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Old favourites with a new look
YOGI TEA is to present the new packaging design for its Herbal, Women and Green
Tea ranges at the BioFach trade fair

Hamburg/Nuremberg, February 2010 –
New packaging, favourite recipes: The new and more
standardised design for the YOGI TEA Herbal and Green Tea range boosts merchandise appeal for consumers. The appealing design of the packaging with the popular YOGI TEA cups illustrates the characterizing elements of each variety. This inspires and helps the consumer select teas according to flavour. The new exterior also gives the teas better harmony and presentation on the shelf. It provides clear visual presentation of all 23 varieties of the herbal and green tea range as product families within the entire range of 41 YOGI TEA varieties. Prior to redesigning the packaging, Golden Temple spent the last few months surveying consumers in comprehensive market research studies. The result: while consumers loved the taste of YOGI TEA, they wanted a more appealing design for the Herbal and Green Tea range. YOGI TEA included input from consumers and is presenting the Herbal Teas with a new look from May 2010 on. The new shelf presentation exudes the strength imparted by drinking YOGI TEA: the new format preserves the Ayurvedic heritage of the brand and also highlights the corresponding sense of wellbeing of each YOGI TEA variety. For the purposes of easier recognition, the familiar appearance of the packaging is displayed as a small image on the newly designed front side. As called for by retailers, the double-sided design of the new packaging enables the product to be arranged both vertically and horizontally. In this way, the 23 varieties from Ginger Lemon to Bright Mood can each be placed individually and given the best presentation in a new look. Distribution of YOGI TEA Herbal and Teas with the new design on the market will begin from May 2010 on. In the last years, YOGI TEA has recorded a double digit increase in sales. The re-launch of Herbal and Green Teas should further boost the trend in the consumption of all varieties of tea thus resulting in commercial success in a top-selling segment of the organic tea market. YOGI TEA at the BioFach 2010 – hall 7, booth 611 All 23 Ayurvedic Herbal and Green Teas at a glance:
Mood Teas
Green Teas
Women Teas
shelf price per tea

About Golden Temple Natural Products GmbH/YOGI TEA:
Golden Temple Natural Products GmbH started in yoga & wellness. It began in 1969, when a yoga instructor
passed on an old Ayurvedic spice recipe to his students, which then went on sale as YOGI TEA in natural food shops
in the 1970’s. Today, the company employs more than 400 people worldwide. Around 100 employees work in
Hamburg, the centre of the European tea industry and the base of the company’s European headquarters. With
food products, the company generates sales of over $130 m worldwide. All 41 tea varieties in the European range
are certified organic. Golden Temple and YOGI TEA are registered and protected trademarks and brands.

Press contact:
Golden Temple Natural Products GmbH
Kehrwieder 8
D-20457 Hamburg
+49(0)40 – 423011-0
YOGI TEA at the BioFach 2010 – hall 7, booth 611



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