use the contraceptive injection.
How reliable is the contraceptive
• Some women gain a small amount of weight due injection?
to use of the contraceptive injection.
The contraceptive injection is very reliable if you use • Frequent, irregular and light bleeding can occur it correctly. However, it does not protect you against (interim menstruation), especially in the begin- AIDS and other sexually transmittable diseases and infections. Thus, it is best to continue to use a con-dom with a new partner.
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